bruce wayne is mean to his robins

“but if we can’t blame either batman or jason todd for the death of robin, who CAN we blame??”

Jason: Alright boys, remember the point system. 5 for round houses to the face, 10 for an uppercut, and 200 for every well thought out mean girls reference.


Bruce: Alright, *Looks at the boys* we are done here. Let’s move.

Random thug: Ya think you’re so great, with ya big fancy bat costume and your army of kids!

Damian: *Bends down and gets in his face* You smell like a baby prostitute.


So I have been checking up discussions from last year about Santa Claus being Black and how much of an unnecessary controversy it caused and it got me thinking, does the public even know if Batman was white or do people just assume he is? cuz lets be real, the man is covered from head to toe and only appear at nights, that’s not enough to know someone ethnicity so what if every kid in Gotham believe that Batman is the same race as them and will not allow someone to tell them otherwise?


White kid: But why do you think Batman is black?!

Black kid: Why do you think he isn’t?

White kid: Why? have you see his chin skin? its white so how can he be black?

Black kid: Heelloo, black people with vitiligo exist so….

White kid: Bu- thats-….that’s just an unlikely to thing to be. Thats all. 

Korean kid: Well if you’re so hang up on skin color then Batman might be Korean? we have fair skin too.

White kid: What?? how can he be Korean if he doesn’t have Asian eyes??

Korean kid: Ah, well not all of us have “Asian Eyes” and even if we do, Batman has his mask on him at all time, so how do you know he doesn’t have “asian eyes” under there?

White kid: Because I’m being logical and going by facts unlike you.

Arab kid: Well if you really wanna be “logical” wouldn’t it make the most sense if Batman was middle-eastern?

White kid: And how does THAT make any sense?!?

Arab kid: Well I mean the current Robin is obviously Arab and unlike all the other Robins he refer to Batman as “father” which would mean Batman is his father so it would make sense if Batman too was the same ethnicity as his son.

White kid: Okay all of you really need to stop attacking me right now because Batman is white just like Jesus is >:(

Arab kid: Oh boy if you think Jesus was white then I got some news for you…

Bruce finding out about Ra’s Al Ghul harassing Tim the whole Red Robin series: 

After Bruce came back from being lost in time, he and the rest of the Batfamily are sitting in the batcave to go over everything he missed, when Tim casually mentions how he took down the League of Assassins. Bruce of course freaks out. 

“Wait, you mean to tell me you took down Ra’s Al Ghul by yourself? How’d you manage that?" 

"Well I mean, he trusted me enough to let me close to his stuff after working with him for a while, so-" 

"Wait wait wait you worked with Ra’s? Tim wtf he sucks I thought I raised you better than this" 

"No duh, I wasn’t actually working for him, just making him think I was. After all, he had already been harassing me for weeks about being his new heir and all, and then after I dismantled his operation he sent some creepy lady to rape me because he wanted a new kid since Damian’s on our side. But anyways when we fought I didn’t care about winning I just needed to distract him enough and he kind of kicked me out a window but then Dick saved me before I went splat all over the pavement and then they finally started believing me about you being alive so it’s all good now." 

And Tim just smiles as Bruce scowls. After a minute he gets up, grabbing his coat. 

"Uh, Bruce? Where ya going?" 


Jason looks over and cranes his neck to see Bruce grabbing a bat and a couple hammers. "Oh yeah he’s gonna kill Ra’s. HAVE FUN BRUCE!" 

And then Bruce stalks out of the house, about to have a little chat with Ra’s to show him what happens when you mess with one of his kids. 

I keep picturing what would happen if Damian gets kidnapped. He obviously would, somehow, since his dad is THE most influential and powerful businessman in the city.

Just imagine, the kidnapper calls Bruce for a ransom, and Bruce is all panicky and desperately screaming into the phone like “DON’T KILL HIM PLEASE I BEG YOU”, and the Kidnapper replies “Just give me the money and I’ll spare his life” and Bruce is just “I WASN’T TALKING TO YOU YOU DUMB FUCK”

SOme lego batman hcs!

-joker and robin do a cute magic show/circus act together for bruce and try to make him smile, whoever makes him smile first wins. they both wind up winning in the end when joker does a card trick and coughs up a card that isnt even the card robin picked and he spent a good ten minutes coughing up various cards before realizing he never asked for robins card back. they’re very good at magic shows.

-whenever bruce says hes proud of robin, the kid genuinely tears up and gets really emotional, usually resulting in hugs and a trip to get ice cream in the batmobile.

-barbra insists on helping cook dinner a lot and alfred really appreciates the help, even if he insists that he doesnt need it. alfred refuses to ask for help when he needs it, taking after bruce in that aspect. once everyone else moves in they all help him out a lot and he feels very loved from it.

-alfred and robin play croquet together every saturday morning, while bruce is asleep. one day bruce walks out and sees them and they all play a game together that ends in bruce grabbing the croquet ball and hurling it into the ocean.

