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How do the batboys wear suits?

Bruce: fond of dark tailored suits that are flattering to his figure because he has to keep up the appearance that he’s a functional human being

Dick: once tried to wear a powder blue suit and was teased mercilessly, looks like a model when he wears a suit that isn’t a crime to humanity (basically any suit that he doesn’t pick out himself)

Jason: hates suits with a passion, they feel too constricting and stiff to him, but otherwise he looks pretty good in them (when he isn’t fidgeting in them)

Tim: looks super awkward, they never quite fit right but he wears them anyways. Sometimes looks really professional and serious

Damian: looks adorable but super stern, usually tries to hide things in his jacket but fails when he realises that suits don’t really have good pockets

Duke: he’ll wear suits that aren’t all black typically, he’s fond of greys and some muted colors. Looks like he should be on a magazine cover, even if he’s really modest about it to reporters that ask where he got the suit and all that stuff

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How about "no the house isn't haunted, why do you ask?" With Jason and another Batkid playing a prank on one of Bruce's business partners?

It’s common knowledge among the family and their close friends that Jason will try to screw with people at any chance he’s given. Be it a trick, a prank, mindless mischief, Jason will do it. And sometimes he happens to… coerce (read: blackmail) those around him into helping him with his latest scheme. So it just so happens that when Bruce announced that one of his newest business partners was going to be coming to the manor in a few days, Jason started cooking up a new plan to cause a bit of mayhem. He pulled Dick into a room and started to explain what he had in mind, and even though Dick was reluctant, he agreed after a bit of blackmailing persuasion. 

Bruce had asked Dick to show his business partner around the house while Bruce himself finished up some paperwork for the deal. This of course was all a part of Jason’s plan. As Dick led the partner around the halls of the manor, Jason made sure to place himself in strategic locations; at the top of the stairs, in the halls, looking out of the windows. He had instructed Dick to act like he couldn’t see him, so when Bruce’s partner started trying to initiate conversation with Jason, Dick had to use his acting skills to make it seem like he was concerned. “Sorry, who are you talking to?” Dick tried not to make eye contact with Jason “The young man standing right next to you. Don’t you see him?” Dick put on a worried face, looking next at Jason and then saying “Are you sure you see someone? Because there’s nobody here…” The business partner started to look concerned himself “M-Must be a trick of the light.” Dick nodded and continued on while Jason tried his best not to laugh. As Dick continued to show the businessman around, Jason watched as the man kept making eye contact with him and then looking towards Dick to see if he too was seeing Jason. When Dick made no sign of seeing Jason, the man cleared his throat. “Say, is there any chance this house might be… haunted?” Dick held back a laugh “No the house isn’t haunted, why do you ask?” The man looked towards where Jason was standing, then back at Dick “W-Well there’s this man that’s been following us for a while, ever since the stairs. And you don’t seem to see him, so I thought maybe…” Dick quickly decided that Jason would owe him one when he said “Well, now that you mention it… Bruce had another son, years back. His name was Jason and he was killed. Some say that his soul came back to the manor and that he’s still roaming these very halls. So it could be him that you’ve been seeing.” The man paled as Jason moved closer to him and then practically jumped out of his skin when Jason put a hand on his shoulder. “I-I think t-that I’m going to have to m-move the meeting to another l-location. T-tell Bruce that I’m terribly s-sorry.” With that the man rushed out of the house to his car as Jason and Dick finally let out the laughter they’d been holding in the whole time. At least until they heard Bruce clear his throat behind them. “Care to explain why my business partner just ran out of the house practically crying?” 

headcanon: bruce getting de-aged to ~10 years old

  • before his parents died, so he’s not the bitter vengeful child yet
  • the team trying to explain to him who Damian is without telling him that he’s gotten de-aged (at first, because they don’t wanna lay it all on him) when literally Damian looks like his twin
  • Jason making fun of him and sneaking some tricks on him as his own little way of revenge
  • Dick being extremely protective and fatherly of him 
  • Bruce musing over Tim’s work and basically falling in love with Tim’s genius
  • Damian getting to be a little kid?? because Bruce is a kid and he drags Damian into all the games with him and they genuinely have fun and play with normal, childish things???
  • Alfred being very emotional

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How do you think the batfamily reacted when Mar'i was born? And if they acted well what was their favorite thing to do with her?

-Bruce was a proud grandpa at that moment; he was definitely a bit in shock because even though Dick is an adult now, deep down Bruce still thinks of the little boy who wore those god awful pixie shorts and who used to say things like “holy _____ Batman!” and now he’s a parent. But he’s over the moon when he first meets Mar’i because she’s so small and adorable. He loves taking her to the places where his parents used to take him so he can pass on their memories and he also will tell her stories about all of his kids.

-Dick was honestly the most emotional wreck anyone has ever seen. He couldn’t stop smiling because holy crap, that’s his kid. An honest to god living being that he helped make, which is totally crazy. And he loves to sing to her, because even though people think he can’t sing, he low key can and only a few people have ever heard him actually sing. He sings her lullabies that his mom used to sing to him when he was little. But honestly, he likes doing anything with his daughter

-Jason has a way with small kids; he isn’t a huge fan of babies but when they cry or are fussy, he’s the person you go to. So, even though he isn’t overly thrilled when he first meets Mar’i, he will help calm her down when she’s crying

-Tim is so awkward around small children so he doesn’t really interact much with Mar’i

-Damian hates other kids, especially babies, but since it’s Grayson’s child, he makes an effort to be nicer. He will usually try to get her to play with his several animals and make sure that she ends up being an animal lover like him. But Dick has forbidden him from giving Mar’i any sharp objects.

