bruce mighty

No, but this could totally be put to good use.

What if we had all of these guys collaborate and sing those 60s themes of the respective heroes they’re associated with? I want to hear Chris Evans sing “When Captain America throws his mighty shield” at some point in my life.

DC Retroactive: Justice League of America - The 90s Vol.1 #1 (Cover art by Kevin Maguire)


In memory of the New Zealander, Chris Amon, who passed away today at the age of 73. He debuted in 1963 and did his last Grand Prix in 1976, driving for teams like Matra and Ferrari. Mr. Amon is commonly regarded as the greatest Formula One driver to never win a Grand Prix. He did however win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966 with Bruce McLaren, driving the mighty #2 Ford GT40.

Chris Amon (1943-2016)


So there is a fucking Brilliant story about how I met Noel Fielding (Which I am so fucking happy about) So I went to go see Noel Fielding and Bruce Robinson do an interview thing at Port Eliot and Bruce was absolutely wasted to the point  where every 2 minutes or so he’d ask where he was and what he was doing here and shit like that. Bruce was swearing every other word and also went on a massive rant on how much of a state our country is in and ended up calling Teresa May a Cunt (which was brilliant) He also talked about getting bummed by Johnny Depp. It was quite frankly hilarious, if you can find any YouTube footage I’d highly recommend watching it. So the whole interview thing just went right out the window and it ended up being this stand-up type thing which was amazing, it was a great crowd. After it finished and the went off stage me and the Girls you can see in the photo (Only Know the Girl on the far right’s name which is Amy, she was lovely) all went outside the backstage gate to try and get a photo with him. After about 45 minutes he came out in a golf buggy type thing and drove off, so naturally we followed it for about 5 minutes  until we managed to flag the driver down and I asked Noel for a photo and just got out and we was the most lovely person ever. I got a quick hug too and honestly it was the best moment in my life