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The Avenger Act  Part  1/3 -Avengers x Reader-  [REQUEST]

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Summary: You are the daughter of the Joker and Harley, but unlike your parents you want to fight for good with superheros, while trying to hide your insane persona from your friends.

RTA/N: I’m really sorry this took so long!!


You sighed, wishing the jet would take you to the fight already. Luckily you had your friend Tony the Can Man to keep you company. “Come on dude! It’s a giant building, is it really that hard to fly to one building?!”

Tony sighs, “ Why did I have to stay in back up with you?” He presses more buttons on the big array of buttons at the pilot’s seat. “We’ll be there shortly.”

You smile, about time! It’s felt like years since you were able to punch actual people in the face. You sit back down in your seat, remembering that you had to act normal around your friends, if they knew about the real you…. no. That was never going to happen. “We have arrived.” FRIDAY halts your train of thought.

“Thanks Friday,” Clint thanks. You began to smile as you felt the back door of the jet open. You got up and looked out at the blue sky, then the ground. There you found Sam, the other bird man, Widow woman, Sparky, the Wicked Witch, and Dash fighting against a man with heavy body armor and bird poop, or white paint on his mask. You remember Clint calling him Crossbones, what a funny name.

“FRIDAY, put the jet in auto pilot and head back to the tower.” Tony’s helmet began to consume his face, leading to a robotic poker face. You and Clint take the jet safety ropes and get ready to jump out the plane into the fight, but before you can think you feel Tin Man rush past you and into the sky to knock Crossbones off a platform of the unfinished building where Hydra were planning to take over.

“Well, lets not keep them waiting!” You tell Clint as you take your step out into the sky. You lean forward and feel the weight of the sky pull you out of the jet.

As your gloves slide against the rope with the wind rushing through your hair, you remember all the times you spent with your parents. The shows you pulled with your crazy father, and playing jokes with your insane mother. People even called them “The Joker” and “Harley Quinn.”

They allowed you to do anything and everything, except being or helping a hero. You took that as a challenge, so you left your home and family to join the hottest band of hero’s the Avengers.

You fade back to existence to find you on the ground surrounded by armed Hydra agents. You reached your dominant hand to your whip holster. You grabbed your custom made electrified whip and cracked it like you were about to perform a show. “Alright, who’s first?” You challenge.

As the Hydra agents begin to open fire an arrow slaps a guard in the face. You look up to find Clint slide down his rope. “Anyone else?” He challenges, as you and him stand back to back ready to fight. As you begin to shoot your whip, missals begin to fly down to greet the hydra agents.

“How could you have started without me?” Tony asks as Hydra agents go flying in the air.

“Yah well, we forgot your invitation,” you sigh. You put your whip away and jump up to the metal bars of the unfinished buildings. As you spun like the athletes of the Olympics, you remember being a child with your mother. You remember staring at her with awe as she flew through the air and across the buildings of Gotham City. She taught you never to fear the heights, because if I mess up I will be sure to fly.

You roll onto the thin floor above the city. You must have dozed off because before you knew it you were above the sky-high buildings with the Avengers fighting below you. You observe the floor to find the much more hefty then the other Hydra agents, Crossbones, fighting your friends Mr. History, and Tin Man.

As you view the crazy Hydra meanie punch and hurt the people you call your friends, you feel a bomb tick inside your mind, and you knew that any moment it was gonna blow. Crossbones lifts his arm up, ready to knock Steve out cold, you act fast and shoot your whip to grapple his hand, and lock it into place above his head. But surprisingly, the shock doesn’t faze the intimidating giant. He powers through the pain and holds onto your whip to fling you above his head.

Tony acts quick and shoots a laser at the whip, snapping it in half, and sending you high in the air. You use your remaining rope to grapple a loose steel cable caching you above the three.


You felt the bomb continue to count in your mind. You looked down at Crossbones again, and suddenly shoving a knife through his monstrous face didn’t seem like that bad of an idea. No. You had to contain it.

You look down to find Steve punch Crossbones’ mask off his head, and showing
off disgusting burns from the time Steve stopped Hydra from taking over Shield.
Seeing an opportunity, you let the whip slip through your palm, letting you fall to tackle him.

Tony and Steve stop fighting him as you fall onto his back and strangle him with your remaining string of whip. Hopefully this would do it, now that his helmet was removed. It didn’t. Instead, he grabbed you by your back and slammed you on the ground in front of his feet. You felt a wave of pain run up your back, and your vision became blurry. Lights began to burst as you tried to get away, but Crossbones was determined to keep you. He grabbed your arm and flung you out the building like a piece of trash. You felt the pressure of the sky slam against your body as you flailed, you almost felt like you were flying. After what felt like seconds you felt a lump of force hit your side. “That’s it,” you thought, “I’m dead.”

