Reflection in the mirror (Tony Stark X Daughter!reader)

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WARNING:You guys… this one is kind of sad. Sorry :(

To put it simply, you never fit in. At school, at least. Being a Stark already made you stand out from the rest, but when you were eight years old, and ‘magically’ made fire sprout from your palm, it put you on a whole new level. Right up through fifth grade, you were the butt of many jokes, got teased, even bullied by a group of kids, until your father decided enough was enough. He pulled you out of school, and decided to homeschool you at the Avengers tower. 

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Oh my god. 

Flower Crown


Hulk x Reader

Bruce Banner x Reader

Summary: It’s spring time and that can only mean one thing… Flower crowns!

Warnings: Just ridiculous fluff and gentle giant Hulk

I do not profess to be any good at fluff, angst is more my comfort zone. But how many angst Hulk fics already exist? Basically I tried and therefore should not be criticised XD

Y/N sat at the table, singing to herself as she weaved together the stems of the various sunflowers she had piled up on the table. Now that it was spring she had seen the most beautiful flowers bloom and she couldn’t contain herself. She loved flowers. She loved the colours, the smells, the varieties. She just loved them!

“You can learn a lot of things from the flowers~ For especially in the month of June~

She took care to cut and prune each stem carefully, she made sure to choose only the best sunflowers. No missing or bent petals. She wanted it to be perfect.

“There’s a wealth of happiness and romance, alllll in the golden afternoooooon~”

She finished weaving the crown and delicately pulled the rings tight, making sure they were connected and tight. She held it up triumphantly and grinned at her work. Now all she had to do was wait until-

“We’re back!” Steve called out as Y/N heard the whoosh of the elevator doors. She stood excitedly, carrying her flower crown as she made her way to the main lounge area. Steve was talking to Tony, no doubt giving him the details of their mission, her attention however landed on Hulk and she smiled.

“Hulk!” She called as she made her way over to him.

He turned towards her, hearing his name and his scowl slightly lightened up when he saw her.

“I made you this!” She proudly held up the sunflower flower crown.

Hulk craned, bowing his head and allowing Y/N to place the crown on his head. The large flowers looked small in comparison to Hulk’s size, that was one of the reason she chose sunflowers! That and they represented happiness and it never hurt to extend that towards a grump like Hulk.

Clint, who was sitting on the couch playing video games, let out a bellowing laugh.

“Pffft did she make one of those dumb flower crowns again!? You know they just die in a week there’s no… point…” Clint trailed off as he suddenly felt a foreboding presence behind him, he paused his game and turned around, gulping as he saw the hulk glare down at him.

“Got a problem?” Hulk said in a low and dangerous voice.

Clint wondered how someone could still be terrifying while wearing a flower crown as a chill ran down his spine.

“No, no! Not me? Pfft no way, I’m actually… JEALOUS! Yeah jealous that she hasn’t made me one. That’s why I… Lashed out.” He glanced over at Y/N and waved at her with a twitching grin. “Sorry Y/N! You know l didn’t mean it!” He laughed nervously while mentally pleading Hulk wouldn’t kill him.


Hulk stalked away and Clint heaved a sigh, leaning into the couch. He made a mental note only to tease Y/N when big green wasn’t around.

(Not) Sorry

Based on this. (@crazypantsjewels)

Somebody kill me.

Tony groaned into what was probably a pillow. His body hurt everywhere, shoulders stiff and back screaming in hellish pain. For a brief moment, it felt like those times in Afghanistan, where he had all but a nice and dusty floor to sleep on, but the warm leg twisted over his accompanied by soft snoring rushed the panic away before it could even peek out.

“Friday, remind me why I made the terrible decision of sleeping on this horrid couch,” he grumbled. His joints screeched at him as he sat up. I. Am. Old.

“Because you and Mr. Parker decided to play Mario Kart at 11:07 pm and fell asleep at 3:42 am, right before your character was thrown off Rainbow Bridge.”

Oh, right.

“Wait, what? He threw me off?” Tony glared at the kid sprawled out on the narrow end of the orange couch. “Little shit. I picked Yoshi and he got jealous.”

“I told you to choose the purple one.”

“What the everloving—”

Tony shifted his glare over the back of the couch. Loki’s returning stare was of amusement.

“Jesus, that’s it! I’m gonna buy you a bell,” Tony stated. He gently lifted Peter’s scrawny leg from his knee and stretched – ow pain, ow pain, said his muscles – before getting off the couch. His gaming remote tumbled to the floor. “And you wanted me to pick Waluigi. Waluigi. Friendship revoked.”

Loki huffed, stabbing at his half-frozen waffles. He was still trying to figure out how some things were supposed to be food and seemed pretty keen on getting to understand. Even if sometimes it made him beyond irritated. He did not understand toast, for example. Or tacos. Or cheesecake. Or cookies. Or pop-tarts, definitely not pop-tarts, which had made for entertaining debates with Thor.

Tony snorted at his bemused expression. “Just pour some milk and granola on a bowl before you give yourself an aneurysm.”

“Your ‘milk’ is fowl.”

