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oh wOW I DIDN’T EXPECT FOR PEOPLE TO LIKE THE FIRST BATCH SO MUCH???? plus I love making these so I really wanted to make more so here we go:

  • Dick is afraid of downwards escalators. This came from him getting his cape stuck while going for a step and getting stuck. It was only for a few seconds but he may as well be scarred for life. He’ll only ride them if Bruce is there.
  •  For some reason, doctors actually have to give Bruce twice as much anesthetic during operations. This can only go as well as you might expect, with him acting drunk for ages until it wears off. This is a lot of fun for his friends, however. Barbra makes sure she’s recording at all times and insists on taking him to parties everywhere to watch him go crazy, “hhEEYYY, THIS BUILDING IS SO… big” “that’s your company building Bruce”. He insists on laying with Alfred like he’s five and constantly gives him hugs (he called him dad once.) The first time he saw Dick he started to cry and kept saying “my beautiful baby son. look at u. my child.” until he saw a picture of Joker. Everyone lost it once he started drunk-hitting on the picture and uses the video they took of it as blackmail. 
  • Barbra takes Dick shopping with her because he gives the best fashion advice. “GURL, THAT DRESS IS SO YOU!” “Honey this isn’t your color” She jokingly calls him Randy, after the show they watch together (Say Yes to the Dress) because of his godly advice.
  • If you’re anywhere near Wayne Manor on April Fool’s Day, r u n. There is an ever-going prank war going on for the next 24 hours and it’s dangerous.
  • Also, bat/bird puns???? All day. Every day. It could be the absolute worst thing you’ve ever heard but both of them die at each one. “Look, those crooks are ROBIN’ the bank again!” “Bat they might be armed, it’s too dangerous!” You could hardly believe how they manage to do their jobs.
  • Try to play any Queen song near the batfam. They all instantly explode into song and go the whole way through. They have the parts picked out already, too. “Toxic” is also a popular one.
  • Joker cries over fandoms with Harley at least once a week. They live for the sweet discourse in almost any fandom imaginable. Cartoon, music, movies… their lives are ruined.
  • Every villain in Gotham would fight Batman at every possible chance, but they won’t lay a finger on Robin. Not only will Batman beat the crap out of them if they do, Robin is buds with almost anyone and they enjoy his company too much to actually harm him. They turn into stormtroopers and miss every single shot on purpose if Robin’s too close.
  • Joker constantly imagines himself inside of dramatic music videos and acts them all out in real life.
  •  When Bruce gets sick his voice does a complete 180 and he sounds like a chipmunk. He tries not to go and fight crime like this since it’s possible his opponent with die laughing before any one of strikes does the job.
  • Bruce will only plant a kiss on Dick’s head if, and only if, he’s sleeping. He’s not yet comfortable to do it while he’s awake and tries to keep it secret, but Alfred sees all. One night, right when Dick is about to fall asleep, Alfred whispers, “Don’t worry, master Bruce, I’m sure you’ll make his year.” Bruce isn’t afraid anymore.
  • Bruce insists on taking Robin to every party he gets invited to just to brag about him to his friends. He is hellbent on the fact that no child could ever surpass Dick, and even if one could he could always beat them in a fight to the death anyway so it doesn’t even matter.
  • Bruce and Dick often reenact the “when mom isn’t home” (saxophone guy and his kid) video. Dick broke the oven door going on three times now.
  • When the batfam can’t decide on what to do they always resort to “Don’t Laugh” challenge. Alfred is the reining champion. Barbra usually comes close, but ends up failing listening to the others desperately making noises to hide their laughter. Dick never gets past the first video as he’s just too happy all the time, and surprisingly neither does Bruce. Something about the whole situation just makes his willpower melt away and turns him and Dick into giggly maniacs. 
  • Bruce calls Dick a bunch of pet names whenever he cries. “Baby Bird”, “Red Robin” and of course “Boy Wonder” work the best. Dick has names for Bruce too, such as “Batty”, “Masked Millionaire” and “Murciélago”.
  • Robin is at the top of his Spanish class.
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Damian Wayne x Batmom

Prompt: You know the song I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus? Pretty much what the title says with Damian being shocked to see Batmom kissing “Santa Bruce Wayne Claus”.

“Damian, sweetie, what are you doing?” You asked looking suspiciously as you observed Damian setting up a dangerous looking bear trap in the fireplace. As a parent you figured you should at least a little bit worried, as Batmom though little surprised you anymore.

“I’m protecting us from unwanted intruders.” He answered simply, not bothering to stop setting the trap or at the very least act like he should be hiding what he was trying to do.

“Protect us from who?” You asked.

“The supposed magic fat man who breaks into homes through the chimney. He won’t be getting into this home.” Damian said with fierce determination. You racked your mind on how to possibly rein in this situation.

“You mean Santa Claus?” You asked.

“Yes. He will pay dearly for breaking and entering into our home.” He said threateningly.

“Sweetie, Santa leaves presents. He doesn’t have any ill intentions when he comes into houses.”

“It’s about the principle mother! He has no right!” Damian said righteously. And to think you thought Damian didn’t believe in Santa Claus …

When night fell and all the boys went to bed you went down to the kitchen to grab a glass of water when you ran into Santa Claus himself. You smiled fondly at Bruce while he set presents under the tree in a bright red suit.

“I’d watch where you step if I were you. Damian took … precautions.” You cautioned him, leaning against the doorframe as you slowly sipped your water.

“Believe me, I know. I had to disable a trip wire connected to the trigger of a crossbow.” Bruce chuckled setting the bag of presents down and walking over to wrap his arms around your waist.

“You should have at least triggered a few of them. An arrow imbedding in the wall or some spilled blood will go a long way to keep Damian’s belief alive.” You joked poking him in the side.

“Duly noted.” He grumbled. You smiled warmly at him before being overcome by a deep yawn.

“Come to bed soon? Knowing Dick, it’ll be an early morning.”

“Go ahead and go to bed. I’ll only be a few more minutes.” Bruce encouraged gently.

“Alright.” You agreed reaching up to press a kiss onto Bruce’s cheek. “Merry Christmas, Santa.” You said playfully. Bruce smirked and tilted his head slightly so that your lips met. You giggled lightly at the feeling of his fake beard scratching your face.

“Intruder!” Damian’s voice shouted out furiously from the stair case. “Get your hands off my mother!” He snarled, charging at ‘Santa’ with his sword raised. Bruce sent you a quick wink before throwing down a smoke bomb and disappearing to goodness knows where.

“Coward!” Damian shouted into the emptiness of the room, hoping that the intruder would show his face and battle him. When it was clear that wouldn’t happen Damian rushed over to your side.

