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Going to fight Thanos

Peter: Is anyone else scared?

Tony: Not really. I’ve already lived longer then I ever expected.

All the Avengers in unison: Agreed

You’re Beautiful

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Peter Parker X Reader

Request: Nope. I wrote this for @phiauniverse because love, you are beautiful!!!! and I also wrote this for everyone who needs to know that they are beautiful. I love you all. (Side note: The outfit the reader is wearing is literally the same thing I wear, flannels are my thing, so please don’t judge.)

Warnings: Reader doesn’t think they are beautiful, fluffy as well because we all love fluff.

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Okay but imagine if Tony Stark had a kid. Bruce Banner would be uncle Bruce right? Uncle doctor Bruce. So of course, he’s close to this kid. They’re good friends. The kid is brilliant and loves learning so uncle Bruce lets them into the lab with him a lot. But then imagine the first time the kid sees him hulk out. He’s angry, huge, and the kid doesn’t know what to do. So they start crying. They sit down and say “u-uncle Bruce?” With tears streaming down their face. Hulk sees this crying tiny human (tiny regardless of how old they are, bc compared to hulk everyone is small, also Starks are short) and doesn’t know what to do. He stops raging and sits down and offers them his hand. What brings him out of his hulk-out is a hug from his friend’s kid.

i get to watch avengers infinity war in NINETY FUCKING SEVEN (97) DAYYSSSSSS asdflghjklllshdj fuCK. YES. bINCH!!!! i’m So Fucking Excited!!! just 3 months left…. it’s So Close!! and we’ll be getting a bunch of new promos and shit. we’ll be getting the second international trailer soon, tv spots, official character posters, more concept art, new interviews, thE PRESS TOUR!!!!! asdfkjlghslfkls binch i can’t fucking wait !!!!!

Burning (Scene 1/?)

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Slow burn Natasha X (Enhanced!Mutant!) Reader

Word count~1K

Warnings: fighting

Here it is! The first part of the Natasha series! I know I promised it Friday but I just couldn’t wait! Hope you guys enjoy it and please let me know! My ask box is open anytime for anything.

Without further ado, here is scene one. :)

Prologue Scene

*Natasha POV*

It seemed to be nonstop fighting. The Chitauri just kept coming. Kill one, another will take its place. By now she was covered in debri and dust.

During a relatively calm moment on the ground, the sound of an engine caught her attention. She watched Bruce Banner himself pull up alongside the team on a motorbike.

Stepping off, he paused before stating, “So, this all seems horrible.”

She couldn’t help herself, a slight smirk on her face as she responded with, “I’ve seen worse.”

Bruce seemed to shrink on himself but gave Natasha a rueful smile, “Sorry.”

She kept her smirk as she nodded in his direction, “No. We could use a little worse.”

A shadow movement in her peripheral caught her attention, and she turned towards it as Captain America spoke to Tony about Banner showing up.

Dimly she heard Banner say, “That’s my secret Cap, I’m always angry.” before the tell tale sound of the Hulk emerging. But Natasha kept her eyes on the small alley where she had seen the shadow.

She was shocked when a head peered around the corner. It looked to be an old homeless lady. Hands reached up and took off the sunglasses, and Natasha became captivated by the bright [e/c] eyes staring at her.

She didn’t realize she had taken a step towards the woman, when rage filled screams had her jerking back. She raised her head to look at the skyscrapers, that now held thousands of Chitauri as more poured out of the portal.

She took a defense stance alongside Captain America. “Guys.”

Before anyone could respond, one of the aliens jumped on Natasha’s back taking her by surprise.

But before she could do more than twist towards the threat, the weight was gone. Turning around fully, she was shocked to see a young woman who appeared to have giant black wings, fighting off the alien with fire.

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Potential endings for Bruce Banner’s MCU arc in Infinity War

Bad ending: We have to sit through a unnecessary dragged out and dull subplot teasing whether or not Bruce will get back together with Natasha and the fact that both of them should have trust issues with each other considering what happened to make Bruce leave in the first place is never addressed in favor of them awkwardly flirting. His arc of coming to terms to Hulk’s evolved personality ends up being watered down to one or two passing lines. Bruce Banner dies as Hulk fighting Thanos alongside the other Avengers.