“Y/N, Y/N!” Your eyes jolted open to find yourself in Thors arms, did he die too? You look around, you were at the bottom of the building, and to your pleasure you found Crossbones on the ground too, bleeding like a stuffed pig.

Tick… Tick… Tick……. Tock

The ticking stopped. The bomb has gone off. Splatters of red clouded your vision. You glared at the man that nearly hurt your friends. As he made his way to his feet you felt yourself distancing yourself away from your friends and following the man. It doesn’t take long for him to see you, and he sprints away. A sinister smile flashes on your face, and you run after him.

“Ha ha ha!” You chuckle, “Is this a game of tag?” You shout to him.

“Get away from me! Just leave with your useless friends!” He shouts back at you and jumps into the building debris, which causes more ruble to fall. You immediatly begin to dig your way through the wreckage with your smile still intact. He was the only thing that mattered now.

You jump out into a shadowy room with pillars reaching to the ceiling, or what was left of the ceiling. Your eyes focused on an abandoned hammer, and your brain clicked. You picked up the hammer and ran to Crossbone’s lingering shadow.

Ok, I’m sorry, but I have to stop it here, I’ve been stuck on this story for so long and I felt just more and more guilty about how late it is, but now I realized that with school and such, that if I don’t get it out now, it won’t ever come out. I will try to get the next part out soon, thanks for sticking with me!

I don’t even know if I want to continue this to be honest, just tell me what you think!

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The End Of All Things

I’m trying something new….

What if it was you. What if it was you as Peggy, what if you had to say goodbye to Steve.

(Song suggestion : The End Of All Things by Panic! At The Disco)

“He’s on the ship!!”

“He made it!”

“He’s asking for you!”

You feet couldn’t have carried you quick enough to the console. Your heart was fluttering in your chest at the thought of seeing Steve again. The plans for your dancing date hung in the air along with your breath as you pressed the button.

“Y/N?! Is that you?”

“It’s me Steve!”

Pause. “Good. I need you to-”

“Turn it around, come home.”

“I can’t.”

Your whole being grew heavy. “Steve, what are you saying?”

“It’s going to go off.”


“If I can land it in the ocean, the city will be safe from the blast.”

Your breath caught, a wave of heartache washing over you.



Pause. “I don’t know how to dance.” He let out a small chuckle.

“I’ll have to try my best to teach you then, won’t I?” A small tear fell from your eye.

“Yeah, you will. I’ll see you at six then.”

Another tear. “Don’t you dare be late.”

“I won’t be.” You could feel his smile, true and proud. “Y/N, no matter-”

“Steve. No. Just don’t be late.” More tears cascaded down your cheeks.

“Okay, but Y/N, I lov-”





You pulled away from the console, small drops of water falling into your lap from your face. You closed your eyes, but all you saw were his blue ones. A bright blue full of the hope you needed, the hope you clung to. Blue as the sea that had swallowed him away. The blue eyes you would never see again.

You felt a hand on your shoulder, but you didn’t move. You needed to get ready. You stood up and fixed your skirt.

“Where are you going?” Howard asked, his eyes slightly red from tears. You wiped your own eyes before responding.

“I owe him a dance.”




“I knew you wouldn’t be late.”

“Much has happened, but I made it.”

“You did.” You beamed proudly, meeting his hopeful eyes. Something lingered in his gaze.

“The way I feel has remained the same, despite the changing time.”

You just smiled, your fragile hand reaching from his strong one. Your eyes closed.

It was sadness that was hidden behind his eyes.

He was in love, even as they lowered your casket into the earth.

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Part one’s here! 

Warning: You go crazy.

A/N: Sorry it took so long! But it’s a long Imagine ;) Poor Tony tho 

I made you a Female!Reader but you can also read this as Male!Reader.

You didn’t know what had made you snap. If it had been the smell of coffee in the kitchen, the cluttering sounds from the dishes or just the reunion of the whole group after the two week long mission they only had finished a day before. 

It all happened so fast. 

Like a klick you snaped, let all the dishes fall to the ground, and the voices suddenly not only in your head, but instantly turning you, being you. They weren’t caged up there anymore. They were free and they wanted the Avengers hurt and, most of all, dead. 

The Avengers stared at you, confusion written over their faces as you stared into the air. You griped the egde of the table tightly beside Tony and let your glance slid over them. Slowly, calculating. 

“[Y/N], are you okay? You look a liitle bit pale.” Asked Bruce, but you shook your head, a fake smile on your lips. You glanced down, scanned the table and spotted a kitchen knife, only a few inches away from you.

“I am just a little bit exhausted, Bruce.” Your voice was emotionless. “Don’t worry.” 

 “Are you sure?” Asked Tony, a frown on his face. 

