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idk if this has been done but how about mc lyric pranking the rfa+v+saeran? can be sfw or nsfw!

Saeran: Little Did You Know by Alex and Sierra 

You: Little did you know...

Saeran: Don’t tell me you ate my ice cream. 

You: How I’m breaking while you fall asleep, Little did you know… 

Saeran: Muffin, what are you talking about? Tell me, please remember no secrets between us 

You: Im still haunted by the memories…. Little did you know I’m trying to pick myself up piece by piece…

Saeran: Look I know I don’t deserve you okay but please tell me how can I help you because (y/n) you helped me pick up my pieces please babe please let me know how to help you… your scaring me…

You: Underneath it all, I’m held captive by the hole inside, Ive been holding back for the fear that you might change your mind…. 

Saeran: Please.. don’t tell my.. my biggest fear is coming true… please.. noo.. lets talk about this when I get home… please..

You: Im ready to forgive you but forgetting is a harder fight 



Saeran: @$#%! HDFGJQN GD^!*@ 

Jumin: Ego by Beyonce 

You: Aw, baby, how you doing? You know I’m gonna cut right to the chase, huh? Some women were made But me, myself? I like to think that I was created For a special purpose, You know? What’s more special than YOU? You feel me?

Jumin: Continue Kitten

You: It’s on, baby let’s get lost, You don’t need to call in to work ‘cause you’re the boss, For real, want you to show me how you feel, I consider myself lucky, that’s a big deal, Why

You: Well, you got the key to my heart, But you ain’t gonna need it, I’d rather you open up my body, And show me secrets you didn’t know was inside, No need for me to lie

Jumin: Keep going my love, you have my full attention *he exits the limo* 

You: It’s too big, Its too wide, its too strong, it won’t fit, its too much, it’s too tough, You got a big ego, such a huge ego, I Love your big ego..

*you hear the door open and then you felt your back lightly hit the couch* 

*You see jumin licking his lips and suddenly you felt his hot breath tickling your neck* 

Now now my kitten, lets see you stroke *grabs your hand and puts it on his crotch* this ego and lets make it fit shall we? 

Seven: Acquainted by The Weekend 

You: Baby you’re no good, caused they warned me bout your type, got me ducking left and right

Seven: You got that right ;)

You: You got me touchin on your body, to say that were in love is dangerous, but seven I’m glad we’re acquainted 


Seven: Oh and if I was you, I would pick a song that we didn’t fuck to :) love you see you in 10 mins!! 

V: Gotta Catch em All - Pokemon Theme Song 

You: I want to be the very best, like no one ever was 

V: Hello my precious angel :) I hope you can accomplish your dreams and be the best in your field! Know I love and support you always! 

You: To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause! 

V:  …… 

You: I will travel across the land, searching far and wide!

V: Teach Pokemon to understand!!!! The power that’s inside!!!! Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) its you and me!!!!!!! I know its my destiny!!!!

You: Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) its you and me, I know its my destiny
Pokemon, oh, you’re my best friend!!!!! In a world we must defend, Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) a heart so true!!!Our courage will pull us through




YOU: POKEEEMOOOON !! I never would of that the amazing, carefree, would know the Pokemon theme song! I never knew you liked those stuff :

V: I like to be a bit mysterious… it goes with me.. Me and Jumin use to battle each other all the time..We still do…. I started with popplio.. he started with Rowlet… 

You: Dont fuck with my litten.

Yoosung: Burn by Usher 

You:  Its going to burn for me to say this but its coming from my heart 

You: It’s been a long time coming, we da been fall apart 

Yoosung: Baby do you need me to call an ambulance!! ARE YOU AT THE APARTMENT A HEART BURN SOUNDS SERIOUS 

You: I really want to work this out but I don’t think you’re gonna change

Yoosung: Have I done something wrong? :( I know you are out of my league, I hear my classmates whispering how can a pathetic guy like me have someone so beautiful as you :( 

You: I think its best we go our separate ways… 

Yoosung: I always dreamed of this day coming.. first… sally left… then Rika… and now you… I… respect your wishes (y/n).. can you please.. just wait till my last class is over? May I have permission to buy you your favorite flowers and food because if this is going to be my last time seeing you, I want to have a good memory of you….