“Did he hurt you? I swear I will hunt him down if he hurt you!” Damian promised. You gently laughed and hugged him to you, your fierce over-protective son.

“I’m fine, sweetie. Let’s go back to bed.” You said, already leading him towards his room. “No buts.” You said firmly when he looked like he wanted to argue. He let you lead him back to his room but stopped you in front of you and Bruce’s door.

“I’m staying with you tonight, Mother. I won’t let him hurt you.” He insisted. You smiled fondly at him and gently ran your fingers through his hair. From the look in his eyes he wasn’t about to take no for an answer.

“My hero.” You smiled genuinely and opened the door to your room. Luckily Bruce lay “sleeping” in the bed, appearing to never have left. Oh you’re good …

Smiling to yourself you crawled into bed with Damian not far behind you, falling asleep between you and Bruce. It would seem that Damian scared the intruder Santa off because he quickly fell asleep and didn’t wake up until early the next morning when Dick bounded in during his rounds to wake everyone up.  

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Jason and Tim arguing over who had it worse when it came to living up to their predecessor's legacy

‘All I’m saying is… I was living in the shadow of a dead boy.’

Jason looked up from his book with a scowl, turning the page a bit more roughly than he had meant to. He and Tim had been holding their own pity party of “who had it worse” as Robin when it came to living up to their predecessor’s legacy. Jason had made some comment about “back in my days as Robin”, and Tim had had enough self-respect to become offended. And as a consequence, Jason had only gotten through five pages and was tempted to just give up reading altogether. 

Truth be told, he knew that Tim probably had it much worse than him, when it came to this specific issue. And he was only arguing with him because he knew how much arguing for the sake of arguing annoyed his brother. 

But then again, the only thing Tim really had to do in order to surpass his predecessor, was not die… so Jason stuck to his guns. He set his book down and leaned forward, giving Tim his best “I don’t even have time to tell you how wrong you are” look. 

‘Tim. Firstly, I’m a bit offended at being called a, quote unquote, “dead boy”…’

Tim frowned. ‘You call yourself a dead boy all the-’

‘-And secondly,’ Jason interrupted him cooly, ‘My standards were far, faaaar lower than Dick’s. To live up to my predecessor’s legacy meant being a perfect, obedient, chirpy, quipping, circus act, which was not happening in a million years unless global warming wasn’t a thing and hell froze over, giving us another ice age. You, on the other hand, just had to not do any of the things I did.’

Tim pursed his lips, sitting there in silence as he regarded Jason with a look of complete and utter exasperation. 

‘So…’ he said slowly, enunciating every word, ‘not die.’

Jason nodded, rolling his eyes. ‘Yeah. Like I said. Lower standards.’

Tim sighed, massaging his forehead as he turned back to his laptop, tapping the keys distractedly. ‘Okay. But consider this: in order to not die, I actually had to achieve a standard of near-perfection as Robin that not even you or Dick were expected or pressured to reach.’

‘Okay,’ Jason countered. ‘But consider this: in Bruce’s eyes, none of us are ever good enough.’

‘So your point is, we’ve all had it bad and it’s pointless to try and decide who had it worst because we all had a common denominator and standard to live up to: Bruce.’

Jason shrugged and lay on his back on the sofa, opening the book again. 

‘Even Bruce doesn’t live up to Bruce’s standards, so yes. It’s fucked up and we were all screwed from the start.’

‘Oh boy. That went south real quick.’

‘So wait, when I go off on Bruce, it’s too far. But when we’re talking about when I was a “dead boy” it’s all fine and dandy?’

‘All the time, Jason,’ Tim repeated without looking up from his laptop, his voice bland. ‘All. The. Time.’

Unable to think of a reasonable response or blatant lie, Jason scoffed and stood to find somewhere he could read in peace and not get his ear talked off or, god forbid, counselled by his younger brother.

‘Well, you try dying and see if you can stop talking about it. It’s a life-altering event, a real milestone.’

‘It’s also only meant to happen once,’ Tim said pointedly.

Jason paused to consider this. ‘Hold up. So, technically, Damian has already lived up to the standard I set as Robin because he also died and came back. Grayson had to fake it, so he’s disqualified… and we’re not counting Steph because she was never even given a chance, and would beat all our asses in the ‘who had it worst’ game.’

‘Which means I do have it worse than you, because the standard I now have to live up to is resurrection.’

‘WWJD, Timbo,’ he grinned, finger-gunning his brother as he walked backwards out the door. ‘”What Would Jason Do?”’

‘Die and come back a salty gun enthusiast,’ Tim muttered under his breath, mulling over their conversation and taking it more seriously than he should. ‘Also, Easter was last month.’

Teleporting mat.

Ok, I’m 22 but this happened in my highschool one day and it freaked the heck out of every one involved. At the end of the year when I was a Junior I was on the clean up crew for the end of the year dance, i dont think It was prom, or no one called it that at least. Either way, as I was shuffling every one out at the end of the night and a group of other students and I got to work cleaning up the trashed gym and one of the wall mats had come un done from the walls slightly from some one throwing them selfs against it repeatedly (don’t ask me why, I saw it happening and just decided to let it happen since the person wasn’t doing it against a brick wall). Either way one other other students, let’s call him Bruce, goes to push it back into place. Now at this point I have to tell you that this is a small mat, this things about 12 feet long, 8 feet wide, and a foot an a half thick, and it’s held on be velcro, so I had no clue what Bruce was thinking. We all go to tell him to stop and wait for some one to give him a hand when a loud ‘shrip!’ Comes from the mat. The velcro had been barely holding it in place after all the slamming and it finally gave up the ghost and fell, directly onto Bruce. Panicing we head over and as a unit lift the mat up and look under. No Bruce. Not even a shoe. We all hear a thud and look to the stage at the end of the gym and see Bruce laying down spread eagle on the stage. He promtly sits up and say the one thing we’re all thinking. “What the f#@k just happened?”

Tl:dr, there’s a gym mat that decided to spare my friend a cuncussion by teleporting him fourty feet away.

Where Are You? - Avengers x reader (Mostly Tony and Thor) Oneshot

Fandom: Avengers, Marvel
Warning: Drugs
Pairing: Avengers x reader
Summary: Tony takes reader on a night out but wakes up without her and doesn’t know what happened to her.

