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A walk in the park

Summary: The reader ends up in a universe where the Avengers aren’t just movies.

A/N: This is my first Avengers Imagines, hope you enjoy it, tell me what you think. 

Word count: 760

(h/c) = hair colour

It had been a long day for you, you had gone to school only to find out that your best friend had found another best friend and, well, she ditched you. You had failed the maths test you took the day before, you had an English test you forgot about. When you finally got home, your parents were arguing, as were your two older siblings. So, you decided you was going to go to the park to clear your head. You snatched the Captain America hoodie off of the back of your chair, slinging it on as you made your way out of your bedroom.

You loved your bedroom, the walls were decorated with Avengers posters or pictures you drew of the Avengers. You were quite the drawer from an early age, as soon as you could pick up a pencil. From then on you drew anywhere and everywhere. Your desks at school and at home, your hands, your arms, your legs if your arms were already drawn on, your school books (inside and out), your walls (you covered them with posters). Everywhere.

You winced as you heard a door slam loudly and then more shouting. You quickly put it to the back of your mind as you then begin to walk to the park, happy to escape the arguments and take in the nature. You had always found the park a beautiful place, filled with adventure and mystery. There was a certain walk you always went on, it helped clear your mind. 

You were caught up in your own thoughts when you heard a shout, turning round as you couldn’t quite make out what was being said. A football hit you on the side of your head with such force it rendered you unconscious. The young teen who had called at you to watch out ran up to you to make sure you were ok, as did other, forming a small crowd around you. Much to their confusion as they saw your body slowly begin to turn translucent until it disappeared.

The Avengers were chilling, for once it felt like they could just unwind and not have to worry about saving the world, none of them had any missions that they had to go to. They could just sit and have a movie marathon, which is what they did.

They were settled in the living room, lights dimmed, pop corn ready, the lion king playing. They were sat quietly until Pietro noticed something in the corner began to glow. “Um, something is glowing.” Pietro whispered to Clint. 

Not taking his eyes off of the tv, Clint replied, “Yeah, it’s called a tv.” Pietro turned his head to Clint to glare at him. “What, you didn’t see that coming?” Clint laughed turning to face Pietro, only to see something glowing in the corner of the room, like Pietro had said. 

“Guys,” He said, pointing at the mysterious blob of light. Natasha immediately turned off the tv and Pietro turned the lights on.The figure stopped glowing, Steve slowly stepped towards it, realising it was a young girl. About the age of sixteen, long (h/c) hair. Steve picked up the girl and placed her on the sofa, after instructing Clint and Tony to get off of the sofa. 

You let out a wheeze as you began conscious. urgently lunging forward as you began frantically trying to take in your surroundings. Upon seeing the Avengers, your eyes widened. “I see she’s more of a Captain America fan,” Tony chuckles as he sees your hoodie. You feel your face heat up slightly.

“Where am I?” You asked, confused, starring up at the Avengers. rubbing your temple as you asked. “And what happened?”

“Well, you appeared in the corner of the room and was glowing and then you woke up.” Tony quickly summarised. 

“Wow, way to go into detail Tony,” Clint remarked, earning a quite chuckle off of Natasha.

“Wait, hold on, Tony? His name isn’t Tony, it’s Robert!” You exclaim, suddenly it hit you. You could be in the alternate universe where the Avengers exist. “Please tell me this is a joke.”

“Nope.” Tony said. You felt your world go dark.

“Did she just faint?” Pietro asked in disbelief. Tony gave a short nod, looking at the young girl on the sofa.

Wanda tilted her head at the girl, lightly placing her fingers on her head. Wanda removed her fingers from your head as she turned to the others, “She isn’t from here. She lives in a different universe, where our lives are films.”

Texting Names For You & Them Marvel Edition

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James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes:

Your Name on his phone: My Sweet Darlin’ 💕🌹

His Name on your phone: Moody Hottie 🙄💋

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Steve Rogers:

Your Name on his phone: Hot Danger ☠️😻

His Name on your phone: Goodie Two Shoes 🇺🇸😇

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Thor Odinson:

Your Name on his phone: My Human 🤐👑

His Name on your phone: Booming Headache ⚡️

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Loki Laufeyson:

Your Name on his phone: Stubborn Queen 💐👠

His Name on your phone: My Bookworm 📚😌

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Pietro Maximoff:

Your Name on his phone: Turtle 😭🐢

His Name on your phone: Barry Allen Wannabe 😭😶 (If you get it comment down below)

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Peter Parker:

Your Name on his phone: Favorite Target 😘🕸

His Name on your phone: Goofy Spider 😋🤣

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Tony Stark:

Your Name on his phone: My Safety Net ❤️⭐️

His Name on your phone: Super Suit ✊🏼⚠️

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Clint Barton:

Your Name on his phone: Sweetheart 🌼👗

His Name on your phone: Bullseye 💘

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Bruce Banner:

Your Name on his phone: Princess 🌺👑

His Name on your phone: Shy Guy 🐵✨

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Your Name on his phone: Strange Human 👽

His Name on your phone: Walking Computer 💖🖥

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Sam Wilson:

Your Name on his phone: Sarcastic Ass 🙄😽

His Name on your phone: Winged Jerk 🍃😚

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Scott Lang:

Your Name on his phone: Animal Queen 🐾🌻

His Name on your phone: Insect King 🐜🌼

i wonder if we’ll ever be able to see tony with a daughter of his own, taking care of her and looking at her like she’s the most beautiful thing in his sad world. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN

Fic Recs (April 23rd)

Here’s you next fic recs, lovelies! It’s a long one!!! 