You: *dies* *guilt* *his heart shattered* *your heart is shattering* YOOSUNG IM SORRY IT WAS A JOKE A LYRIC PRANK IM SORRY!!! YOU KNOW IM IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!! IM SORRRY 


Zen: Pullin me Back by Chingy 

You: Every time I try to leave….something keeps pulling me back, Telling me I need you in my life

Zen: What do you mean ‘leave’. Define it and use it in a sentence. 

You: It was meant to be, You were meant for me, So that means we gotta make it work

Zen: I am legit confused. This is worse than an unpolished script. So you want to break my heart but then you want to make it work. We are talking about this when I get home. Im leaving practice right now. Just look at a picture of me and just remember all the good times we have. Please. 

You: It was all good at first, Spending money, going shopping, Eating at the finest restaurants,And then from club hopping

Zen:  So when you think and see a picture of me, all you think is materialistic things! REALLY! Wow, Jaehee was right about you, you were just using me. I’ll help pack your things when I get to my house. Thanks for breaking my heart. 


Zen: *sends winks face selfie* Cute how my acting skills even work on you ;) I love you too baby, don’t ever think about messing with me ;) 

Jaehee: Come and Get It by Selena Gomez 

You: You ain’t gotta worry, its an open invitation 
Jaehee: Did you open my mail? 
You: I’ll be seating right here, real patient, All day all night, I be waiting standby 
Jaehee: Please (y/n) don’t stay up for me, Mr. DickHead has me working over time :( I don’t want you to sacrifice yourself for me :( 
You: Can’t stop because I love it, hate the way I love you, All day, all night, maybe I’m addicted for life, no lie.
Jaehee: You speak beautiful words hehe *3* thank you for making hell more bearable :) 
You: I’m not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets. I love you much, too much to hide you, this love ain’t finished yet.
Jaehee:  What do you mean show me……. 
You: *sends nude* 
*jaehee in the office* 

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Darco x reader. Draco works at the ministry of Magic. He's been working so much lately, the reader feels neglected

not gonna lie this is pretty filthy. don’t read this if you’re younger than 16 ..

warning: smut! 

You sigh a bit, circling the near empty wine in one of the wine glasses you and Draco had received as a wedding gift from your cousin from New Zealand. The candle lit dinner you had spent the majority of the night making was no longer sizzling and emanating heat, but falling cold. The candles, are almost completely melted, wax dripping from it and drying just as quickly.

You let you hand push against your cheek as you hunch over more onto the table with a defeated push. Draco had been working overtime at the ministry with all the changes with Granger as the new Minister, and you didn’t mind at all.. Well, you didn’t at first.

That is, until the late nights of falling asleep in an attempt of waiting up for him became routine.  As did being awoken at some god forsaken hour by him snaking his arm around your waist with a tired kiss to your shoulder and a muffled “M’sorry, love” before you’re both asleep. It was when you barely saw each other between your day job and his late hours. It had been… well, you’d rather not acknowledge how long it had been since you had felt Draco’s touch. Really felt it. Not just a passing kiss or squeeze of thanks to your waist as you hand him his coat before he disappears into the fireplace.

And really, it wasn’t his fault that he wasn’t home. He had said he might be able to make it home early, but hadn’t promised. You shut your eyes at the realization that your efforts had gone to waste, before pushing up off the table to blow out the candles and take one last fleeting look at the dinner.

“Love, wake up. C’mon, why’re you on the couch?” A warm voice inquires, pulling you from your sleep and then on your arm.

You humph, opening your eyes to see Draco peering down at you with wide eyes, tie loose around his neck.

“I made dinner..” You proclaim sleepily as he helps you sit up.

“I saw that, darling. It looks wonderful, and so do you.” He mumbles, leaning towards you to tuck a lock of your hair behind your ears. You frown at that, glancing down at the dress you ha picked out to wear for the nonexistent dinner earlier.

You can’t help but feel tears welling in your eyes, and even you think you’re being rather silly. You blame it on the fact that Draco had woken you up.

He hears your sniffle and is quick despite his lethargic state to duck down and look at you, “Hey, what’s wrong? Why’re you crying, darling?”

You sigh in defeat for the second time that night as you jump forward and practically onto his lap. You’re being whiny, and needy but you could care less as he wraps his arms around you.

“I-I’m sorry, Draco. It’s just been so long, and I’ve missed you so much and I was just hoping you would be home early and it’s not your fault but I just- I..” You blubber into his shoulder as he rubs your back.

