bruce will i is

if you think bruce wayne isn’t that old man that listens to big band and jazz and classical and really weird italian opera / show music you’re sadly mistaken !

p.s. he loves soviet era classical B)

next time we get a reboot, i want a Batman who isn’t grim, but instead...

he’s unsettling.

Batman’s whole basis is the idea of scaring criminals, right?

well, sure, outright intimidation through brute force works for that.

But the whole reason a bat was chosen is that the average person doesn’t understand how cute and cool they are, and finds them creepy and gross.

So let’s play that up. A Batman who uses his training in escape artistry, stage magic, and contortionism to move in ways people think humans shouldn’t be able to move. A Batman who reacts to things that he shouldn’t be able to (because his suit is wired with sensors and Alfred is monitoring things through hacked security feeds). A Batman who has a Slasher Smile.

Give me a Batman who, for the villains, seems like a cryptid. An urban legend on the level of creepypasta, some half-glimpsed shadow who, instead of being scary because of his muscles, is scary because holy shit what was that? What just happened? I’m outta here, man!

Give me a Batman where his battles with characters like Scarecrow and the Joker seem more like one of those crossover films where two horror movie monsters fight it out.

And then?

Give me a Robin and Batgirl who are the same way.

Diana Prince, after seeing the ugliness of war, lost faith in humanity’s kindness.

Bruce Wayne, after fighting crime for too long, no longer believe in mankind’s good.


Steve Trevor, after exhibiting great love and selflessness, made Diana believe that despite our flaws, mankind still deserves love.

And Clark Kent, after sacrificing himself for the sake of mankind, after exhibiting his selflessness through his humanity, made them both believe in the beauty of mankind again.

THIS is why I love the DCEU. The entire universe is built around love, belief and hope. The love that all of mankind deserves. The belief that mankind can be better. And the hope that maybe someday, we could be better.

Oh when you’re near me 
I see the world more clearly
Hold me and I’ll hold you too
I want to spend my time with you. (x)

some swing dance batjokes because i’m really diggin electro swing music lately…


There are two types of people