-robin can speak spanish and french roughly. alfred teaches him french a bit more fluently and they have conversations together, much to the bewilderment of everyone around them. usually they just make jokes about the others.

-barbra and bruce teach robin some hand to hand combat skills and robin picks them up very quickly, often accidentally winning fights a bit more roughly than expected. he always feels bad when he hurts the others, even if they say its okay. hes surprisingly powerful for his size

-robin and bruce make little mixtapes together and keep them in the batmobile at all times. once joker accidentally locked himself in the batmobile and listened to all of them, much to  bruce’s embarrassment.

-even though joker knows that bruce wayne is batman, he likes to pretend theyre different people so his fun isnt spoiled with bruce’s pretty and delicate image. but that doesnt mean he wont mess with bruce wayne a little along the way

-harley, pamela (poison ivy), and selina (catwoman) are in a poly relationship and whenever joker is having boy troubles (thinking about batman) they all have a girls night and hang out and paint eachothers nails and stuff. he’s, in ivys words, like the sister they never asked for but got anyway and love regardless.

-joker picks robin up from school one day and sees some kids picking on him. he tells bruce about it and bruce seems upset but takes a deep breath and decides to let him deal with it himself and see how it goes. when he picks him up again they keep doing it, mostly one kid in particular. robin is too anxious to fight back.  joker makes the executive decision to drive to the kids house and show robin how to stand up for himself. robin winds up breaking his nose. joker is unspeakably proud. so is everyone else.


 Request: Can you write an imagine where the reader is the daughter of some big business man and is threatened bc, “hey your dad’s is rich,” and Batman and Robin are assigned to protect her until it blows over, and during this time Dami begins to form a crush on her? Please and thank you! 

“Are you sure they’ll come?”

 Commissioner Gordon was on the roof, accompanied by a man. With the three of them was the Bat Signal shining in the sky. Thumps came from behind; causing the men to turn. There stood Batman. His voice low and grumbled asked, “Why did you call us?” Gordon opened his mouth to answer; but the man put his arm on Gordon’s chest. “You need to help me. My daughter’s being targeted. They want our money.” 

 “Tt.”  The men turned to the corner, where Robin stepped out. “What do you suppose we’re supposed to do?” The men stepped out and stood in front of the duo. “Please, take her until we can find him,” he stopped his sentence, waiting for them to speak. Batman nodded. “Where-”

 “I’m here.”

 You stepped out from behind the door, walking to you father. “We’ll hide her and look for the men threatening her,” he gestured to younger one. “Robin, take her to the batmobile.” He took you by the arm and grappled into the sky with you. Without warning.

 Riding back to the cave with them was quiet. Which would be an understatement. Neither of them talked; the only sound being the street under the car. When it came to a stop, they stepped out of the car; Batman coming to the side and helping you out. “Stay here until we can find a place for you to stay.” The two of them went to the other side of the cave, leaving you. You nodded your head absently and began wandering around. Before you knew it, you were out of it and in some sort of mansion. Looking around, you made sure no one was there before you continue. 

 Damian shook his head as he followed his father. He had never felt happier to be on a mission. Sure he had seen attractive girls; but never one as beautiful as you. All he knew was that he had to protect you. So when you weren’t where he left you, he set out to find you. 

 Walking around, you stopped in front of a painting. Your eyes widened, realizing where you were. Backing up and turning, you ran into something hard. “What are you doing up here?” There stood Robin. “You’re Damian Wayne. That means that… Batman is Bruce Wayne?” 

 He sighed and lead you towards the stairs. “Father figured you might find out. There’s a room set up for you.” You found yourself inside of a room. Your fingers ran over the bed; feeling the silk sheets. Turning around, you found that he was gone. “Excuse me miss,” an older man stepped into the room. “I’ve left clothes on the bed for you to change into.” Then he made his way out. 

 Grabbing the clothes, you walked into the bathroom to change. Walking out, you saw that the boy was back. “If you don’t mind, I’ll be staying with you.” When he saw a smile spread across your face he added, “To be sure you’re safe until we can catch the men threatening you.” You yawned and made your way towards the bed. “I don’t know about you Damian, but I’m tired.” 

 Wiggling into the sheets, you turned to face him. He made his way towards the chair and laid in it. You closed your eyes and wrapped yourself in the blankets. Damian watched looked at you with adoration. You were beautiful before; but now you were stunning. It looked as if you had no worries. Before he Damian knew it he fell asleep watching you.

 You eyes fluttered open. Taking in the sight in front of you, making you laugh. There was Damian sprawled out across the chair. You reached out your hand and tapped him. As soon as you did he sat up straight and looked at you. “Y’know,” you laughed, “I don’t bite.” “I’m aware but what does this have to do with you waking me up?” 

 Sitting up you held your hand up. “You can sleep in the bed Damian.” “Tt.” Shifting over, you allowed him to crawl into the bed. You pulled the covers over the two of you. Slowly, you felt his hand hold yours. “Goodnight Damian.”