Part two here

A/N: I came up with this oneshot a while ago but I had a hard time finishing it. So I hope it good. I hope you’ll enjoy :D :3

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Sex//Dating With The Avengers

Title: Sex//Dating With The Avengers

Requesy: Can you do the dating/sex would be like with Bruce/tony/pietro? Thanks. [I decided to do for all of them:)]

Pairing: Bruce Banner x reader, Tony Stark x reader, Pietro Maximoff x reader, Steve Rogers x reader, Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: NSFW, SMUT

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Bruce Banner

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Bruce would usually take things slow. Sex with Bruce was passionate, and he showed you how much he loved you. When he made love to you, he made sure to pleasure you, make you cry out in pleasure. You’re his main priority, he’s the type that gets off on you getting off. Things usually start off slow, he would caress your face, admire you for your beauty inside out. Bruce would then slowly lay you down on the bed, his lips would gently press against yours. Bruce loved your hands most, the things you did with your hands drove him insane. You would slowly take his shaft inch by inch into your mouth and his fingers would be in your hair, gently pulling. Bruce was a complete gentleman in bed, he would never do things he knew you disliked. Bruce loved you truly.

Of course, there had been times he was rough with you. When he saw you and Tony in the lab flirting innocently, he snapped. He did not let the big guy out but he definitely had shown you who you belonged to. He had fucked you so hard you had to ask Tony for two days off work.


Bruce was a complete sweetheart, he loved going on dates with you even when work doesn’t permit. He would take you to a fancy restaurant, have a couple glasses of red wine and probably a steak. The two of you would talk about both your lives, and you loved planning ahead whilst he loved listening to all the amazing plans you had for both of your futures. He would hold your hand as you talked, his eyes fixed on your features as you spoke, he admired you, for everything. For how you dared to step into his life, even when you knew of the other guy.

Tony Stark

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Tony, well you know Stark. A little arrogant on the side, and that side showed itself in bed. All the time. He knew how much you liked Steve for his gentlemanly ways, and how you admired his morals. And he disliked that. He would snap when he saw you laughing with Steve, God the sight made him want to punch the star spangled man in the face. And that’s why he took the time to show you who you belonged to. He would fuck you hard, deep and fast. He’d have you screaming into the pillow to muffle your cries. He took his time, appreciating you and you alone. Sure, he still kept some of his playboy ways and those were the times you took complete charge. Pushing him down and ridding him hard, he loved you like that, all riled up.


God. Dating Tony could be a nightmare. The first and foremost reason is obvious. The media’s attention was on the two of you, hell it was difficult to get a bag of chips without being stalked by some nosy paparazzi. And the stories they’ve created had you and Tony arguing. The pictures had you thinking he was out with some other women and once you had packed your bags and left. He won you back of course and you made it a point not to believe what those gossip magazines had to say about your relationship with him.

But then again, Tony could be a total sweetheart, he spoiled you rotten, constantly buying gifts, bringing you to parties, showing you off to others, telling them how lucky he was to find a woman like you. As he quoted from Mulan “You don’t find a woman like that every dynasty”. He would take you out on fancy dinners, booking the whole damn restaurant for the two of you to enjoy yourselves. And sometimes the night was wasted seeing that both of you were on the team, having a peaceful date proved to be a challenge.

Pietro Maximoff

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Pietro was an amazing boyfriend. And he loved you, there was a doubt about that. He loved taking things fast, no pun intended. The third time you went on a date with him, you ended up in his bed. And despite all those factors, he proved that he wasn’t some kind of asshole who dumped the girl after sex. Sex with him was incredible, he would show you just how much you meant to him, he would make love to you. His lips would be all over your body, taking time to remember every inch of you. He could make you cum hard, had you moaning his name each time he took you to bed. There were times where you took charge, riding him and pushing the two of you to orgasm.


Dating Pietro was something you could never forget. He took you to the park, and sometimes orphanages, and you were happy with that. Looking at the abandoned children reminded him of his childhood. Most times, Wanda followed and you would watch the siblings communicate with the children, playing with them, and you’d join. Sure your dates weren’t at some fancy five star restaurant, but you were fine with it. You knew how much his childhood had affected him and you were willing to pull him out of those dark times he went through. And that was what made your relationship so much stronger. He’d take you to cafes downtown, where the two of you would enjoy talking with the steaming cups of coffee and the occasional chocolate muffins.

Steve Rogers

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You know what they say. “Gentleman in the streets, freak in the sheets” Steve is well all of this. He was the perfect man outside, saving the lives of innocent citizens, protecting America, saving kittens off trees, opening the doors. However, he could be rough, his hand around your neck as he slammed you hard against the cold wall of his bedroom. God he drove you crazy. He’d have you on your hands and knees, your pretty round ass in the air, and he’d spank you. Hard. And he’d do that till your ass was as red as the stripes on the flag he represented. And he’d fuck you, rough, till you screamed. The first time you called him “Captain” had you pinned on the bed, and fucked so hard you saw stars. Steve loves eating you out, his tongue would dart out towards your clit, he drew figures, numbers and letters. He loves watching you come undone knowing he was the result of it.


Dating Captain America. Every woman’s dream wasn’t it? Sometimes dating Steve was a double edged sword. He’d go on missions and at times he would leave for weeks on end. He had you worried sick, had you staring at your phone for his familiar number. And each time there was a knock on the door of your shared apartment, you’d be worried thinking it was some kind of agent who was here to bring you bad news. But then again you had hoped it was Steve.

There were of course the good and happy times. Steve took you out on dates, at little cafes downtown, where the two of you would enjoy breakfast after his run every morning. He would have a run with you, and sometimes Sam would drop by and join the two of you. You loved staying up with Steve watching movies while he snatched the popcorn from your hands playfully. The two of you were big fans if Disney movies, his and you favorite being The Little Mermaid. He loved waking up next to you, snuggling beside you as he pulled you closer.

Bucky Barnes

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Sex with Bucky was wild, passionate, even dangerous. He would have your back against the wall, your legs wrapped around his well built waist as he thrust into your heat. He ravished your body, making sure every inch of your body is loved, touched, kissed. He would sometimes have you on top of him, his hands on your waist, leaving his mark on you, showing who you belonged to. You loved his bionic arm, and when he fingered you with it, he made sure to vibrate it, driving you to the edge. At times, he could be gentle, passionate, his fingers interlocked with yours as he thrust into you, both your moans echoing in the room. You loved blowing him, taking his cock inch by inch into your mouth, till his tip hit the back of your throat. You would suck him hard, playing with his balls, doing this while Bucky webbed his fingers through your hair.


Dating Bucky was special, different and amazing. He was an assassin before and he often had horrible nightmares for hours on end. He’d wake up in the middle of the night and he would be sweating, horrified by what he might do to you. And you made sure you were by his side through it all, be it the nightmares or the insecurities he had. You loved him and you wanted to him to know that. Dates with Bucky often saw you taking him around the city, to places he had missed the past seventy years or so. Introducing him to new food, technology. He took you to out on dates to restaurants that Steve had often recommended, where they played songs from the 40’s. He remembered most of his memories and he often told you about the past. The way life was, history and you loved that. You loved knowing Bucky, and you loved him the way he was. Assassin or not.