Meh ending: Bruce and Natasha have a conversation where they agree that things might’ve worked in another timeline, but in this one they’re better off keeping their relationship professional. We get at least one or two scenes where Bruce addresses his changed dynamic with Hulk. Bruce Banner dies as Hulk fighting Thanos alongside the Avengers.

Good ending: Even in two movies with a lot of subplots to juggle, we get to see Bruce’s reactions to Civil War (and to Ross’ promotion) and he and Ross have a confrontation. Bruce and Natasha’s relationship is dealt with in a quick scene where they agree to be friends. Bruce and Hulk struggle with their new dynamic for most of the movies, but do find a resolution where they agree to work together and it’s in that state of mind that they fight Thanos, both clearly having some presence in the fight. Bruce ultimately survives.

God Tier ending: Bruce calls out the whole fucking team on their bullshit (Steve for recruiting the woman who fucked with his mind and made him kill people, Tony for working with Ross) and finally tells Ross where he can stick it. We get to see Bruce’s mental illness acknowledged as well as him and Hulk actually communicating with each other and overcoming their differences (maybe through some infinity stone nonsense) and deciding to work together. They fight Thanos as one, Bruce survives, he starts getting therapy, he settles down with his one true love Betty Ross, and he finally gets the happy life that he deserves.

A Concept: Tony Stark, son of Archmage Howard Stark, is one of the few people to survive the Fall of the Kingdom of Brooks. Some people have to wonder why- his father was so powerful, and here is the disgraced, magicless son, the only one of the Starks to survive when his infinitely more powerful sister and cousin, and the literal Archmage fell with Brooks.

No one knows if Steve Rogers, the son of Queen Sarah of Brooks, survived. No one except for King Fury of Shaldien, that is.

Thor Odinson and Loki Friggasson can remember visiting Prince Steve in Brooks, they can remember meeting Steve’s friends Bucky and Peggy, and occasionally the Stark children when they were in the citadel. And then, one day, Brooks is gone, and Thor and Loki are left wondering if Asgard, if their parents, if they will be next.

Natasha Romanoff is a descendant of the legendary Nightwitches. She was in Brooks the night it fell. She fled to live another day, one half-elf archer named Clint Barton in tow.

Bruce Banner used to be human. Now he’s not.

Twelve years after the Fall of Brooks, the evil that claimed Brooks has returned for the rest of the world.

Twelve years after the Fall of Brooks, the Avengers come together for the first time.

Imagine if Thor still had his hammer during infinity war:

Peter: hey! Hey mister Thor! You dropped this!

Peter: *holding mijonir*

Thor: *looks down to see this tiny innocent child*






Everyone else:

Tony: see him? That’s my kid. Right there. In the Spider-Man suit.

Tony: kid you’re doing great!

Tony: he’s the best. A literal angel.



How to watch Marvel’s movies in order

Captain America the first avenger : 2h04min.

Iron man 1 : 2h06min

Iron man 2 : 2h04min

Incredible Hulk : 2h15min

Thor 1 : 1h55min

Avengers assemble : 2h23min

Iron man 3 : 2h10min

Thor the dark world : 1h52min

Captain America, winter soldier : 2h16min

Gardian of the galaxy 1 : 2h02min

Gardian of the galaxy 2 : 2h18min

Avengers, age of ultron : 2h22min

Ant man : 1h58min

Captain America, civil war : 2h28min

Doctor strange : 1h55min

Spiderman,homecoming : 2h13min

Thor, Ragnarok : 2h10min

It would take you 1day 12hours and 31 minutes :)

i’m calling it right now that Marvel is going to ‘Breaking Dawn’ us and we’re gonna get a scene with at least 50% of the characters dead and then Dr. Stephen Strange is gonna bring that time back real quick and restart the fight