 You woke up to whispers in the room. “Grayson, I am going to maim you.” “Aww but Dami you and your girlfriend are so cute.” You turned over to see that Damian was awake and whispering harshly at a man by the door. He slowly put his hands up in surrender when he realised that Damian wasn’t letting down anytime soon. Walking out of the room, the door closed behind him.

 Damian looked down at you to see if you were awake. When h saw you staring at him he apologized. “I’m sorry my brother woke you up.” Laying beside you, he stared at your face; looking at you eyes and how beautiful you were. Over the weeks you’ve been here, he’s been captivated by you. This was the first time he’s ever felt this way about someone. And it scared him. He came out of his thoughts when your hand stroked his cheek. Damian flinched away from your touch. 

 Your eyes widened and you pulled back your hand. “I-uh, I shouldn’t have.”

 “Damian, Y/N”

 Both of your heads snapped to the door where Bruce stood. “Y/N, we’ve found the men threatening you. You can go home now.” You nodded and got up from the bed. “Damian, a word?” You watched as Damian walked to his father. Giving you one last look, he walked out and shut the door behind him.

 By the time you had your stuffed packed, Damian walked into the room. “Y/N, may I speak to you?” “Sure Damian.” He took your hand and guided it to the bed. When you sat, you laid your other hand on top of his. “Y/N,” he began. “Over the weeks that you have been here, I have grown close to you. And…” Damian stopped looking into your eyes. 

 He took a piece of your hair and tucked it behind your ear; all while blushing. “I would like it if we could remain friends after your return?” You frowned for a second, hoping that maybe he’d feel the same towards you. When he saw your face you quickly smiled; trying to cover it up. 

“I’d love to, Damian.” 

 AN: Idk how I feel about this. Haven’t been in the right state of mind while writing.

Lost Sister

Prompt ~ Can I request one where the reader had lost her memories at young age and got adopted by Barry, only for years later to turn out to be Damian’s sister? 

Extra ~ Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader

 Life is full of obstacles, especially in yours. You don’t recall much from your childhood or any early memories at that. You were an orphan, the only place that came close to a home was an orphanage. One day as a young 10 year old a blonde man came by. The kids whispered around saying he was looking to adopt a baby. Which sent your hopes down to the bottom, yet that day you had a new home and a new dad, Barry Allen.

 Barry was an amazing father, it was hard getting use to being in a new environment but you soon adapted. Iris became a mother to you, she was always there for you and helped you through rough times. Everything seem perfected, besides Barry being ‘the fastest man alive’ which kind of freaked you out at first. Once you found out his not so little secret a whole new world opened up to you, a dangerous one. One full of supervillains and vigilantes, that you soon found yourself apart of.

 Gotham Academy was okay, sure it had snobby rich kids but it also had nice people there too. It seemed to be an average day, well as average as it can be in Gotham. You were currently checking blood samples in the lab to connect to your family tree, which didn’t really make sense to you but at least you would know what blood type you were. Your partner Damian was doing the same, you both had become close due to your nightly activities and both your parents being in the Justice League.

“Here.” Damian said handing you your results, it wasn’t anything surprising to you just average results. Damian peeked over your shoulder curios of what blood type you were just in case he needed a quick blood donation.

“What?” His voice faltered.

He snatched your paper, “Hey!” You protested, you watched curiously as he put his paper besides yours, his eyes scanning between both sheets.

“T-this can not be possible.” Damian’s eyes widened, “What was it?” You asked curiously unaware of what was happening.

“Y-you’re my sister.” He whispered, your mouth dropped open in shock. You snatched both papers and looked over them, you both had the same DNA. Every single bit, you looked up in shock.

“How? When- what?” You gasped out, feelings overflowing you.

“You’re my brother?” You faced Damian, just as you finished your sentence the bell rung, the last period of the day.

“Quickly we must get to the bat cave.” He hastily put all his stuff away into his bag, you doing the same, and rushed you out to his motorcycle.

“So you’re telling me that my innocent precious [Y/N] is your daughter?” Barry asked flabbergasted.

“Well biologically speaking, yes.” Bruce responded, while you sat shocked behind him.

“You won’t take her away fro me.” Barry said speeding over to your side.

“She’s my daughter too.” Bruce interjected.

“She is also my sister!” Damian growled.

“Barry is my dad.” You cleared up, “No offense Bruce, but I do still want to get know my biological father, if he’d like too?” You asked looking back to Bruce.

“I would be glad.” Bruce smiled sincerely at you.

“This doesn’t change our relationship what so ever.” You told Barry, holding his hand.

“This changes everything!” Tim butted in.

“What do you mean?” Barry asked.

“Damion can’t use the excuse of being the true child of Batman! When there’s actually two!” Tim replied, a grin on his face.

“This does not change nothing Drake! I am still The Son of Batman.” Damian roared, prepared to lunge him.

“Jesus my family is all types of messed up.” You muttered under your breath.

Throwback Thursday Movie Review

Batman & Robin

I remember when I first saw Batman & Robin, it was opening night back in June of 1997, the theater was pack and the crowd was really in to it. I don’t think I fully realized back then how terrible this film really was.