Hope this was good:)

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For the Batfam Prompts thing, what about, like, a holiday get-together featuring everybody. Like Thanksgiving or something around the holidays or whatever where they all have to spend time together and be a family. I dunno, could be messy, but it sounds kinda sweet

This took me far longer than it should have for such a short little one shot and, to no one’s surprise, I made it predominately about Jason. But, in my defense, I did start another one centering on Damian, but it was a little too angsty.  

Jason laid on the floor, looking up at the Christmas tree. The lights were multicolored this year, per Stephanie’s request, or else they would have been a neutral white to better suit the Wayne Manor posh aesthetic. And while Jason was sure that white lights might have been just as dazzling, he was quietly thankful for all of the colors. 
The lights seemed to dance to the slow and crooning carol coming from another room, coming alive to waltz in step as they reflected off the ornaments. He could see how it all might inspire a ballet.
He felt warm inside. His breathing was even, his body uncharacteristically relaxed as if he could dissolve in an exhale. It was a rare sensation. 
“Had a little too much eggnog?” Bruce asked, stepping over him and into his field of vision. 
Jason scrunched his nose in response before answering: 
“I thought everyone was asleep.”
“No,” Bruce answered, “I think Dick and Tim are still watching Christmas movies.” 
Jason hummed in answer, pleased at the idea of stillness in the house.
“It’s snowing,” Bruce added after a moment, looking off to a near by window. “Did you see it?” 
“No,” Jason said drowsily. 
“Damian and Alfred were watching it on the veranda when I saw them last,” Bruce said. “You really should see it.”
“I will when I go to bed.” It was a promise Jason planned to fulfill, the idea of snow filling him with some kind of peace.
“You should do that soon.” 
Jason squinted up at him, quirking an eyebrow. 
“You’re about to fall asleep now.” 
“No, I’m not,” Jason lied. 
“Alright, well, just don’t sleep on the floor.” 
“Okay, dad.” Jason had meant to be sarcastic, but suddenly he was a kid again and, if only for just the briefest of moments, the world felt okay, it felt just a little bit brighter. 
“Merry Christmas, Jason.”

Fairy dust- pt. 2


Request: hello! if requests are still open, I’d like another fairy!reader where she’s also an Avenger with another power (you can choose) and one of her wings gets hurt during a mission and she’s really sad and depressed bc she can’t fly until it’s healed and her fairy dust isn’t bright and beautiful, it’s nearly disappeared bc of how sad she is and Bucky freaks out when it happens and helps her through it? 😭😭😭❤️ i loved your last fairy!reader fic! sorry this is long, haha

Warnings: swearing

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor

Read the first part: X

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   The team knew what a hostile mission this was before even stepping out of the Avenjet, they knew how many agents had surrounded their ship and still they were so I’ll prepared for the battle. Hundreds of agents attempted to battle the mighty avengers and it looked as though they were doing a damn good job, kicking everyone’s ass as they tried to fight back. There was one person who seemed to be knocking agents down easier than the others, (Y/N).

    Bucky learned that with being a fairy there were other perks such as the use of most magic, which just so happened to be (Y/N)’s choice if weapon at the moment. Wisps of bright, power fell from their fingertips as agent after agent swarmed around the creature, nearly engulfing them in a stampede but Bucky knew they could hold their own- they may have been small and dainty looking but they were far from it. Even with their gentle nature and soft language Bucky knew what that little fairy was capable of. 

   With a proud smirk Bucky watches as all the agents within the near vicinity of (Y/N) are thrown backwards, (Y/N)’s powers pushing the men back so harshly Bucky doubted they’d be able to recover. Even panting, their body quivering from the effort of fighting (Y/N) turns their head to give Bucky a smile, letting their guard down for a split second. Bucky smiles back until his eyes train in on the human being a few yards away from (Y/N), a gun aimed directly at their head.

    “(Y/N)!” Bucky yelled as he charged for them, not even giving them time to react before he was pulling them to his chest as the two hit the ground, just barely managing to miss the bullet…or so he thought. 

   Small whimpers of pain left (Y/N)’s lips as they shifted uncomfortably in Bucky’s hold, their eyes screwed up in obvious discomfort. 

    “Bucky-” (Y/N) pants, groaning softly at the pain coursing their back. “My wing-" 

    "Shit,” Bucky whispers as he quickly relinquishes his hold on (Y/N), allowing them to attempt to sit up. With a yell of pain they slump back down against Bucky’s chest, their entire body shaking in pain now. 

   "Oh my god, what’s wrong? What happened?“ Bucky asks frantically, his mind already going a million different directions. 

    "My- My wing,” (Y/N) whispers, biting their lip as tears cloud their eyes. “I- I broke one-” Bucky stares at (Y/N) for a moment before shifting himself just enough do that he could get a good look at (Y/N)’s wings. Bucky winced as he took in the sight, the leathery interior of the wing had been shot, leaving a hold in the top of the sparkly skin but the bones attaching the wings to (Y/N)’s back looked severely broken, the small bones poking out at odd angels.

    “Shit doll,” Bucky mutters, making sure not to touch (Y/N)’s back. (Y/N) continued their whimpers of pain, slumped against Bucky as though they could barely hold their own weight up. “We gotta get you out of here,” Bucky mutters, glancing around at all the agents still swarming the Avengers. 

   “But- But the agents,” (Y/N) groans in pain as Bucky shifts only a little causing (Y/N)’s body to move just slightly. 

    “The agents aren’t important right now,” Bucky whispered, biting his lip as he thought of someway to get (Y/N) out of here with as little pain as possible. “Bruce is still in the Jet, he can patch you up,” 

   “Bucky, I can’t- I can’t do it,” 

   “(Y/N), you just can’t sit here, vulnerable and in pain, got it?” (Y/N) looked at Bucky meekly, their eyes swimming with tears. “I’m gonna carry you to the jet real nice and easy, okay?” (Y/N) stares at Bucky for only a moment longer before nodding their head, wrapping their arms around Bucky’s neck tightly. “This is gonna hurt a bit,” Bucky whispered in their ear as he pushed up from the ground using one arm, the other wrapped around (Y/N)’s lower back. 

   “ow, ow, ow, ow, oh god,” (Y/N) mutters, their nails digging into the skin of Bucky’s neck as he finally stands, wrapping his other hand around (Y/N)’s waist. 