“Oh my love, you have nothing to be sorry for. I know I haven’t been around as much lately but you know I still love you, don’t you? M’right here, love. ” His voice is exasperated in it’s delivery, but concerned nonetheless as he reassures you with the last sentence. It’s not even a moment later when you feel him seal it with a kiss to the top of your head.

“Of course I know that. I’m sorry, I’m being silly- let’s go to bed you’re probably exhausted.” You mutter, pulling away from him and wiping at your face. You feel pathetic, like a small child with a new sibling that hasn’t been getting enough attention. You can’t even tell him that it’s more than his presence that you’ve been missing.

“Hey, no, stay. Look at me, baby.” He says, holding you in place as he reaches his hands up to cradle your face. You stare into his eyes, surprised that you can see them through the darkness. “There’s something else, tell me. What’s bothering you?” He inquires, leaning forward to rest his forehead against yours.

You sigh, caught in your lie even in the darkness. You swallow once before voicing your true problem, “I miss being with you, Draco.. feeling you, taking care of you..”

You want to squirm at the silence that follows your proclamation but you’re scared to with his hands on your cheeks. It’s a few moment later when he clears his throat and pulls away to look at you clearer, “S’that what this is about? Feeling neglected my love?”

You whimper in response when his hands drop from your face and onto your thighs, slowly pushing back the fabric of your dress.

“Use your words, darling. I know you can.” He mumbles, leaning forward to kiss your jaw, nipping the skin there slightly and causing you to gasp out your response as a result.


“Well, I can’t have that now can I? S’take of you, yeah?” He mumbles, lowering you back into the couch as he hovers above you.

He doesn’t give you a chance to respond this time as his lips cover yousr, they’re heavy and messy and even a bit impatient and you know he’s been craving this just as much as you have. They’re sloppy kisses,  and they remind you of the time where you two were  dazed, ravenous teenagers who fucked in supply closets at Hogwarts.

He’s moved to your neck again, with a  low animalistic growl as you locks your hands in his locks and tug at them.

Your legs fall open to envelop him with ease as his hands reach up to cradle your head, pulling away from your neck and kissing your cheek, your forehead, the spot next to your nose- wherever his lips can reach.

You pull up, nipping at his chiseled jawline and causing him to moan in response, “Love…”

It’s then, when you two lock eyes that you know it’s not going to take long at all for either of you. It’s been too long.

“S’get this off you, yeah?” Draco asks breathlessly as he tugs the material of your dress up, and you prop up on your elbows to help him pull it over your head and off.

You bite your lip as he takes you in, eyes scanning the lingerie you’re wearing. “What’s this?” He inquires with a rasp.

“Something new, d’you like it?” You ask with a smirk.

He chuckles, darting forward to pull you in for another kiss as his answer. You have plans of your own though, as your hands grapple for his belt buckle and give it a hard tug.

“Okay, okay. M’comin love.” He promises, pulling away after one last kiss and standing up off you to shed his tie and clothes. You glance down regrettably as the tie hits the ground and when you look up again, his gaze is locked with yours. “Later, I promise.” He mutters, before pulling is boxers down.

You sigh at the sight of his hard on. The aching between your thighs is heavy and you have to squeeze them together to relieve the pain slightly. You reach back to unclasp your bra as he kneels onto the couch again but he tuts at you, “Let me.”

He covers your hand with his and undoes the clasp, letting your bra fall to the ground and he sighs himself, leaning forward and kissing your breasts greedily. You let your eyes roll back into your head, knowing that they’ll be marks to remember this tomorrow.

He’s panting now, laying you back down as he digs his fingers into the edge of your panties and drags them down your legs. He takes one glance at your heat and scoffs, ‘S’not going to take long at all, is it?”

You want your turn, though, reaching forward for his cock. But his fingers wrap around your wrist, stopping you. “No, no, love. Need to last, need to last- got me this hard this fast I-”

“Fine, fine. Draco, just- now. I need you, please.” You dry sob, pulling him down on top of you.

“Alright, sh sh told you m’right here love.” He reminds you, brushing hair back from your forehead as he positions himself between your legs.

He presses his lips against yours hard as his tip lines up against your dripping entrance momentarily, and then he pushes in.

You moan, mostly in relief as he fills you up, nails slicing against his back and he too grunts into your neck. He’s waiting there, completely buried to the hilt and you know he’s reveling in how long it’s been but you need him to move.

“Move. Draco- please!”

“I can’t! I-I’ll cum, just wait a moment love. Just wait.” He pants to you, head still buried in your neck.