“Yes. I’m fine.” You answered and let your index finger slid over the knife, before grabbing it and turning to Bruce, trying to stab him in a fast and merciless move. 

But you froze, red shimmering light caressed your skin like a veil. 

Wanda, you concluded annoyed. 

Bruce looked up at you, shock written all over his face. Slowly, he pushed the chair back, making a distance between him and the knife which almost stabbed his eye hadn’t Wanda used her powers to stop you. He wasn’t shaking, he wasn’t hulking out. He was… appalled. Something in you was dissappointed. 

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Natasha standing up and making her way over to Bruce, softly taking his arm into her hand. “I will take Bruce out.” The look thrown your way as she left with Bruce was hard, unforgiving.

“Wanda, make her let go the knife.” Clint said, and as soon as he finished the sentence, you felt the light opening your fingers, careful not to hurt you, and the knife fell down. Then, it pushed you back into a chair, fixing you there. 

“I can’t hold her forever.”

“Clear the room.” Steve said coldly and your heart stung. You wished you could move, wished you could tell him that it wasn’t you who controled your body. “Tony, Wanda, you can stay, I’ll need your help. The rest, go find Bruce and Natasha and call Fury.”

They nodded and left. 

“What’s wrong with her?” Tony uttered, his eyes fell onto you. “Wanda, can you let her talk?” 


The light left your head and you took a deep breath, feeling a rush of air burning your lungs.

“[Y/N], can you tell us what happened? Why did you try to stab Bruce?”

You, the voices, glared at Tony. 

“Answer us, [Y/N]. You just tried to kill Bruce.” Steve’s voice softened. “Did the voices tell you to hurt Bruce?”  He took a chair and sat down diagonally beside you, putting a hand on your shoulder. You tensed, a warm fuzzy feeling filled you. 

“I can look into her mind. Maybe she can’t talk?” 

Steve bit his lip and looked at Tony, a question on his mind. You knew he didn’t like it when Wanda used her mind tricks but it was necessary. Tony nodded, agreeing. 

A strange feeling flooded your mind. 

“She’s screaming.” Wanda’s words hit you like a truck. Did she really read your thoughts? Your real thoughts? “She cannot control herself. Something, there is something that does not want her to be her. Voices. Dark voices. Light voices. Scary voices. They’re torturing her.” She paused. “Steve, I have the feeling the voices don’t like it that you touch her. They do not speak to me, but I feel them. They hate you the most.” 

“Why?” asked Tony. 

Wanda shook her head. She had known why the moment she sensed the voices, surrounding you like crows, whispering sick things into your mind. “Because she likes Steve the most.” She looked at Steve and he instantly knew what she had meant. “Steve, I can’t hold her anymore.”

“Let her go, she won’t hurt us.“ He sounded so sure, too sure and as soon as Wanda let you go, you kicked Tony between his legs, jumped up and threw your fist in in Wanda direction, only to be blocked by Steve’s tight grib. You screamed and kicked furiously out, but he turned you swiftly around and pinned you against his chest.  

“Shh, [Y/N]. It’s me. Steve. Don’t let them control you. It’s your body, it belongs to you and they have no right to use it. Don’t let them control you. Control them.”Steve said, his voice soft, full of compassion and calmness as he held you tightly against his chest, your arms being fixed so you couldn’t do something. “Breath. In and out.” 

Again, you felt something snap, something turn, something being pushed away, and the next breath you took, was yours. Completely yours. 

You had your control back. 

Steve… the man you had the biggest crush on… Steve had brought you back. It was both astonishing and eerie. 

“Steve?” You whispered shakily and gripped his muscular arms as if they were your anchor, holding you in place. Safety. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I didn’t know something like this could happen.” You sniffed. 

“We’ll help you. I promise we find a way.”  He murmured, pressed his lips against the top of your head and tugged you closer against his chest while cradling you. “We won’t let something happen to you.” 

(Requests for Imagines and Headcanons are open.) 

A Shoulder To Cry On

Prompt: 28. “Were you ever going to tell me?”
32. “I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong, and don’t try lying to me.”

Characters: Bruce Banner x Reader

Words: 500+

Bruce woke up by a buzzing noise from his phone on the nightstand. He sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes slowly. Bruce grabbed his phone and saw what the time was, it said 4:30am, he had received several text messages from you.


Are you awake?

I fucked up pretty badly.

Can you come over?

Please Bruce, it’s an emergency.


Bruce got really worried, and quickly got out of bed stumbling around in his room to get dress. He grabbed his car keys from the dresser and ran though the tower. Tony starred at Bruce when he ran past the lab.

Bruce rushed to your apartment; you lived about 10 minutes away from the tower. Bruce couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened, and what you meant with ‘I fucked up pretty badly,’ He parked the cat outside of your building and took the stairs.