I’m trying really hard to think of anything good to say about the movie and I’m currently drawing a blank. So let’s quickly list all the things that sucked about this fiasco. First of all there’s George Clooney … I understand Warner Bros. wanted a popular Hollywood star that would appeal to the women and make a rico suave (see 90′s urban dictionary) Bruce Wayne, but here’s the problem … he sucked as Batman. No raspy voice, and more importantly no toughness or physical presence. It didn’t help that his costume’s muscle structure was lacking next to his young ward Dick Grayson, aka Robin (see photo below). Did the costume designers even notice the major faux pas? I guess they were too busy perfecting the Bat-nipples to notice. I mean, Robin looks like he could kick Batman’s butt. On the plus side of the wardrobe, Batgirl’s outfit was pleasing to look at. 

Speaking of Batgirl/Barbra Wilson??? Alicia Silverstone, who was another hot actress at the time, was flat out awful as Batgirl. A poorly written script was the main downfall with both of the main female roles. Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy was equally hard to digest. And what’s the deal Uma? You get paid millions to be in a huge budgeted film and you can’t dye your hair red? That’s fine Ms Thurman, just put on that ridiculous looking wig. SMH 

Let’s move on to the fact there were too many characters or as they say, too many chefs in the kitchen. Batman and Robin okay, Mr. Freeze alright, Poison Ivy hmmm, Batgirl maybe … Bane? (record scratches abruptly) Hold it! So, much for the more the merrier.

I can remember being so pumped when Arnold Schwarzenegger was announced as the main villain for Batman and Robin. Let’s face it … this was the Terminator!  Unfortunately after two hours of hearing him deliver cheesy one-liners in a futuristic looking garbage can, I was left shaking my head in disappointment.  Ummm, and why was Bane in this? Do I go on? I could.

Horrible Batman ✅

Too many characters ✅

Wait! What’s Robin driving? 

Poor script (and props) ✅ 

Ridiculous costumes! ✅

The few things I can say positively about this film: 

🔴  Chris O'Donnell did another fine job as Dick Grayson/Robin, and the inclusion of Michael Gough and Pat Hingle were nice. 

🔴  Elliot Goldenthal’s score was enjoyable. 

🔴  The surreal shots  of Gotham City were nice. 

🔴   In a weird way, this piece of garbage helped bring Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy into fruition.


(I couldn’t bring myself to give this an F, because Joel Schumacher has apologized for this mess of a film and it did make the TDK Trilogy possible.)

Oh look I wrote a thing without being prompted.

Idek where this one came from but basically I have a lot of Tim Drake feels and apparently that means torturing myself and him by writing angsty shit like this.

He’s in a warehouse, surrounded by blood, Jason Todd’s broken body at his feet. But he’s not dead yet, there’s still time. Tim can defuse the bomb, can save his predecessor’s life.

And he hesitates.

Because if Jason Todd lives, then Batman doesn’t need a new Robin. Bruce Wayne doesn’t need Tim Drake. Nobody does.

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Alfred (mommy) Pennyworth

I really hate how people don’t get how hard it was for Alfred when Jason got to live in the mannor. I mean, he probably had to act all normal and cool every time Jay flinched when he tried to reach out to him bc every other adult had hurt him. And how he would’ve prentended he didn’t notice how Jay stole food from him instead of asking for it, bc it never occurred to him that someone would feed him without taking something from him. During Jay’s entire life Alfred has been his only good parental figure, and it hurts.

 So not only do we have all but confirmed Batfamily in the DCMU, but I think we can almost pinpoint the exact time frame the family is in. 

So to state the obvious first… The Justice League Trailer

Commissioner Gordon pointing out that he has seen Batman work with others before. He’s pleased even about it. Since Batman habitually trains children, that would suggest that either in the DCMU they are going to age up the Robins or Gordon has had a long time to come to terms with the idea. 

Thanks to Dawn of Justice, even before Suicide Squad, we knew that Batman has been operating for a while and already faced off against some of his biggest threats, like the Joker.

But it’s thanks to the Joker that we get our next hint. Have a look at the Harley Quinn Easter Egg from Suicide Squad.

One of her crimes? Accomplice to the murder of Robin.

It’s about as obvious as a mallet to the head. A Robin is dead. And any comic fan can tell you exactly which Robin was famously murdered by the Joker. (Even taking into account that the Death in the Family story arc was written before the creation of Harley) Sure, there have been other story arcs involving a Robin being injured by the Joker. Hell, one of the darkest story arcs in the DCAU involved what he did to Tim Drake. But no one is ever going to contest the fact that if you want to look at the Robin murdered by Joker, you get Jason Todd, the second Robin.