“Please, please..” You whine and he grunts before he gives in to your request, rocking out almost all the way before sliding back in.

“Wet! So wet.” He cries in astonishment, lifting his head from your neck as he sets a steady pace. His jaw is locked and his eyes are closed, and through the moonlight streaming through the windows in your house you can see a thin layer of sweat covering his skin.

“Dr-draco, faster please!” You gripe, digging your nails into his back to emphasize your point. You’re glad he’s reacquainting himself, but you need more.

He obliges, picking up speed and the force go his thrusts and you wheeze upon impact. He’s leaving you breathless, dancing along the line of pleasure and pain.

“Good for you? Doing good?” He asks, glancing down at you with blearily eyes.

You nod, mouth agape as you respond, “S-so good, so good Draco.”

“Fuck, you feel so good love. Always been this tight? Or is it cause I haven’t fucked you in so long? Hmm? Been neglecting you, haven’t I baby?” He gripes, snapping his hips faster against yours.

Normally, you’d scold him for being so crass but now it’s only helping you utter close to your inevitable undoing.

“I can’t- you’re so… fuck I’m- sorry!” Draco grunts, and with the stilling of his hips he’s shooting into you, a low groan escaping his lips. You sigh, raking your fingers through his hair as he recovers, panting on top of you.

“Did- did you?” He pants, staring at you when he recollects himself.

You shake your head, “It’s fine-”

“Up, come on.” He says, cutting you off as he pulls out and sits on the couch, helping you up and onto his legs.

“C’mon, love, let’s get you a good one.” He mumbles, hands guiding your hips and helping you sink down onto him.

You gasp, again, but at this angle he’s filling you even more throughly. You bury your face into his shoulder, and his arms wrap around your back.

“C’mon now, move for me darling.” He hums, and you nod, with his help sliding up and down his cock.

“Good, doin’ good for me baby. Riding my cock so well.” He praises you, cradling your face in his hands as he kisses you.

Your hands are pressing tighter against his shoulders as you feel your release creeping up, but you’re getting tired. “I’m close, Draco, can you-”

“I’ve got you, love. C’mon, give me a good one.” He mumbles, hand reaching down between yours to rub your cilt in circular motions.

You’re gasping, or whining really you can’t tell because it hits you like a stupefy spell. Bright lights flashing in front of your eyes as you let out a cry and lock your arms around your neck.

He’s murmuring softly in your ear, one hand locked in your hair and the other rubbing your back soothingly as you come down from your high and it’s a while until you manage to pull away and smile at him sheepishly.

He chuckles at you, “Really missed me, didn’t you?”

You smirk at him, leaning forward and pressing a smacking kiss to his nose, “Welcome home, honey.”

X-Files Fic: Reminiscence, Chapter Three

Previous chapters: one | two

Mulder doesn’t know what kind of phone this is, but it’s getting perfect reception and he’s able to access the internet without wi-fi at thirty thousand feet, so he’s betting it’s expensive.

Trusting the unknown benefactor who had left the phone, not to mention made him these travel reservations, is a huge risk, he knows, but he can’t think of any alternative.  The thought of driving back to the Hoover building to argue with a dead woman over the whereabouts of a woman who should most certainly not be dead had not been the slightest bit appealing, and there had only been so much he could do from his house.  His work laptop isn’t authorized to access most of the FBI’s database away from the office, so the research he can do is limited to whatever is publicly available.  Mulder has never been much of a hacker.  He has people he contacts to do that for him, and right now, none of them are answering his calls.

In the end, using the plane ticket secured by the owner of the mystery phone had been the only way forward that he hadn’t been certain would turn out to be a dead end.  He had called Skinner and had requested a sick day, which Skinner had been all too willing to grant.

Not long after the first text had arrived, there had been a second, also from a blocked number: “Leave your personal phone and laptop behind.  All calls, texts, and e-mails will be forwarded to this device.  This condition is for your own safety, and if you do not comply, your plane ticket will be cancelled.”  He’d been somewhat reluctant to do as the text had said, but in the end, the lure of whatever potential enlightenment awaits him in Wyoming had been too powerful to resist.

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Holy crap we finally found out his real name😭😭😭

Update: Sheriff Stilinski said that Stiles couldn’t pronounce his name as a kid and Claudia would call him “mischief”. Remember in ep.3 (i think) when Lydia went in a trance and started writing mischief repeatedly on a piece of blank paper but it turned put to spell Stiles instead??

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