   “It’s okay doll,” Bucky whispered, hoping his soft tone would soothe them a bit. “It’s okay, the jet’s not too far away from here,” (Y/N) merely whimpers, burying their face against Bucky’s neck to silence their cries. Bucky bit his lip once more as he took a tentative step towards the jet, or at least the direction the jet had landed in. Small whimpers and groans fell from (Y/N)’s lips with each step he took, nearly breaking his heart as they did. 

   The walk had been short but it’d been excruciating, for both (Y/N) and Bucky. Having to listen to (Y/N)’s cries with each step was one of the hardest things Bucky ever had to do and goddamn it he couldn’t stand to see them in pain. Thank god he reached the jet quicker than he expected, he didn’t know how much longer he could take of (Y/N)’s sobbing. 

   “Bruce!” Bucky called as he gingerly set (Y/N) on one of the prep tables, his heart aching as (Y/N) sobbed softly. “Bruce we need help!” Bruce rushed into the room, his eyes wide as he searched Bucky’s face. “It’s (Y/N)’s wing, it’s- it’s pretty broken,” Bruce relaxes slightly, rolling his shoulders back and releasing a small breath. 

   “I’ll take a look,” Bruce replied coolly, already walking across to the table to inspect (Y/N)’s back. Bruce makes no noise, just simply studies (Y/N)’s wings as they whimper and sniffle softly, rubbing at their eyes like a child. Finally Bruce stepped away from (Y/N), making his way towards a small cabinet they kept on board for injuries and such. “The skin will heal itself in time but the bones will not, I can make them a cast right now,” 

   “Yes- yes please,’ (Y/N) whispers, a small sheen of sweat breaking out across their forehead. Bruce nods, grabbing the needed materials before pulling a chair up beside the table. 

   “Now, this will hurt, your wings are very fragile and the damage to them is extensive but I’ll be done in no time,” Bruce smiled at (Y/N) sweetly, only soothing their nerves slightly. With a scared look in their puffy eyes (Y/N) looked up to Bucky, their lip quivering as they did. 

   “It’s okay (Y/N),” Bucky gives them a little smile as he reaches up to run his hand along their forehead, wiping away their sweat. (Y/N) whimpers softly, biting their lip as Bruce gently probed at the bones, his fingers gingerly running along the misshapen lumps. 

   “Are you ready?” Bruce asks, grabbing a roll of medical tape to begin with. (Y/N) eyed the tape warily but nonetheless sighed, nodding their head. Before Bruce could even lay a finger on (Y/N) Bucky knew that this was going to end in tears and screaming and there was going to be nothing he could do about it. 

   (Y/N) curled against Bucky’s side in exhaustion, thoroughly wiped out from the days activities. Bucky had been right about the tears and screaming, he was pretty sure everyone in a ten mile radius heard (Y/N)’s screams of pain as Bruce aligned the bones once again but now it was over and (Y/N) was safe, curled against Bucky as they slept soundly. With a small smile Bucky tilts his head just enough to press a kiss to (Y/N)’s forehead, ignoring the lingering saltiness from their previous sweat. 

   “Sleep well (Y/N),” Bucky whispered and it may have just been the lighting but Bucky could’ve sworn that (Y/N) smiled, even if it was just a quick quirk of their lip. 

    “I’m not hungry,” (Y/N) stated for the third morning in a row, their words flat and emotionless. Bucky bit his lip as he looked at (Y/N)’s form, racked with exhaustion, gaunt, almost sickly looking. Bucky hadn’t seen them eat in days and all they were doing was sleeping, laying in bed for hours on end, only getting up to take a freezing shower and go to the bathroom. 

   “(Y/N), when have you ever turned down waffles?” Bucky asks, his concern piquing when (Y/N) merely shrugged their shoulders. 

   “Today I guess,” Bucky rose from his seat, gingerly grasping (Y/N)’s upper arms in his hands. 

   “(Y/N), what’s wrong? You haven’t been eating, you’ve been sleeping for hours on end- I’m getting really scared doll,” (Y/N) sighs, biting their lip as they avert their gaze to the floor, hanging their head in shame; they never did like having people worrying about them. 

   “My fairy dust has stopped,” (Y/N) whispers so quietly that Bucky can only make out the last word. 

   “What?” Bucky asks, tilting his head in confusion. 

   “My fairy dust has stopped,” (Y/N) repeats slightly louder, but still not loud enough. 

   “I can’t understand you doll-” 

  “My fair dust has stopped!” (Y/N) snaps, a look of immediate guilt overtaking their features afterwards. “I’m so sorry Bucky, I-I don’t know what’s wrong with me-’ But Bucky wasn’t paying an attention to their apology, too focused on their previous words. 

   “What do you mean you fairy dust has stopped?” (Y/N) closes their mouth as they no doubt go to state another apology, their lips pursing a bit as well. 

   “Um- well- sometimes when a fairy gets depressed their fairy dust can stop working, lose it’s shine, or just stop all together,” (Y/N) demonstrates by showing the small trickle of fairy dust that falls from their fingertips, the far less shiny particles drifting to the ground limply. “See?” Bucky hums, biting down on his thumb as he watched the dust collect on the ground. 

   “Are you depressed because of your wing?” Bucky asks, a sudden idea coming to his mind. 

   “Yeah-” (Y/N) sighs, nodding their head. “I miss flying is all,” Bucky smirks a bit as his idea begins to take form, quickly coming together in his head. 

   “Step up on the counter,” Bucky states rather quickly, a smile overtaking his features. (Y/N) gives him a small confused look, their brow scrunching up just a bit. 


   “C’mon,’ Buck offers his hand to help (Y/N) up onto the granite table top. “Just trust me,” (Y/N) eyes him warily before gingerly taking his hand, allowing him to lift them onto the counter with ease. “Okay, now I want you to put your legs on my shoulders,” 

   “Wait, what-” 

   “Just do it,” Bucky smiles at them, turning his back as he waited for them to do as he instructed. (Y/N) sighs softly, hesitantly resting their legs on Bucky’s shoulders, their hands grabbing at his forehead to stay on properly. 

   “What’s the point to this?” (Y/N) asks and although their tone was still sad it was a bit brighter than it had been a few minutes ago. 

   “I’m walking you around the tower, that’s the point,” Bucky smirks as he takes a few steps towards the living room, his heart fluttering in his chest when (Y/N) nearly squealed in shock and surprise. 

  “No, I’m gonna fall off,” (Y/N) smiles as they grip onto Bucky, praying they didn’t fall off. Bucky smiled as he reached up to rest his hands on (Y/N)’s legs, keeping them against his shoulders. 

