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Sex//Dating With The Avengers

Title: Sex//Dating With The Avengers

Requesy: Can you do the dating/sex would be like with Bruce/tony/pietro? Thanks. [I decided to do for all of them:)]

Pairing: Bruce Banner x reader, Tony Stark x reader, Pietro Maximoff x reader, Steve Rogers x reader, Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: NSFW, SMUT

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Bruce Banner

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Bruce would usually take things slow. Sex with Bruce was passionate, and he showed you how much he loved you. When he made love to you, he made sure to pleasure you, make you cry out in pleasure. You’re his main priority, he’s the type that gets off on you getting off. Things usually start off slow, he would caress your face, admire you for your beauty inside out. Bruce would then slowly lay you down on the bed, his lips would gently press against yours. Bruce loved your hands most, the things you did with your hands drove him insane. You would slowly take his shaft inch by inch into your mouth and his fingers would be in your hair, gently pulling. Bruce was a complete gentleman in bed, he would never do things he knew you disliked. Bruce loved you truly.

Of course, there had been times he was rough with you. When he saw you and Tony in the lab flirting innocently, he snapped. He did not let the big guy out but he definitely had shown you who you belonged to. He had fucked you so hard you had to ask Tony for two days off work.


Bruce was a complete sweetheart, he loved going on dates with you even when work doesn’t permit. He would take you to a fancy restaurant, have a couple glasses of red wine and probably a steak. The two of you would talk about both your lives, and you loved planning ahead whilst he loved listening to all the amazing plans you had for both of your futures. He would hold your hand as you talked, his eyes fixed on your features as you spoke, he admired you, for everything. For how you dared to step into his life, even when you knew of the other guy.

Tony Stark

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Tony, well you know Stark. A little arrogant on the side, and that side showed itself in bed. All the time. He knew how much you liked Steve for his gentlemanly ways, and how you admired his morals. And he disliked that. He would snap when he saw you laughing with Steve, God the sight made him want to punch the star spangled man in the face. And that’s why he took the time to show you who you belonged to. He would fuck you hard, deep and fast. He’d have you screaming into the pillow to muffle your cries. He took his time, appreciating you and you alone. Sure, he still kept some of his playboy ways and those were the times you took complete charge. Pushing him down and ridding him hard, he loved you like that, all riled up.


God. Dating Tony could be a nightmare. The first and foremost reason is obvious. The media’s attention was on the two of you, hell it was difficult to get a bag of chips without being stalked by some nosy paparazzi. And the stories they’ve created had you and Tony arguing. The pictures had you thinking he was out with some other women and once you had packed your bags and left. He won you back of course and you made it a point not to believe what those gossip magazines had to say about your relationship with him.

But then again, Tony could be a total sweetheart, he spoiled you rotten, constantly buying gifts, bringing you to parties, showing you off to others, telling them how lucky he was to find a woman like you. As he quoted from Mulan “You don’t find a woman like that every dynasty”. He would take you out on fancy dinners, booking the whole damn restaurant for the two of you to enjoy yourselves. And sometimes the night was wasted seeing that both of you were on the team, having a peaceful date proved to be a challenge.

Pietro Maximoff

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Pietro was an amazing boyfriend. And he loved you, there was a doubt about that. He loved taking things fast, no pun intended. The third time you went on a date with him, you ended up in his bed. And despite all those factors, he proved that he wasn’t some kind of asshole who dumped the girl after sex. Sex with him was incredible, he would show you just how much you meant to him, he would make love to you. His lips would be all over your body, taking time to remember every inch of you. He could make you cum hard, had you moaning his name each time he took you to bed. There were times where you took charge, riding him and pushing the two of you to orgasm.


Dating Pietro was something you could never forget. He took you to the park, and sometimes orphanages, and you were happy with that. Looking at the abandoned children reminded him of his childhood. Most times, Wanda followed and you would watch the siblings communicate with the children, playing with them, and you’d join. Sure your dates weren’t at some fancy five star restaurant, but you were fine with it. You knew how much his childhood had affected him and you were willing to pull him out of those dark times he went through. And that was what made your relationship so much stronger. He’d take you to cafes downtown, where the two of you would enjoy talking with the steaming cups of coffee and the occasional chocolate muffins.