Now Jason is the second Robin. And we know that his death did send Batman into a deep spiral of depression. Bruce doesn’t tend to show emotion much from the one and a bit movies we have so far seen, so it does seem he is falling apart both as Batman and Bruce Wayne. He is so paranoid about criminals killing innocent people that he is torturing petty criminals and was fully prepared to skewer Superman simply for being an alien and a possible threat. Not exactly like the Bruce Wayne we know. And yet, the thing that pulls him onside? The idea of an innocent person getting hurt i.e Martha Kent.  

But then there is that one scene in Dawn of Justice that seems to contradict everything.

But does this mean that there is no Batfamily. Is this the false line and the others true or have we got this the wrong way round? Or is there another meaning to this? Maybe look at his relationship with the oldest Robin, Dick Grayson.

Remember that there was a few years there where Bruce had all but cut off contact with Dick after their blow up. Dick was not adopted until a lot later in canon and therefore not technically Bruce’s family and face it, during that time both were kinda pretending the other didn’t exist. Maybe by saying what he said, Alfred was lamenting Bruce’s failure to adopt the Robins and include them in the Wayne family and Dick’s estrangement and Jason’s death (Alternately, he could be lamenting the fact that there are no genetic sons which is odd for Alfred Pennyworth. He has never discriminated like that before and frankly that is not an Alfred I want in the DCMU)

So if I am correct, where does that leave us?

Although not directly stated, it has been made clear that the Bat is without a Bird at the time of Dawn of Justice. Yet, it is equally clear that there has been at least one Robin previously. To keep with canon of the second Robin being the one to meet his end by the Joker, there would have to be two previous Robins. That puts us post Death in the Family yet more than likely Pre-Tim Drake era. Which, although sad, makes sense. Part of the reason Tim Drake took up the mask was because he saw how both Batman and Bruce Wayne were being affected by the loss of his partners and well, DOJ Bats gives off that exact and worrying mentality that got Tim to don the short-shorts.

Since they are bound to do a Batman movie to hook into the JL movies, it would be a good side story to look into Bruce making amends with Dick, training Tim and making his peace with Jason’s death to bring out the human side of Batman (Sadly, I think it would be too much of a stretch to bring Damian Wayne into the movie verse but a girl can dream) All these would be wonderful to create a rich and complex character in Batman, outside of the brooding grump that he is habitually played as.

So in conclusion, if I had to guess the Batfamily timeline in the DCMU, I am going to say that there is enough small hints to suggest that we are post Dick and Jason as Robin but pre-Tim (Of course this could all be speculation and mis-direction but I like to live in this little world I made and everyone else is welcome to join me here where the Batfamily lives)

Use the Window: Part 4

AN: This is the final part of the door series. Enjoy

Words: 1059

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

       He’s sentenced to twenty years in prison, with a chance of parole after fifteen. You don’t feel like it’s enough, but you decide it’s time to move on. You’ve spent too much of your life catering it to him. So, after the sentencing you go home with Damian, and he kind of just holds you for a bit. The rest of the Wayne family surrounds you as well. Of course five minutes in Damian’s brothers start making cracks about your relationship finally happening. After ten minutes of this Damian is chasing them out of the room and you can’t help but smile as Bruce takes his place.

You realize early on, once your relationship has been “formalized” that Damian likes to be touching you. It could be holding your hand, wrapping an arm around your waist, or just you sitting in his lap, but he likes to be touching. You understand it. Neither of you grew up being hugged or loved really, so you take comfort in these innocent little touches.

          The first time he calls you beloved, you kind of just freeze. You’ve never been one for pet names, but this one makes you all tingly. This warmth just spreads through you, and since you’re in bed anyway you kind of just snuggle further into his side.

          One of Damian’s favorite things to do, is to lay his head in your lap and let you run your fingers through his hair. It calms him down, and sometimes he makes this little purring noise in the back of his throat.

          He takes you to the Watch Tower, when the world is danger. You’re herded up there along with other loved ones, and you can’t help but think it isn’t fair; that even if the Earth is destroyed, that you get to live. Despite that fact you’re grateful.

          You meet a woman up there, named Dinah. You know she’s Black Canary, you also know that she’s about eight months pregnant. She’s married to Oliver Queen, AKA Green Arrow. She stays with you through the crisis. In a way she keeps you calm.

          The League is able to save the planet, and Damian comes for you as soon as he can. The rest of the family is with him, and you can’t help but grin at all of them in their costumes. It reminds you a bit of little boys playing dress up.

          Oliver Queen is with them. He’s removed his mask, and you smile as he goes straight to Dinah. One hand immediately goes to the baby bump and you can’t help but think it’s sweet. Then you notice Damian’s eyes have gone wide. And so have the rest of his family’s. You turn to look back at Dinah and Oliver only to see if you missed something, but then you notice that her eyes are wide too. Oliver seems to be the only other one out of the loop.

          Then, all of a sudden Tim is pulling you backward, and Oliver forward until you’re standing side by side. There are several expletives, and then you and Oliver are being pulled into the hospital bay for a blood test.

          The minute the blood is taken you flee. You had been too stunned by the idea that Oliver Queen might be your father, to reject the procedure. You find Damian easily, and he just seems to know. He takes your hand and the two of you disappear.