   “I’ve got you, don’t worry,” Bucky smiles, increasing his steps just a bit. 

   “Bucky we’re gonna fall together, that’s how my wing was injured in the first place,” Bucky smiled, completely ignoring (Y/N)’s statement as he continued on down the hall, nearly revealing in the laughter that bubbled from (Y/N)’s lips. 

   “Bucky!” (Y/N) yelled, squealing as Bucky bounded down the stairs, knowing he could very easily support (Y/N)’s body on top of him. “You’re gonna kill us!” But Bucky merely smiles, taking off down the next hall, and the next, and the next, too absorbed in (Y/N)’s laughter to care about much else. 

   The two ran up and down the halls like that for god knows how long, laughing and joking with each other and neither one of them noticed when little sparkling particles fell to the floor, (Y/N)’s fairy dust having returned to it’s brightest shine. 

~Extended Ending~

   Tony looked up from his work to see Bucky run by his lab, nearly cackling as (Y/N) perched atop his shoulders, gripping onto him for support as he carried them up and down the halls. 

   “What the hell-” Tony asks, his sentence cutting off short when the two ran by again, little sparkles of fairy dust trailing behind the two. Tony stares at them for only a moment longer before scoffing, a smile rising to his lips as he turned back to his work. 

   Well, who knew what a little bit of fairy dust could do to the both of them. 


Pairing: Steve x reader

Request: @thecoffeestudyblr​ : hey can i request a Steve Rogers imagine where the reader is super shy and anxious and is Tony’s niece who interns at the Avengers Tower for her college since her college requires an internship program and during the Civil War she has to decide what side she will be on and she has a huge crush on Steve but she also works for Tony but her and Steve rlly hit it off when they first meet and he becomes rlly overprotective and understanding of her so she sides w Steve and Tony is mad. Angst + Fluff?

A/N: so, I did it. I had no fucking inspiration and wanted to throw all this away but no, I did it. I have so less time these days but I think I am doing just fine, thank you all for being there. This one’s another Steve fic, I don’t know how this turned out but I think my writing is getting better and actually has gotten a lot better from before.i recently got my sould removed so the author’s note aint really a note. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): angst, crying, self-criticism.

Word Count: 1403

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You were pacing to the lab with the files and papers tony and Bruce had asked you to bring immediately. You were only a few feet away from the lab before you tripped over something and fell almost face first on the floor. ‘ouch.’ You said with your face in the papers. You sat up and found the culprit; a prototype hand of Tony’s new suit. ‘damn it, uncle tony.’ you muttered and started to gather the files before you heard a chuckle.

‘yeah, he’s kinda messy.’ Steve said before kneeling in front of you. he started helping you gather the papers and you passed him a quick, shy smile. you couldn’t believe CAPTAIN AMERICA was helping you. that or a gorgeous man was helping you.

‘thank you.’ you muttered.

 ‘no problem.’ He got up with a bundle and offered to help, which you didn’t deny. ‘you’re (y/n), right? Tony’s niece?’ he asked as you carried on your way.

‘yes, how do you know?’ you asked.

‘tony being tony, held this meeting and very politely threatened us all to act nice to you. he especially told the guys that if anyone flirts or tries to trouble you he will kill us.’ he said and you chuckled.

‘he’s a bit overprotective.’ You said.

a bit?’ he looked at you and you playfully rolled your eyes. You both entered the lab chuckling and tony quirked a brow at you two.

‘is that star spangled specimen trying to get it on with, my niece?’ tony wondered.

‘seems like it but they can just be friends.’ Bruce replied.

‘I said that out loud?’ tony asked and Bruce nodded.

‘you need sleep, tony. you are sleep deprived. You have lost control’ he whispered dramatically and tony punched him lightly. ‘you don’t wanna anger the other guy.’ He warned sipping on his coffee.

‘hell I don’t.’ tony walked towards you both and Bruce shook his head at him. ‘hello, capsicle,’ tony gave Steve a sarcastic smile. ‘(y/n),’ he gave you a genuine smile. ‘why are you holding all that?’ he took all the files from you and handed them to steve without sparing him a look. ‘you liking it here?’ he asked.

‘yeah, it’s really nice. The people are great.’ You looked at Steve and he smiled back. Tony shot Steve a sharp look and he looked down.

‘great, now why don’t you go talk with Natasha or someone else, huh sweetheart?’ he you. you nodded and left.  ‘my niece, rogers. MY NIECE. She’s young and an intern, don’t you dare-‘ tony started but steve kept the files aside and decided to interrupt him.

‘can you not? We were just talking. You are just stressed with the recent events, I think you-‘

  ‘guys, we don’t need this okay? Bruce interrupted. ‘lay it off. They were just talking and (y/n) is mature enough to understand what’s right and wrong. you have to stop acting like this tony, alright?’ bruce kept a hand on tony’s shoulder and he nodded.

‘I’ll, I’ll just go.’ Tony took a deep breath and left.

You were getting along great with Steve and the others. It wasn’t like you were an intern and working there. You felt like you were around family and friends, work wasn’t work it felt like all play. Steve and you were getting closer each day, and you didn’t mind it, you had always had a big crush on him. he was smart, dorky, funny, and not to forget gorgeous. He was one of a kind, he would read with you, talk to you about his past and everything he wanted to. With him, you felt like you weren’t some extra puzzle piece, he made you feel like you fit, like you were good enough just the way you were no matter how shy or weird you were. Everything was going great. It was all falling into place before everything started falling apart.

The cracks formed between the avengers post that conference. Oh, how you wished it had never happened. Only if there was no dispute over the sokovia accords. It seemed like it wasn’t that big a problem, it seemed like it could be mended but things got worse. Steve found bucky, the cracks got deeper. And as the situation worsened, when you thought it couldn’t possibly happen, the cracks weren’t there; the team had been split into two.

‘I cannot believe you are having second thoughts about this, (y/n)!’ tony cried, hurt heavy in his eyes and voice. ‘you are my blood! I have treated you like my daughter, haven’t I?’ he stepped closer to you. there was a lump in your throat and you couldn’t look him in the eyes.

You were terrified to say the least. It wasn’t just right or wrong you had to choose in this situation, it was love and blood, it was being loyal or judicious. You had to choose a side. You had to decide.

‘(y/n), look me in the eyes and talk to me. is it going to be me or him?’ he asked, his voice growing angrier.

‘him..’ you looked up, your voice barely above a whisper. Tony was taken aback. You too? Was there no one left of what he called his family he could trust? he felt like someone had punched him in his tear ducts.

 An ‘oh’ was all that he could muster. ‘uncle tony-‘ you started to speak but he silenced you by putting forward a hand.

