• Jason: [Laying in a hospital bed, waiting for his appendix to be taken out] If I die during this operation, will you do one thing for me?
  • Tim: Anything, Jason
  • Jason: [Grabs Tim by the collar and squeezes eyes] blow up the fucking hospital

I love children’s books, but I get that not everyone does. That said, I came across two August books in the mail pile that take a critical (and, yes, more grown-up) approach to kids lit. Was The Cat In The Hat Black? by Philip Nel explores at the hidden racism behind popular children’s books, and Wild Things by Bruce Handy provides context and analysis for childhood classics like Little House on the Prairie, The Giving Tree and Goodnight Moon.

If you ARE into picture books, Chelsea Marshall and Mary Dauterman just published a satirical one for adults called  What Are We Even Doing With Our Lives?

Had to include this interior image – because public radio and tote bags:

- Sydnee

Images: Oxford University Press,  Simon & Schuster, Dey Street Books.

Mornings at the Manor…

Jason: *cooking pancakes*

Dick: *doing a headstand and using his feet as hands* Blueberry, Jay!

Alfred: *slapping Dick’s feet away from the kitchen counter* Same, Master Jason.

Bruce: *reading the Gotham Gazette* Hn. Same.

Tim: *pouring a fizzing liquid from one test tube to another* Same.

Damian: -Tt-

Jason: Okay, so the same for everyone, with extra spit on Damian’s.

Written by TOM KING
Art and cover by LEE WEEKS
Travel back in time with us to see the early days of the Bat and the Cat. What was Bruce and Selina’s first date? How did this rivalry blossom into romance, and then go right back to being a rivalry again? Tom King reteams with his BATMAN/ELMER FUDD collaborator Lee Weeks to show us a little young love with capes and cowls. And a little crimefighting, too.
On sale NOVEMBER 29 • 48 pg, FC, $4.99 US • RATED T