          You don’t go back to the manor; you go to Hong Kong. You’re not sure why, Damian chose this place, but you like it. It’s different, and you like it. You stay there for two months, before you HAVE to go back. You’ve worked too hard in school to fall behind now.

          So, the two of you return home with no fuss. You climb the tree and go through the open window, into the room the two of you share. That night you just show up to dinner. As a result, you get a three-hour lecture about running from your problems, from Bruce. Alfred gives him this disbelieving look during the entire thing.

          Several weeks later, Damian is sent on a spur of the moment mission. That’s when you know you’re back to real life. You continue with life as always, which means you go to school and study the entire time. He’s gone. Two days before he’s supposed to come home you come out of the library late at night to find Oliver Queen waiting on you. He’s sitting on a bench, and just seems to know when you step through the doors.

          You stop in your tracks for a moment before deciding that you’re done with running. You take a seat on the bench, and he confirms the fact that he is in fact your father, and that he never knew about you. You believe him, his reputation with women is worse than Bruce’s. You don’t ask for details, instead you ask if he wants to get a bite to eat. He eagerly accepts.

          You spend the next few hours talking, laying a foundation, for a possible relationship. You doubt that you’ll ever be daddy’s little girl, but there’s a chance for a relationship there. The two of you go your separate ways with each others phone numbers stored in your contacts, and plans to meet up in a week or so.

          You return to the manor, but instead of going in through the door, you walk out of the garage and back to that big oak tree. With your back pack firmly secured you shimmy up the tree, and climb through the window. You smile at the sight of Damian lying on the bed waiting for you. Dropping your backpack on the ground, you climb into bed beside him. He greets you with a kiss and a “Hello Beloved.” And you snuggle into his side. You don’t ask why he’s home early, and he doesn’t ask where you’ve been. You both know that you’ve been played.

          You just lie there for a few minutes, his fingers going through your hair when he says, “You know, you could have used the door.”

          You just smile, “I like windows better, they seem to always lead back to you.”

          He kisses you and says, “Then by all means, use the window.”

Batman #17 with….Wait, what?

Jesus Christ Bruce, really? You just put your sons into a COMA because you were so afraid of Bane?! Holy shit, I just….I don’t even….WHAT THE FUCK?!

Okay, looking at the good side, at least it’s clear he is doing this because he is afraid of their lives. Snyder would probably have him go on a long rant how he doesn’t need them and now he is finally free of all the noise or something. But still, this is fucked up.

Also, you somehow forgot about Duke (okay, he say he is going to stay away of it, but then rushed to save Jim Gordon and got captured). But then again, if Bruce had to put entire Batfamily like this, I doubt there would be a place left in Superman’s Fortress.

By the way, two things bother me in a scene with Jim Gordon, who is attacked while talking over Phone to Barbara about his smoking. One problem is that this scenario, as in, the whole issue and story, as presented works when you don’t bring up attention to how huge Batfamily actually is. The reader won’t question where other folks (like Belfry team for example) are. It’ a blind spot many fans willingly put on in Batman stories, assuming they’re busy everywhere and understanding writer cannot stop to list what all those people are doing. But the moment you acknowledge the existence of one of those characters, like Barbara here, you need to explain why is she not more involved in the story. This acknowledgment of her without having something like Bruce telling her to stay put as well hurts this willing suspension of disbelief.

Another thing is Gordon’s behavior. I mean, actually lifting a pipe and dropping it and then lying during a phone conversation where he claims he’d quit smoking? This is almost a level of jokes I was telling with my buddies when I was 12. “I’m such a swell guy. I don’t drink nor smoke, I don’t even swea…FUCK! My pet fell into my drink!”.

I’m going to give one plus for Bane and his gang – it actually does good job selling to us Bane as the menacing, seemingly unstoppable force, methodically hunting Bronze Tiger, Catwoman and Jim Gordon to get to Bruce (bonus points for bringing back his old Henchmen, whom I think haven’t shown up since Kngihtfall). You can see why Bats is panicking so much, even if his reaction is….what the actual fuck Bruce, just what the fuck?

Also, Alfred is using Psycho-Pirate to heal Gotham Girl. But there is no way that this scene is not looking laughably weird out-of-context. I mean seriously, show this to a friend who isn’t into comics and ask them to explain what is going on.

Late Night Revelations

Request : Hi can I have a Richard Grayson imagine where they’re dating but she don’t know about nightwing and he’s constantly flirting w/ her and teasing her and asking about himself in third person and she just eyerolls but loves the attention he provides and he Teases her asking if she would go on a date with him bc he’s cooler than her rich bf (-;


“Where’s your boyfriend tonight, beautiful?” An all-too familiar voice said, causing you to avert your attention over to the balcony where the infamous Nightwing was currently standing with a smirk.

You scoffed, “I’m starting to think you’re here for him since you always ask me where he is.” You replied, resting your foot against the pillow as you continued to surf through the channels on the TV until you found something worth watching.