‘don’t. leave. just leave.’ he looked away from you. you bit your bottom lip and violently wiped the tears off your face. you slung your backpack and started to leave. ‘(y/n)?’ he asked and you faced him. ‘don’t call me uncle ever again. don’t come back.’ He said and your heart dropped to your stomach. You turned away and left. Tony couldn’t see your tears, neither could you see his. Both of you lost something precious that day.

You were running nonstop. You couldn’t stop, you couldn’t stop until you saw Steve’s face. only he could help you calm down, help ease these achy feeling, help heal your broken heart. It was all so overwhelming, what have you done? You stopped when you saw Steve standing by his car anxiously waiting for you. he straightened up when he saw you. you crashed into his chest and hugged him tightly. He wrapped his arms around you protectively and rubbed your back.

‘shhh.. doll, it’s okay. I know it’s hard but it’ll all be alright.’ He tried to calm you.

‘I hurt him, Steve. He said- he said that I can never call him my uncle again. He looked so broken, I am so selfish.’ Your voice cracked. He pulled back and put his hand on your shoulders.

‘you’re not selfish, you are not wrong. you are doing what’s right.’ He wiped your tears with the pads of his thumbs. You didn’t know how to react so you just stared at him blankly. He sighed quietly and opened the door of the backseat. He got in first and then made space for you to lay on top of him.

You lay your head on top of his chest, listening to his heartbeat. You had both forgotten about everything else for a while before he broke the silence.

‘everything will be alright. I know it will.’ He said mostly to himself and you hummed in response. ‘I am sorry I –‘

‘it was my decision.’ You kept a hand on his cheek and ran your thumb on his cheekbone. ‘please don’t make yourself go through all this.’ You said and he kept a hand on your hand. He gave you a small smile. ‘I don’t know what to do, neither do you. guess we’ll just have to..’ you looked for a word but couldn’t find one that would fit.

‘guess we’ll have to help keep each other afloat.’ He gave you a small smile. you nodded before resting your head on his chest again. He kissed the top of your head and started to soothingly rub your back again. what was coming ahead didn’t seem good, things were surely going to take a bad turn. But at that moment you didn’t care, you didn’t care about the broken ribbons or the ones that would break ahead. you for now, had to be strong, for you knew nothing else of what the future might hold.

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Can you do a tony and bucky fic about one of then taking care of the other? Just like making a meal together or sharing popcorn on the couch while watching a movie?

I can, and I did. I changed the movie thing a bit to make it more intimate cuz I’m a huge sap. Also, this is from an outsider POV because that’s just how it happened, idk.

This is my first time writing WinterIron be gentle with me lol (Cross posted at Ao3)


Bucky was in the kitchen standing in front of the stove when Steve came back from showering. He noticed the plate of bacon and eggs next to Bucky and goes to grab some.

Only for his hand to get smacked by a spatula.

“Ow! Buck, what the hell?!”

“Mornin’, Stevie,” Bucky replies with a smile. “You can have the next batch. That one is taken.”

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Playlists For The Signs

Aries: ((St. Jimmy-// Green Day)) ((War Pigs-// Black Sabbath)) ((Smoke on the Water-// Deep Purple)) (Bungle in the Jungle- Jethro Tull)) (( Don’t Stop Me Now-// Queen))

Taurus:  ((Northern Downpour-// Panic at the Disco))  (( The Luckiest-// Ben Folds)) (( So LIttle Time-// Akarna)) ((Angels-/// Robbie Williams)) (( Someone Saved my Life Tonight-// Elton John))

Gemini: (( Going to California-// Led Zeppelin)) ((Sunshine of Your Love-// Cream)) ((Don’t Dream it’s Over-// Crowded House)) ((Everyday- Buddy Holly)) ((Build Me Up Buttercup-// The Foundations))

Cancer: ((House of Gold-// Twenty One Pilots)) ((Yes, the River Knows-// The Doors)) (( Sigh No More-// Mumford and Sons)) (( American Pie-// Don Mclean)) ((Landslide- Fleetwood Mac))

Leo: (( Semi- Charmed LIfe-// Third Eye Blind)) ((Laid-// Better Than Ezra)) ((I Want To Take You Higher-// Sly and the Family Stone)) (( Sunshine Superman-// Donovan)) ((Caress Me Down-// Sublime)) ((Squeeze Box- The Who))

Virgo: ((Far Behind-// Candlebox)) ((Motercycle Drive By-// Third Eye Blind)) ((Clint Eastwood- Gorillaz)) ((Baba O’Rielly-// The Who)) (( The Zephyr Song-// Red Hot Chlli Peppers))

Libra: ((Waterloo Sunset-// The Kinks)) (( Love Song-// The Cure))  ((Romeo & Juliet-// Dire Straits)) (( Linger-// The Cranberries)) (( White Rabbit -// Jefferson Airplane))

Scorpio: ((Candlite-// Frightened Rabbit)) ((Pepper-// Butthole Surfers)) ((Reel Around the Fountain-// The Smiths)) ((Lake of Fire-// Nirvana)) ((Flagpole Sitta-// Harvey Danger))

Sagittarius: ((Ruby Tuesday-// Rolling Stones)) ((The Wind-//Cat Stevens)) ((Born to Run-// Bruce Springsteen)) ((Lay me Down -// Dirty Heads))  (( Free Bird-// Lynyrd Skynyrd))

Capricorn: (( Tangerine-// Led Zeppelin)) ((She’s not There-// The Zombies)) (( KIll the Poor-// Dead Kennedys))  ((Let Me Go- Cake)) ((The General- Dispatch))

Aquarius: ((She’s A Rainbow-// Rolling Stones)) ((Comfort Eagle-// Cake)) (( Doctor My Eyes-// Jackson Browne))  ((Sweet Sixteen-// Think About Life)) ((Pork And Beans-// Weezer))

Pisces: (( How Soon is Now-// The Smiths)) ((Indian Summer-//The Doors)) ((Bus Stop- The Hollies)) ((Thick as a Brick-// Jethro Tul)) ((Into The Ocean-//Blue October)) ((Disconnected-// 5sos))

“Ewww, PDA!”

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Summary: Batmom and Bruce Wayne have to up their romantic antics in public, especially at Wayne galas, causing the batboys to tease them both.

Warning(s): Public Displays of Affection

It wasn’t even three o’clock in the afternoon and yet everyone was dressed to the nines, awaiting for the beginning of the Wayne Gala celebrating a record in total donations to the Thomas & Martha Wayne Foundation that year. Though, even if the record hadn’t have been broken, Bruce still would have been obligated to throw a function for the charity.

