bruce coldfield


Now, Jenny, I like to finish my book as much as the next person, but there is a time to read and there is a time to GET YOUR DAMN PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!

I mean, it’s Bruce!  Who bounces!  With his pristine white t-shirt and his stripey (I’m going to guess M&S) boxers!  And his not quite so pristine white socks! And his knee! And his wandering hand!  And his everything else!

It’s not often that I condone stealing someone’s book, but it seems pretty clear from the reaction of all the parties concerned it was in fact the best possible decision so yay Bruce!

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One face (two slightly different ages), one Barbour jacket (two slightly different styles), one heap of The Hair (two slightly different lengths*), one pair of glasses (the exact SAME pair of glasses), two different productions (but I think you probably figured that out already).

*but equally full of all the emotions