bruce woman

Bruce “I bought the bank” Wayne

Diana “I’m working with children” Prince

Clark “I take it back. I want to die” Kent

Barry “ I stopped listening when he said we are all going to die” Allen

Victor “ Keep the littlemerman away while I work” Stone

Arthur “ You are all tripping over yourselves” Curry

Lois “Big Guns” Lane

Alfred “ Send a letter to Paris that says «Do you want to be Bruce’s teammate. Cross yes or no” Pennyworth

The Batkids in the car with Bruce: McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s!
Bruce: Sorry kids, we have food at the Manor.
The Batkids in the car with Diana: McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s!
Diana: *pulls into drive-thru*
The Batkids: [cheering]
Diana: One black coffee.
The Batkids in the car with Clark: McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s!
Clark: McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s!

Clark: *has Diana, Victor and Arthur under his grasp*

Barry: *runs towards Clark to defend them*

Clark @ Barry:

I want people to see me as Diana Prince but how can that happen when everything I do has Barry Allen written all over it…

Justice League Thoughts (Minor spoilers towards end)

- Overall I really enjoyed the movie, I went in not really knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly entertained throughout

- Please stay until the end! There’s a mid credit scene and an end credit scene!

- The fucking CGI on Clark’s mouth though. It was so bad in places I couldn’t believe it

- Barry was so adorable! He was flustered and a little awkward and I loved it!

- *Barry runs around the batcave* ‘It’s like a cave!’ *runs around again* ‘A bat cave!’

- Cyborg. Oh man. I love him. I will admit to having little knowledge on the character but I will definitely be learning about him now

- ‘Do you bleed?’ Clark PLEASE

-’Yup, something’s definitely bleeding.’ SEE WHAT YOU DID SUPERJERK

- Bruce is lowkey crushing on Clark and Diana but I very much hope he doesn’t get with Diana (or Clark for that matter) (I’m a hardcore BatCat shipper ‘til the end)

- I was happy to see that the Amazon’s armor changes weren’t especially noticeable unless you looked for it (which I did, and I saw very few obvious changes)

- Alfred subtly maintaining the ‘I want grandchildren Master Wayne’ thing was great

- When Diana sneakily got Arthur with the Lasso of Truth I was crying

- Mera was cool, again a character I don’t know much about but I liked her.

- I really wasn’t happy with the amount of ass/boob shots of Diana but with the people involved I don’t know what else I expected

- Diana fighting Clark and headbutting him was everything

- ‘Children. I work with children.’ I mean you’re working with a 40+ year old man who dresses like a bat Diana what did you expect?

- ‘I bought the bank’ ‘the whole bank?’ ‘it’s kinda like an impulse with me’

- Barry so had a crush on pretty much everyone on the team bless him I feel your pain buddy

- ‘I don’t want to die’ *2 seconds later* ‘I take it back. I want to die.’

- That Look™ on Barry’s face when Clark noticed Barry running towards him was hilarious 

- Victor and Barry’s fist bump after the battle! Pure friendship! 

- ‘Bring the big guns’ *enter Lois Lane*

- Barry and Clark racing at the end? So cute

- Lex Luthor escaping Arkham and starting the Legion of Doom with Slade Wilson? BITCH YES

- I’d like to think Lex saw the Justice League on TV and pouted because not only was Superman alive again but why does he get to have a team I want one

hey,,, that scene where bruce and diana argue is perfectly normal and in perfect character as well. bruce is bring up steve trevor and shes obviously not over the way he died so its normal for her react the way that she did… don’t be mad about the fact that he was pushing her buttons, its literally so in character for wonderbat if you know them, and they literally made up in the scene afterwards (!!!) so