This was the one gala Bruce never minded to throw seeing as it was in his parent’s honor so he was already in a better mood than before most parties. You stood back and smoothed out your outfit before examining the rest of your family. Each one of them looked so good dressed up in their various suits and dresses of preference. The scene almost made you tear up and you probably would have if you hadn’t just applied your makeup.

Guests began to arrive and you and Bruce stood nearby to greet them with warm, rather fake smiles. In the middle of the guests arrived Jason, you were glad to see he showed up, but the fact that he couldn’t truly be apart of your family pained you. Instead, he came under the guise of Emmanuel O’Brien, most likely a mixture of characters from books and his imagination, but nonetheless it allowed you to see your second son in a dashing suit and his mane of hair under control for once.

Eventually, enough press was accumulating in the room along with the guests that you and Bruce had to lay it on thick, barely ever leaving each other’s side. You both answered questions of business and your relationship. Were you planning on adopting any more children? Were you planning on having any kids of your own? How does the rise in stock market effect the productivity of the company?

The questions made you internally groan and as you and Bruce kissed for the millionth time that night for a photo, you almost thought you were getting sick of kissing him. Yet still, you clung onto your husband affectionately and reached up to kiss his cheek as he looked off into the distance, obviously posing, so the light would catch his eyes and make them gleam.

In the distance, you could see Stephanie and Tim mocking your planned pose as Dick pretended to be their photographer. The scene earned a small laugh from you making Bruce look down at you and lift your chin to meet his eyes before locking your lips in a kiss. After you parted you saw Jason making a gagging motion, pointing his finger down his throat as you rolled your eyes.

Later in the night when it was time for dancing you and Bruce of course were made to dance the first dance. As you swirled around the dance floor you saw Damian and Cass standing off to the side together. Cass lifted her arms and bent them at the elbows before flopping them around a bit. You raised an eyebrow utterly confused and on the next spin your eyes met with Damian’s who mouthed “spaghetti arms” and you huffed as Bruce chuckled, pulling you tighter to his frame, now forcing Damian to make the gagging face.

The rest of the night went on with such antics, making an overall good time for everyone. Even Barbra, who was under her father’s watchful eye, managed to join in the shenanigans and tease you and Bruce throughout the night. Her and Dick made it their challenge to try and out-do you and Bruce.

At the end of the night, after every guest was gone, each of your children acted as if they were golden little angels, pretending they did nothing wrong the entire duration of the gala. It was harmless banter and it was to be expected from your children so you let it slide, saying nothing but giving a small smirk. But the next day when Dick and Barbra made the cover of Gotham News instead of you and Bruce, you just had to give them “hell” for it.

“Richard, don’t think just because you don’t permanently live in this house anymore doesn’t mean I can’t ground you!” You scowled and threw the newspaper down on the kitchen island.

“Mom - we didn’t mean it, I swear! We were just having fun!”

“Having fun?! You took my spot on the newspaper, little birdie!”

Dick cowered over his cereal bowl as he looked at the paper, seriously afraid of how angry you sounded. When you saw him hunch over his bowl you couldn’t hold it in anymore. You laughed hard and honestly scared him even more as he looked up.

“Oh Dick, I’m just kidding!” You laughed harder at his expression, and walked around the island to hug your first son.

“Kidding? Mom…” He whined and sighed in relief.

You kissed his cheek and smiled, “You and Barbra looked gorgeous together last night, you deserved to be there. I’m proud. Even though you may have only gotten there by mocking us…but, anyways. And just remember - if you tease me, I’m going to tease you 10x worse.”

You nodded affirmatively to yourself as a rather groggy Bruce headed for the coffee pot, “I’ve learned that the hard way,” He mumbled and poured himself a cup as you stood proudly in the middle of the kitchen.

“Damn right!”

Morning batjokes headcanons
  • After Joker moved (transferred) into the mansion and started living with Bruce, Alfred quickly realized that things were about to change around the place. First and foremost the mornings. Alfred learned fast and noted that he wouldn’t be waking Master Bruce any longer by simply entering the bedroom when he was about to be late for a meeting. Not even knock at the best of times. It was plainly best to leave the two alone and let them wake up (or get up) in their own time. If something needed to be announced, he would rather ring Bruce from now on.
  • This was because Bruce had a self-indulgent habit he happily got to enjoy doing in the mornings which wasn’t exactly for others to see. He would lay Joker down over his lap on his stomach and take some lube and start fingering him while he watched the news on the bed. After a few minutes Joker would begin to whimper and struggle a bit from the overstimulation as the news tended to stretch out for about an hour seeing how Bruce always checked each and every newschannel to make sure he (and Batman) was up to date on the current events. But Bruce would calm him down and whisper to him that it was all for his own good. Joker needed to be prepared and ready up to the hilt and only Bruce was allowed to make the proceedings of that. Only he knew how and he was being meticulous about it. Joker felt embarrassed and put down but maybe it was for his own good after all seeing how in the end Bruce was always ever so good to him despite all the restrictions this new life brought with it. 
  • Afterwards in the shower Joker would receive his reward for being good (and so would Bruce). When those high-pitched piteous, voluptuous whines escaped his red lips and green eyes closed in shameful enjoyment, Bruce knew he had done a job well done. He would slip out and wash them both off in citrus enhanced foam and hold him under the warm rain of the shower head to remind him he was always loved and taken care of. 
  • Bruce would lay out the clothes for the day and help Joker dress into his new, more “calmed down” attire. He would then go over the day’s timetable with him so that Joker would understand what on the schedule. It helped build up routine and security but also gave enough variations so that Joker wouldn’t become bored. This was while Joker applied his favorite lipstick and maybe more of the other makeup that Bruce had no idea about but who had made sure it was all cruelty free just for the sake of it. 
  • Then they would go and greet Alfred good morning and have some breakfast on the balcony together with Alfred’s delicious provisions laid out on the table in good but abundant taste. Now Joker would be the one indulging the current affairs by reading the newspapers of the day while Bruce focused more on practically inhaling the food before having to get to the office. 
  • Before having to leave to work, Bruce would kiss his ward goodbye on the temple or into the soft green, green hair tenderly and tell him to be good again and call him at any time if he wished to. However there probably wouldn’t be any need as the day was full of going about with a plan of Alfred and Joker going to the park to feed the ducks and then meeting Ms. Kyle in a nearby cafe for lunch. Then it would be back to the mansion where they would be baking fresh bread for dinner. Afterwards Master J was free to an hour by himself which he usually used up in the library or the balcony reading or writing. Sometimes it would be drawing. After that however it wouldn’t be long until Master Bruce would come back home.

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