So I got to meet another one of my Guitar idols this week!! Bruce Watson of Big Country-(Who also backed Scottish prog god FISH on tour as well).  This man is a wizard and a genius with the guitar!  They were touring with Mike Peters as their new lead singer (from The Alarm) and they couldn’t have been more magnificent live! Sadly 2 of the three shows I went to were tiny unadvertised venues with very small audiences, but made it an incredible experience to be right at the edge of the stage for a front row seat for those of us who were there! (Bruce’s son Jamie is also now in the band too) 

Leo Bud Welch "I don't prefer no blues": Evangelio del blues.

Leo Bud Welch “I don’t prefer no blues”: Evangelio del blues.

Calificación: * * * * ½

Sello: Fat Possum/Pias

Año: 2015

Corre el rumor de que el pacto al que llegó Leo Bud Welch con el jefazo de Fat Possum, Bruce Watson, consistía en que este último le dejaba editar a Leo su primer álbum, “Sabougla Voices” (un álbum que predicaba machaconamente la palabra de dios), si el que entregaba a continuación, en este caso sólo un año después, era un disco de blu…

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Casbah Club  (25/06/2006)

One of the support bands when I saw The Who at the o2 Wireless Festival in Leeds, Casbah Club were fronted by Pete Townsend’s brother and had The Jam legend Bruce Foxton on bass with members of Big Country and Procal Harum making up the rest of the band. Playing generic mod music with little to no imagination is was a rather bland set. My abiding memory was thatat least one song used the same bass line from the Jam song Start (itself nicked from the guitar riff off the Beatles ‘Taxman’) which I found a bit cringeworthy. I was glad to finally be able to say I’ve seen Foxton, a big hero of mine, but I wish I could’ve seen him in a better band!