Steve Rogers

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You know what they say. “Gentleman in the streets, freak in the sheets” Steve is well all of this. He was the perfect man outside, saving the lives of innocent citizens, protecting America, saving kittens off trees, opening the doors. However, he could be rough, his hand around your neck as he slammed you hard against the cold wall of his bedroom. God he drove you crazy. He’d have you on your hands and knees, your pretty round ass in the air, and he’d spank you. Hard. And he’d do that till your ass was as red as the stripes on the flag he represented. And he’d fuck you, rough, till you screamed. The first time you called him “Captain” had you pinned on the bed, and fucked so hard you saw stars. Steve loves eating you out, his tongue would dart out towards your clit, he drew figures, numbers and letters. He loves watching you come undone knowing he was the result of it.


Dating Captain America. Every woman’s dream wasn’t it? Sometimes dating Steve was a double edged sword. He’d go on missions and at times he would leave for weeks on end. He had you worried sick, had you staring at your phone for his familiar number. And each time there was a knock on the door of your shared apartment, you’d be worried thinking it was some kind of agent who was here to bring you bad news. But then again you had hoped it was Steve.

There were of course the good and happy times. Steve took you out on dates, at little cafes downtown, where the two of you would enjoy breakfast after his run every morning. He would have a run with you, and sometimes Sam would drop by and join the two of you. You loved staying up with Steve watching movies while he snatched the popcorn from your hands playfully. The two of you were big fans if Disney movies, his and you favorite being The Little Mermaid. He loved waking up next to you, snuggling beside you as he pulled you closer.

Bucky Barnes

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Sex with Bucky was wild, passionate, even dangerous. He would have your back against the wall, your legs wrapped around his well built waist as he thrust into your heat. He ravished your body, making sure every inch of your body is loved, touched, kissed. He would sometimes have you on top of him, his hands on your waist, leaving his mark on you, showing who you belonged to. You loved his bionic arm, and when he fingered you with it, he made sure to vibrate it, driving you to the edge. At times, he could be gentle, passionate, his fingers interlocked with yours as he thrust into you, both your moans echoing in the room. You loved blowing him, taking his cock inch by inch into your mouth, till his tip hit the back of your throat. You would suck him hard, playing with his balls, doing this while Bucky webbed his fingers through your hair.


Dating Bucky was special, different and amazing. He was an assassin before and he often had horrible nightmares for hours on end. He’d wake up in the middle of the night and he would be sweating, horrified by what he might do to you. And you made sure you were by his side through it all, be it the nightmares or the insecurities he had. You loved him and you wanted to him to know that. Dates with Bucky often saw you taking him around the city, to places he had missed the past seventy years or so. Introducing him to new food, technology. He took you to out on dates to restaurants that Steve had often recommended, where they played songs from the 40’s. He remembered most of his memories and he often told you about the past. The way life was, history and you loved that. You loved knowing Bucky, and you loved him the way he was. Assassin or not.

Hope this was good:)
Here (Bruce Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Okay, so Dear Bruce ripped my heart out and I cried bc I love Bruce, so could you do the opposite of it in another request where Reader is in love with Bruce and he proposes? Or just some meaningless fluff? Please, my heart needs it….
Summary: Bruce proposes
Word count: 241

It was a beautiful spring morning, birds chirping, the bright sun filling your bedroom.Bruce and you were laying in bed, having a much needed day off. There was no other way he would rather spend it then with you.

You were laying on his chest while he played with your fingers, his breathing steady, his mind clear of all worrisome thoughts, the only thing in his mind was this moment here and now. “Y/n?” He asks with his gorgeous low, raspy voice. 

