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1983. Satanic Rites

is the third and final demo tape by band Hellhammer. It was recorded and released during December. Along with Hellhammer’s other releases, it had a major influence on the emerging death metal and black metal genres.

Martin Eric Ain was fifteen at the time of recording Satanic Rites. The line-up of Hellhammer was constantly changing around this time.

Steve Warrior had been replaced by former Schizo bassist Martin Eric Ain, a change which marked the beginning of a serious and radical transformation in the band’s music and lyrics. These changes were ultimately responsible for Fischer’s and Ain’s increasing perception of being limited within the confines of the purposely primitive Hellhammer vehicle. On May 31, 1984, Hellhammer disbanded, and on June 1 changed its name into Celtic Frost.

This album is recommended to all fans and historians of metal. If you want to see where black metal came from, I recommend this as a start. Highly recommended to metal fans. Satanic Rites is a headfucking, dusty blackened masterpiece, which has been made much easier to acquire, now that Tom G. Warrior has made peace with Hellhammer (as he once despised Hellhammer as much as the early 80s metal press did), and released the Satanic Rites, Triumph of Death and Death Fiend demos together.

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