This is way to late to get prepped, but I wanted to release my prompt to the tumblr art community, as I know lots of people love them 31 day challenges. For all the spooky/October monthly challenges that I’ve come across, one I’m surprised to see isn’t attempted more often is a 31 day challenge replicating other people’s art styles. There are so many spooky, gothic, creepy, surreal, or just straight up horrifying stuffs out there. With that in mind, and knowing there are so many people who like to draw in someone else’s style, I threw my hands in the air and said “I’m doin it!”. So allow me to post the rules and artists for which you can imitate below.
You can treat this challenge as law or do what I do with 30-day challenges and use them as gentle prompts throughout the month.

Trigger Warning: Some of the images below may be disturbing.

Take caution if body horror, gore, or optical illusions are trigger for you. Also at least two artists on this list had a very unfortunate end to their lives. Please be respectful.

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Jesse Glover, Seattle, WA (1935-2012) was Bruce Lee’s first student and first assistant instructor in the US. They met in 1959, as they both attended Edison Technical College and was the one who first taught Lee judo. He studied psychology and was a champion Judoka. The character Jerome Sprout in the film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story was based on him. He was the first authorized martial arts instructor to be trained by Bruce Lee and developed his own method which he calls Non Classical Gung Fu.


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