“Is that any way to talk to the protector of your city?” Nightwing questioned, looking offended. “Do you also let every hero you talk to stand out in the cold like this?”

Rolling your eyes, you pointed up towards the gloomy, dark, Gotham night sky where the batsignal was hailing from. “I’m pretty sure the Batman’s the one protecting the city. You’re just here getting on my nerves. I wouldn’t call that heroic.”

“You got me,” Nightwing said, sighing. “Would you mind opening the door now? I’m seriously freezing out here.”

You hesitated, but ended up throwing the remote down on the couch and made your way over to the balcony door to unlock it and let him in.

“Thank you!” He said, gratefully once he was inside.

“You can repay me by telling me why you’re here.” You said, walking to the thermometer so you could change the temperature in your apartment. Wouldn’t want Nightwing to catch a cold, now do we?

Nightwing flopped down on your couch and grabbed the remote. He changed the channel you were on, and you let out a laugh when you realized that he was now watching Scooby Doo.

“Just wanted to see my favorite girl,” He said with a bright grin. It was weird having a guy wearing a mask and a really tight suit sitting so close to you.

Of course, you should be use to this by now. Five weeks after you started dating Dick, you met Nightwing. At first, you thought he was the most annoying person in this whole entire world! He was so arrogant, always acting like he knew something you didn’t, and to top it off, he wouldn’t stop flirting with you. Even after you told him you had a boyfriend.

“Favorite girl,” you repeated, not amused whatsoever.

“So is Dick out and about again? Why is it that he’s gone every time I show up?” He questioned, looking smug for some reason.

“It’s more like you always show up when he’s gone.” You corrected, sighing.

You could just tell he was rolling his eyes behind his domino mask. “That irrelevant.” He dismissed, “So, since he’s gone…mind going out on a date with me?”

You furrowed your eyebrows in disbelief. “Are you being serious?” You asked, and he nodded enthusiastically in response. “Sorry to break it to you, Wing. But I’m a one-man kind of girl. Besides, wouldn’t it be weird walking down the streets of Gotham City with you by my side?”

Nightwing shrugged, “I understand if you don’t want to. You do have Dick Grayson wrapped around your little finger. Actually, I think it’s the other way around, but whatever. ” He said, amused, which made you glare at him. “But I’ll let you in on a little secret.”

You threw a curious look at him, “What is it?”

“I’m way better than him.”

“I highly doubt that.” You snickered, shaking you head.

“It’s true!” Nightwing defended himself and his pride. “When you have awesomeness and amazingness mixed together, you get me!”

“What does that even mean?” You asked, laughing.

You could only watch in confusion as Nightwing reached up and slowly took off his mask. As soon as you caught sight of the unforgettable, beautiful blue eyes that could only belong to one person you knew, you froze in shock.


anonymous asked:

What would dating diana prince and being bruce's sister include???

🤔 (feminine-presenting language used for this post)

⤑ bruce tries to play Protective Sibling for about two seconds before he realizes that you being behind diana prince, The Wonder Woman, is probably the safest place you could ever be

⤑ you have Wayne Money, ofc, which means that sometimes you can afford to splurge on ur gal pal. she appreciates the nice earrings and the shirt that says ‘treat your girl right

⤑ all of the batkids call diana and you their aunts, but when jason was a robin (side note: he nearly fainted upon finding out that wonder woman is technically his aunt if you would just propose please please please propose auntie) he started ‘wonder aunt’ and it Stuck. 

⤑ bruce invites diana to talk about Justice Things over dinner sometimes, but it’s really a ploy to let the two of you catch up without having to worry about her having to be called away on missions (yes, bruce, it’s incredibly transparent how you just conveniently have something to do at the beginning of these dinners you set up yourself and then have to ditch to ‘check out something happening at the docks here take my place’)

⤑ bruce discreetly pays diana’s cell phone bill whenever she has to call long-distance to you. she’s not really sure why her phone bill is so light when she’s always taking calls, but she thinks its some justice league discount, and doesn’t question it. 


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So laerya was too kind to manage my blog while I took the break so a huge special thanks to you, Lerya x

Also, she showed me the extremely nice and kind words that you guys sent so I don’t know how to thank you guys! I’m very lucky

Part one :

So as promised…. wait for it….. I MADE PART TWO OF THE BOTTOM LINE FANFIC!

Author Note: Just imagine that Bruce has a brother and the reader is his niece :3 and his brother’s name is mark.

Warnings: angst | mention of a passed away parent | jealousy | confusion | flirting I guess that’s all lol



“Hey! You little scum! Give that back!”

I was walking with my friends, when I heard a yelling. I turned around to see a young boy, probably my age, 6 or so, running away with a bread loaf. They boy was dirty, filled with dirt and sweat while his clothes looked old and had a few cuts here and there, also he wasn’t wearing any shoes.

My friends laughed at the sight, and one of them made a terrible comment,

“This kid is disgusting! I mean he lives on the street, he looks like a rat.”