You humm, closing your eyes and cuddling into his warmth some more. “Would you marry me?” Bruce asks, but you just thought he asked for future reference. “Sure.” You sayd blissfully. “No darling, I mean will you please do me the honor and marry me ?” He asks, reaching to his nightstand and pulling out a velvet box, opening it to show the ring of your dreams. You abruptly sit up to look at him. “Are you serious Bruce?” You ask, your hands covering your mouth,”  But of course,” He smiles.

You take a moment to think before excitedly hugging him, kissing his face over and over and over again ,mumbling a ‘Yes’ between every kiss. “I will marry you.”  You finally say, happy tears streaming down your face.

Bruce takes the ring and places it around the finger he was fiddling with only moments ago. He knew this is where he was supposed to be, here with you. 


With love,

  • Alfred: *Calling Rachel*
  • Rachel: Hello Alfred.
  • Alfred: Miss Roth. I've seem to be in a pickle at this moment.
  • Rachel: Why is that?
  • Alfred: *Looking over his shoulder*
  • Bruce: *Laying dead on the floor from the ice cream*
  • Dick: *Kneeling down and crying*
  • Jason: *Standing behind Dick as well crying*
  • Tim: *Running around crying*
  • Damian: *Sitting down on the couch crying*
  • Alfred: Ice Cream problem.
  • Rachel: I'm on my way.

Jerome Valeska x Bruce Wayne - Lay me to sleep


What happened to Beth,
I will carry that with me forever.

@whore4batfam made a call for some Bruce and Damian interaction and I couldn’t resist. 

Warnings: Pure fluff that’s it

“This is pointless, Father.”

Bruce sighed, “I am aware of your opinion on the matter, Damian. However, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re not leaving until our task is finished. Think of this as a training exercise.”

“I don’t see-oww,” Damian grunted as his head crashed against the bottom of the coffee table in his attempt to move out from under it, “-I don’t see why we can’t just watch tv in a different room. I’m sure Pennyworth will locate the remote while cleaning.”

He sat back, well away from the table, rubbing the top of his head as he looked over at his father. Bruce was laying on his stomach peering under the couch, his phone’s flashlight function turned on to illuminate the murky depths under the furniture.

“We could to that, but the right thing to do would be to find the remote. That way Alfred has less to worry about, besides I like this room,” Bruce pulled away from the couch, clicking off the light on his phone, “Why don’t we try the cushions again?”

Damian’s patience was edging close to breaking as his father stood, motioning for him to follow, they’d been searching for the remote for almost ten minutes now. If the device was to be found it would have been located at this point, they had searched every natural place it could have ended up to no avail.

“Are you sure you didn’t take it with you the last time you used it, tucked into your pocket or something?” he’d asked the question earlier, hand had received only a grunt in response, this time he was hoping for a little more detail.

Bruce crossed his arms, the ghost of a frown on his face, “I wouldn’t have done that, I always put it back on the stand. Alfred gets cross if I don’t.”

“Well I certainly didn’t move it. I’ve never been able to understand why you all enjoy spending hours watching pointless movies,” Damian grumbled, “I don’t see why I even need to be here helping you search for it.”

“Because we were, are, going to have some father son time. We just have to find the remote.”

Damian grit his teeth, “And we can’t bond through something more useful? Perhaps you could show me that new flip you were talking about, or we could work on one of your suits?”

Bruce moved to check one of the shelves for the third time, pushing aside a picture frame to check behind it, “I was hoping to try something a little more mundane today.”

“Tt, mundane is atypical for this family.”

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“Morning. Are you saying you’ve actually been trying to sleep?”

He reclined, gently resting against Bruce, and put his arm casually on Bruce’s shoulder like he was an arm rest. “I’m not going to make you get up because you need sleep, but I did make breakfast.” His fingers idly slide into Bruce’s hair, pads of them massaging circles into his scalp. This felt so utterly domestic (in the best of ways) that he had trouble restraining all desire to smother him in affection.

Tommy grabbed his own plate off the tray after a stretching reach, sadly having to give up on putting his hands all over the drowsy man in the sheets (a shame). He made up for the loss of touch by, again, reclining against (almost atop of) Bruce’s torso, much like he had done many years ago when they still slept near each other.