-Cass liked looking at Mar’i but she’s kind of clueless as to what you’re supposed to do with small children so she kind of just observes when other people interact with Mar’i just so she can see what she’s supposed to do. When she finally gets the hang of it, she likes to read to Mar’i

-Steph loves kids so she likes taking Mar’i on walks and playing games with her. Mar’i likes when they play dress-up, especially when her dad joins in and then she can dress him up in nice skirts and tiaras. Steph makes sure to take lots of photos.

-Alfred loves Mar’i and will often take care of her when her parents have superhero business to take care of. He loves to play her games that she makes up. She’s particularly fond of scavenger hunts so Alfred will hide things around the room for her to find and he’ll give her prizes after she finds all of the things.

these gay bricks can’t believe they’re in love

[ listen ]

1. I’m Your Villain - Franz Ferdinand | 2. The Long Way Down - Robert DeLong | 3. Purple Yellow Red And Blue - Portugal. The Man | 4. Happy Idiot - TV On The Radio | 5. R U Mine? - The Arctic Monkeys | 6. Be Your Shadow - The Wombats | 7. Genghis Khan - Miike Snow | 8. Bite - Troye Sivan  

[ art ]

Work That Body (Bruce)

Requested by an anon

Summary: Batmom(Reader) walks in on Bruce working out.

Warning(s): Very Slight NSFW, Fluff!!

Grumbling and rather annoyed, you wandered around trying to find Bruce, the jar with the too-tight-lid grasped firmly in your hand as you looked in the batcave. When your search proved fruitless, you huffed. Where was he when you really needed him?

In route to his study, that by some miracle chance he was working on Wayne Enterprises paperwork, you stopped dead in your tracks when you heard the music. A smirk crept onto your face and you headed towards the home gym. Workout sessions were one of the few occasions that prompted Bruce to listen to music at full blast, and the clash a 80’s pump-up one-hit-wonders always meant a good time - mainly for your eyes.

The sight through the glass door to the gym affirmed your suspicions. There was Bruce, with his back to you, punching and kicking the bag as if his life depended on it - and one night it might. A wave of excitement rushed over you at the sight and you didn’t waste time to open the door. Mindlessly, you set the jar down on a rack of weights and found a machine that would double as a chair. The grunts and yells Bruce exerted could just be heard over the music and they definitely helped the blush that began to spread across your face. What didn’t help was that Bruce always had the heat turned up in the gym - apparently more sweat meant a better workout to him.

And sweaty was he! It was obvious that sweat was running off of him like a stream, his shirt drenched and already discarded on the floor - a detail you barely noticed. Just watching, beads of sweat began to form on your own brow, getting you all hot and bothered, as you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth. Suddenly he stopped and you held your breath, wondering if you had been found out, but the music had drowned out your entrance and Bruce was too focused on his workout. He stretched his upper torso, resulting in his muscles flexing and you swooning more before he grabbed the water bottle nearby and squirted the clear liquid into his mouth, his arm almost purposely flexing as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Enjoying the show?” He called out with a cocky tone of voice, locking eyes with you through the mirror, making you jump slightly and stiffen, damn it, you had been found out.

“When don’t I?” You retorted with a chuckle and shouted over the music, smiling when a grin spread across his face.

Bruce turned the music down before turning to face you and wiped the back of his neck with a towel, making his way over to where you still sat on the machine. You looked up slowly, taking in every ridge and slab of toned muscle on your way up to meet his eyes. Both of your faces were flushed, although for two very different reasons. The smile that you fell in love with greeted you before his head dipped down to capture your lips in a passionate kiss.

“Ack, you’re all sweaty!!” You complained, pulling away after kissing him back and wiped his sweat off of your lip while scrunching your face.

He chuckled, shaking his head, pulling you up to meet his body, completely engulfing you in his sweat just to spite. Giving in to him all too easily, you slid your arms around his naked torso, hands creeping up his back lovingly. A smirk crept across your face before you looked up at him and questioned slyly , “Shower time?”

“Mmm, shower time.” He nodded affirmatively and plucked you from the ground, slugging you over his shoulder with an excited squeal from you as he headed to the gym shower near the entrance.

Bruce stopped momentarily and you groaned at him prolonging the much anticipated shower. “Is this yours?”

In his hand he held the jar of fruit you had so very long forgotten about. “Oh, uh, haha, yeah, that’s… that’s mine alright,” A not so convincing nor innocent smile on your face.

“Lid’s too tight?” He questioned plainly, already seeing through you as he placed it back on the weights.

“Lid’s too tight,” you repeated affirmatively from your place bent over his shoulder as he chuckled and continued into the shower room.

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How do you think Bruce would react to seeing Jason hurt?I know their relationship is rocky but they both care about the other but they've had fist fight numerous times and it got me thinking about how he would react to etc joining a fight and (+)

- Yeah … Bruce isn’t exactly known for moving past terrible shit that’s happened in the past. I’d imagine seeing Jason beaten unconscious brings up some painful memories that they both would much rather forget. (See image above)

- He’d probably go very hard on whoever was responsible. He wouldn’t cross that line but he would want to. 

- Despite all of their disagreements, Jason is still his son. He’d be damned if he was going to lose him again. 

- Bruce saves Jason and after he comes to neither of them mention anything about the incident. They have this silent understanding between them.  

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Batfamily and favorite cold drinks and hot drinks? Thanks!

Bruce: black coffee, lemon water

Dick: hot cider, lemonade

Jason: spiced hot chocolate, soda (he says pop)

Tim: coffee with lots of sugar, iced coffee

Steph: chai tea, fruit punch

Cass: herbal teas, apple juice

Damian: earl grey tea, Shirley temples

Babs: green tea, strawberry milkshakes

Duke: espresso, fruit smoothies

Alfred: earl grey tea, basil lemonade