An Owed Debt” written by @iwillbeinmynest. Steve brings May, the granddaughter of one of the Howling Commandos to Bucky’s place so the former assassin can keep an eye on her. (Avengers. The link it to Lady Kate’s Masterlist where you can find links to all 16 parts of An Owed Debt)

Saerwyn and the 13 Dwarves” written by @princess-of-erebor1992. Saerwyn is the rightful ruler of her realm. However, her sister takes over and locks Saerwyn in a tower. The young ruler escapes and runs into a company of dwarves (Tolkien, AU)

Not Your Moneypenny” written by @dilly-o-billy. Merlin’s secretary isn’t at all impressed by Eggsy’s flirting. What happens when she has to join him and Roxy on a mission? (Kingsman)

Mr. Laufeyson’s Ward2, 3, 4, 5, 6 submitted to @imagine-loki. Victoria’s parents are killed in an accident and her new guardian, Mr. Laufeyson, is less than hospitable. (Avengers AU)

Start” written by @justcallmecinammon. The reader is attacked by Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle. Draco comes to the rescue. (HP, angsty fluff)

Convinced” written by @theinsandoutsofcastiel. Sam and Dean truly believe the reader is in love with one of them. They didn’t realize the reader was already with someone else. (SPN, humor)

Chick Flick” written by @besslincoln-bruh. After Mick tells the reader about his childhood, they spend the say trying to cheer him up. (SPN, ALL THE FLUFF)

Can’t Fight the Feeling” written by @kittenwritesstuff. Lucifer Morningstar meets a relative of Chloe. Too bad Chloe’s already warned her relative about him. (FOX’s Lucifer, angsty fluff)

Comrades” written by @cataract-chalcedony. Harry needs help from the one woman he’d hoped to avoid calling. (Kingsman, angsty fluff)

First Words” written by @skymoonandstardust. Bruce was confused about the words printed on his skin, until he finally meets his soulmate. (Avengers Soulmate AU, fluff)

Best Teacher in the World” written by @effie-w. The reader goes to pick up her friend’s son from his kindergarten class where she meets the very handsome teacher. (SPN AU, fluff)

Blanket Fort” written by @crimindsaspe. The reader makes a fort with her boyfriend Aaron’s son, leading to a PJ party. (Criminal Minds, fluff)

Khal Drogo” written by @letsasoiaftogether. The reader, new to town, stops at a gas station where they meet the leader of the local motorcycle club, the Dothraki. (GoT, Modern AU.)

Secrets” written by @readerxcharacter. The reader, Ciel’s cousin, is hopelessly in love…with Sebastian. (Black Butler, angsty fluff)

Translations” written by @fandoms-writings. The reader is a slave and translator for Khal Drogo. He’s very protective of her. (GoT, angst with a teeny bit of fluff.)

There you have it, lovelies! If you have a fic you’d like me to read, send me an ask/message or tag me! Please no smut :) Happy reading and lots of love!


Ever since the All-Different All-New Marvel has been gaining notoriety for the deaths of famous marvel heroes like Bruce Banner or the complete changing of a characters sexuality like Iceman (Which makes no form of sense, contradicting the many relationships that he has had beforehand), it’s now made me feel alienated from a company that I have once cherished. However this doesn’t mean I have abandoned Marvel (I have faith that there will be some good out of this “All-New” Marvel), I’m still going to read some of their stories with Howard The Duck and Deadpool. I remember as a child, going over to my local comic shop, buying the older trades of: Luke Cage, Sgt.Fury and The Howling Commandos, Fantastic Four, Howard The Duck, Texas Twister, and other characters that I related on a very personal level. I remember sharing the same depression from being different as Ben Grimm, the soft-spoken personality of Luke Cage, and the urge to never give up on hope like Captain America. Nowadays I cannot relate to many of these newer characters like Riri Williams or Amadeus Cho, they just rub me off the wrong way and don’t exactly feel like a passing of the torch character (Which is how the characters should inherit the name of Iron Man or Hulk). Still there are a few “Diamond s in the rough”, Kamala Khan is a good example of creating a diverse character without changing another famous heroes gender/race/sexuality.

But seriously, can you imagine the Avengers hearing about this new escape game/room in New York themed about them?
They’d have to do it, no choice.
I don’t know about you, but I can’t guess that two superspies, one super soldier, two geniuses and one demigod would do great in there.

(Tony and Bruce would just swear at the creators of this thing, and resolve half of the enigmas in half a second)
(Clint and Nat would discover secret things that even the creators were not even aware of)
(Thor would be like a toddler, shouting of happiness every time they found a new hint)
(And Steve would be the leader of course, shouting at everybody and extremely sad when they don’t break the record.)