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Avengers Alcohol headcanons

Cap: Samuel adams, like he wont drink bad beer but he’s not going to drink pretentious craft beer either, he finds that reasonably priced medium. The guy in the bar who feels like he can instruct the bartender on what channel should be playing on the TV and how loud it should be. After four beers he starts to point a lot.

Tony: He crosses the broad spectrum of alcohol, like from toasting everyone with Dom Perignon 2008 Vintage champagne to ‘ay who wants to watch me down this bud light lime out of caps helmut’ just 100- 0 real quick

Natasha: no its not stoli or russian standard, not all her vodka is russian you stereotyping fuks, but hey, you want some i have some out back its 89% and was brewed in a soviet war bunker by a guy named ivan, it’ll burn a hole in your tongue, your oesophagus and your soul, here i’ll pour you a shot

Bruce: Doesn’t know anything about wine but if he just asks for ‘the house wine’ at restaurants he knows he’s gonna sound like he’s ‘with it’ 

Falcon: classy belvedere vodka done in shots from the tackiest plastic shot glass he got free from a sale bottle of Sierra Nevada. Is in charge of the jukebox/ipod dock/aux cord and no one appreciates that but they should

Thor: MEAD and ALE served in TANKARDS by WENCHES and… you know… I guess Heineken or whatevers on tap is fine too…. I mean it’s not served in an ivory and gold drinking horn but….ok

Rhodey: Sierra Nevada or Blue Moon, beer for the man who knows what the term ‘hops’ actually means. He is the designated driver and knows his limits, he’s defintely only going to have one and then he’s going to make sure Tony isn’t going to steal thor’s cape and try and use the infinity gauntlet as a substitute drinking horn, he is going to be responsible. An hour passes. He is up on a table with tony, both wrapped in the cape, using caps helmet as the substitute drinking horn as they both scull bud light lime while singing sweet caroline

Bucky: Doing shots with natasha


Fine five star cognac aged in oaken barrels in some rich provincial french town shipped to his estate exclusively and served to him by a beautiful lady in a crystal glass carried on a polished vibranium tray as he sits in a plush leather chair overlooking his land

Clint: It’s always tequila, and every time he puts the little plastic sombrero hat on his head and thinks he’s really funny. That or he’s the guy that drunkenly pressures people to eat the tequila worm for an hour and then when no one wants to he does it himself and fifteen minutes later he’s vomiting behind someones car in the driveway

Wanda: did a shot of 89% soviet vodka and is regretting her decisions

Vision: Requires no alcohol as it serves no apparent function. Is enquiring to the whereabouts of a bucket so that he might assist wanda

Spider-man: tony stark let him have a sip of his bud light lime if he promised not to tell cap and it was so rad but oh my god that was so nasty but he cant say that because like its probably fancy millionaire beer, this is the coolest thing that’s ever happened to him, he can’t believe he was even invited to this party.

Ant-man: was not invited to this party

can everyone take a moment to consider what it would be like if the avengers got pokemon go:
  • the day of its release, natasha disappears for a full week and comes back at level 16, with nine different rare pokemon. nobody asks what she did
  • clint uses the vents to track pokemon around the tower, and often jumps down into bedrooms at random moments to catch one. sometimes he loses signal, and you can hear him yelling in frustration through the air vents
  • tony programs the suit to alert him when there’s a pokemon nearby so he can fly there instantly, and he does the same for rhodey. after three days of this, the rest of the avengers confront them and accuse them of cheating. (”you’re supposed to walk, tony.” “shut it steve you’re just jealous that i got the snorlax before you.”)
  • steve catches onto the game lingo surprisingly quick, despite never hearing of pokemon before. he hatches the most eggs.
  • one time on a run, sam and steve saw a jigglypuff appear on their grids. that was the only time sam managed to run faster than steve.
  • the game won’t count pietro’s steps when he runs fast, so he’s taken to figuring out where the pokemon is and directing wanda and vision (and sometimes clint) to it.
  • all the electric-type pokemon show up near thor, so hes become the target of many phones pointing at him. he often thinks theyre taking pictures of him so he smiles, no matter what hes doing.
  • bruce has a small army of eevees, despite rarely leaving the lab
  • when bucky is taken to the tower, its after the game’s release, so he’s startled when everyone drops what theyre doing and grabs their phones when someone yells “SQUIRTLE.” he thinks its code for something and starts keeping a list of the different pokemon names he hears. it takes three weeks for someone to correct him.
  • during a debrief, everyone’s phones vibrates, including fury’s. they all stare at him while he catches a clefairy.
  • the real civil war: tony is team valor and steve is team mystic. the tower is a gym, so they constantly battle over it. one morning, everyone wakes up to find that the gym is now a team instinct gym, with a 3000 CP gyrados guarding it, owned by a player with a russian username. tony and steve stop fighting over the gym.