I gave her a mean glare and left them, once I reached the bakery, I payed for what he stole and bought him some more food.

I walked towards him as he hid behind a car but his head sticking out, watching my moves.

“I wasn’t stealing ok.” He said quickly which made me laugh.
“Calm down, I’m y/n. Y/n Wayne.” I pulled my hand out for him to shake, it took a few seconds before he shook it. “Jason Todd.” He mumbled.
I smiled, “well, Jason, it’s nice meeting you!” His face broke into a grin as he tugged on his hair. “Thank you..”
“You know, Jason, stealing is bad. So how about you promise me not to steal again and as a reward I’ll hang out with you?!” I said excitedly. He grinned again and nodded. “Alright.” I pulled the bag of food and pushed it hid way. “Here you go, jay.”
“Jay.. I like that.”
“Me too.”


My mind was blank.
I didn’t know what was happening to me.
I didn’t care if I was alive or dead right now.
I felt as if I was screaming but I didn’t make a sound.
As if I was being ripped to pieces but never bleeding.
As if I was happy but in reality I had no emotions.
I didn’t know exactly what was happening to me, but I hated it.
Memories flooding into my vision all at once but non of them seemed familiar.
I felt as if I was chocking on nothing.
Gradually, I came to my senses as voices seemed to be more clear.


“master Bruce, what are-”

“I need to find them, Alfred. I hate to find them.”

Bruce was mentally stressed as he kept looking for their location.
He couldn’t believe that you both disappeared from the radar.

Alfred sighed as he placed his hand on Bruce’s shoulder.

Batman has failed. He failed to save his son and niece.
His world fell down as his knees gave out and he fell on the floor sobbing.

When Alfred heard the news he couldn’t believe them,
When Bruce’s brother found out he punched Bruce, then apologized and went to isolation to find comfort,
when dick found out he was devastated, what he saw as siblings were dead.

It was a really hard time in the Wayne household.

He’d still remember the moments, the memories..

Fifteen year old Jason came to Bruce, pretty annoyed.

Bruce was working on finding scare crow when Jason punished the wall angrily, groaning as he did.
That made Bruce turn to him. He grabbed the first aid kit and sat with Jason to tend to his now bruised and bleeding fist.
“What’s wrong, Jason?” He heard Jason mumbling but he made out nothing.
“Speak louder.”

“I saw some dude flirting with y/n and I just… ugh!” He wiped his face with his other hand.

A tiny little smile had formed on Bruce’s face as he understood that his son was jealous.
So he cleared his throat, “you might want to talk to y/n about it, you know it might help.”
Jason was about to speak only to be cut off by an angelic yell, “jaybird! Are you ok? Oh god! What happened to your hand?!” Y/n, very softly, took his now bandaged hand in hers and sighed. “What happened, jay?”
Bruce saw aight blush on Jason’s cheeks and neck so he decided to give his second eldest son his privacy and smiled as he walked out.

“Nothing.” Jason tugged on his hair nervously. “How about we go to that burger place you mentioned earlier?” She asked him smiling smugly as he grinned. “But what about that dude you were talking to?” She was oblivious to the fact that he was jealous but she smiled nonetheless. “The only dude I want in my life, is right in front of me.” She winked as they both got up and went to grab a bite.



It was after five years that everything changed.
Dick became nightwing and moved to blüdhaven.
Bruce found another robin whose name was Timothy drake.

Mark Wayne, y/n’s father changed as he became more closed and secretive, he knew about his brother being batman, and he knew that his daughter died a hero, but he hated that she didn’t trust him that night..

It was painful for him to let his only daughter go on this dangerous mission but he could never underestimate her. god forbid.

“Are you really sure you wanna go? I mean you can stay in tonight and we can watch a movie all of us together..”

Y/n just rolled her eyes playfully, “dad, I have to go. Not only can’t I let Jason go alone, but also I have to do this. Joker killed my mom.. and he has to pay.” Her eyes watering as she turned away from him and wiped her tears.

Her father just sighed and walked to her, placing his hand on her shoulder. “You are so strong, So beautiful and so determined.. just like your mother.” He was proud of her, and she knew that but it didn’t hurt to give a reminder or two.

“I just have a bad feeling about this, does Bruce know you two are going?”
She just laughed. “Dad, chill! He does, he said he’d meet us there.” She lied as she hid it with a fake smile.
She’d arranged this mission with Jason to get her revenge as it seemed almost impossible to locate the clown. This was her only chance.

“Alright. Just be careful.” He hugged her and smiled, cupping her face as he kissed her forehead, “your mom would be so proud of you, but no one can be prouder than me.”

And to think that those were the last words she heard her father say to her was good, it felt good to let her know that before her death.
He fought with Bruce, numerous times.
He blamed him for hers and Jason’s death.
But deep inside he knew no one was to be blamed but that crazy asshole who took their lives in the most painful way.
His eyes still treated as he remembered she died alone. He kept joking with her about growing old and marrying a good man, having kids and him being a grandfather but none of that would happen now. Because she’s gone.