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Oneshots/Imagines Masterlist

Updated: 3/12/17

Avengers x Reader:

it’s a race?

ice, ice baby.

i’m not a kid. 🎉

miss you. [oc]


Steve Rogers x Reader:

baby, it’s cold outside. 🎄

sick of losing soulmates. [songfic]

Bucky Barnes x Reader:

prickly cactus. 🎄 [platonic!reader]

gifted. 🎄

everything will be okay.

love, bucky.

Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes


 a picture in time.

this in the now masterlist. [variations of steve rogers x reader x bucky barnes]

Sam Wilson x Reader:

goodnight, sleep tight. 🎄

taco bell dude.

Scott Lang x Reader:


just shut up.

Peter Parker x Reader:

chocolate kisses. 🎄

picture perfect.

Tony Stark x Reader:

you’re the star. 🎄

calculations. [platonic!reader]

Natasha Romanoff x Reader:

mind bells ringin’. 🎄 [BFF!reader]

Clint Barton x Reader:

carol of the birds.🎄 [BFF!reader]

coming home.

Maximoffs x Reader:

slip and slide. [pietro; aou]

breathe and believe. [wanda x platonic!reader]

Loki Laufeyson x Reader:

hot chocolate.

let it snow.

Combos x Reader:

it’s beginning to look a lot like, winter? 🎄[bruce banner/tony stark x platonic!reader]

Adventures of the Avengers & Associates: 

brighton, england. [steve rogers/bucky barnes x BFF!reader]

here’s a lift. [maximoffs/steve rogers x reader]

need a hand? (pt 2 of here’s a lift) [aos/wilson/rogers x reader]