bruce coldfield


Now, Jenny, I like to finish my book as much as the next person, but there is a time to read and there is a time to GET YOUR DAMN PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!

I mean, it’s Bruce!  Who bounces!  With his pristine white t-shirt and his stripey (I’m going to guess M&S) boxers!  And his not quite so pristine white socks! And his knee! And his wandering hand!  And his everything else!

It’s not often that I condone stealing someone’s book, but it seems pretty clear from the reaction of all the parties concerned it was in fact the best possible decision so yay Bruce!

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One face (two slightly different ages), one Barbour jacket (two slightly different styles), one heap of The Hair (two slightly different lengths*), one pair of glasses (the exact SAME pair of glasses), two different productions (but I think you probably figured that out already).

*but equally full of all the emotions


030 Do Not Disturb (1991)

Let me get the plot out of the way first: I don’t understand the plot.  Like at all.  Bruce and Jenny seem like a perfectly happy couple.  She’s in publishing, and he appears to be in snark, and to make some extra money, they’re taking a van load of fans of a particularly reclusive lady author (now dead) on a weekend tour of the area where she’d lived and worked, and … something strange young man, something adultery, something unexplored childhood trauma, something lit crit, something misery and despair, something French lady, something emotional hair, something thematically appropriate weather, something possibly a murder, and by the end of it, their marriage is destroyed and Jenny can no longer read.  I’ve watching this a few times and I still don’t understand what exactly happens except that I’m even less inclined than before to ever join a book club.

Peter spends about the half the time in this wearing glasses that make him look like Egon Spengler that are, as far as I can tell,  the exact same glasses he wore in Lair of the White Worm (three years and more than ten projects before) and that I’ve always suspected were Peter’s actual glasses of the period. This is also a big scarf role with Bruce showing us a wide range of scarf-wearing styles.

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