“Oh great, another one who thinks milk is murder. You gonna tell me the Earth is flat, too?”

“What? Quit speaking nonsense, Man of Iron.”

“You already working on your anti-vaccination petitions?”

Tony felt more than saw Bruce opening the fridge behind him, probably to dig out the eggs and the milk in question. He always made pancakes for breakfast when he was around in the mornings. Speaking of which…

“Friday, give me hours.”

“8:50 in the morning, boss.”


Vision’s hand suddenly stretched out to grab Loki’s uneaten plate of (mashed) waffles and started to bring out pots and pans to help with breakfast. Water was already boiling on the stove and Tony could bet that was Bruce’s tea.

“I think what Loki means is that he doesn’t really like milk,” Bruce said.

“Sacrilege.” Loki’s eye-roll was so damn near perfect, Tony envied it. He turned to the living room. “Up and at it, Spidey. You’re late for school. Don’t want Aunt May on my ass again.”

There was a low, dragged out groan from the occupied couch, a flash of feet – one with the sock on and the other in a sneaker – and Peter was up. Tired and disoriented, but still up. Maskless, even. Took him a while, but he’d finally decided at least some of the Avengers should know who he was in case of emergency. And what better half of the Avengers than the ones that were legal?

Discounting Loki, but Loki… was Loki.

“I was under the idea that schools closed during weekends,” Vision mused, closing a cabinet.

Bruce smiled at him when Tony raised an eyebrow, that exasperated yet fond smile he had really missed. “Tony, it’s Saturday.”

“Oh. Is it?”

“Yes, boss.”

Damn, I am really off track.

“False alarm, kid. Go to your room, catch some Z’s. Or would you rather I drive you back home? I’m sure May will want to check up on you.”

Peter yawned in response and sat on his self-claimed bar stool. It was his favorite spot in the kitchen, for some reason. Did a lot of homework there, listening to Tony and Bruce’s heated science arguments. Tony supposed it was because of the vents’ entrance right over it. Easy access to a tall, dark place and whatnot. Freaking spiders and their spider-lings.

It also reminded him of someone who had a bad habit of sneaking around in vents and he didn’t know how to feel about that.

“Nah, I’m good, Mr. Stark. I wanna be awake for… you know.”

Tony watched him rub his eyes, and for a brief moment, was reminded of how young he was. “For what? Adventure Time reruns?”

All noise in the kitchen stopped at his words. Even Loki wasn’t unperturbed.

“Uh, no…?” Peter frowned at him. “Mr. Stark, you do know what day today is, right?”

“Is it your birthday? Shit I thought I had that memorized already—”

“It’s the fourteenth,” Bruce enlightened. He kept cracking the eggs, but his tone was clipped.

Vision didn’t look much better. Today, the once fugitive team of former Avengers returns to the country, in order to sign the renewed Accords.”

Shit. Shit.

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Inspired by tisfan. Prequel to the Chibi Avengers production of “Little Shop of Horrors.” Bruce is helping with the technical aspects, fixing the lights and other electronics. Peter was supposed to be on curtain duty, but got stuck in the ropes. Thor is using mjolnir to construct the props and background, like the cityscape. Loki is working on the costumes.

If you have scribble ideas for chibi Marvel/Avengers, suggestions may be sent via message or inbox. If the idea sticks, I will doodle them out.  If I don’t, it doesn’t mean it was a bad idea (just depends on time I have available and inspiration–to each their own, right?). 

RoboCop x T-Pain
  • [y/n]: Baby girl,
  • Captain Underpants: Excuse me?
  • RoboCop: What?
  • Birdman: What's your name?
  • Mom: Oh no
  • Captain Underpants: I am very confused.
  • The Giant Angry Booger's Shy but Sweet Brother: Why are all the names wrong?
  • [y/n]: Let me me talk to you,
  • Man-of-Iron: Define "wrong"
  • Under-roos: Wrong; adjective - not correct or true.
  • Birdman: Let me buy you a drink
  • The Thing That Lives In the Vents: Guys it's 3 in the morning
  • Man-of-Iron: It's 5 o'clock somewhere
  • Under-roos: California, Los Angeles, -3 Hours from New York Time.
  • [y/n]: I'm T-Pain,
  • Fix-it-Felix: No you are [y/n]
  • Fix-it-Felix: Who is Felix
  • "[y/n]" has changed their user to "T-Pain"
  • Captain Underpants: Guys, this group chat was made for missions or emergencies only!
  • Under-roos: I'm sorry Mr Rodgers.
  • Man-of-Iron: Oooo look at cap using that exclamation mark!
  • Birdman: You know me
  • Fix-it-Felix: This is an emergency
  • Fix-it-Felix: Our friends have gone mad
  • Mom: He's not wrong
  • T-Pain: Konvict Music,
  • Birdman: Nappy Boy,
  • RoboCop: ooh wee
  • T-Pain: :o
  • RoboCop: :)
  • The Giant Angry Booger's Sweet but Shy Brother: That was an unexpected
  • The Thing That Lives In the Vents: RoboCop x T-Pain

Bruce Is Flying Nat’s Colors Again: Black and Red!!

Look very carefully at the Bruce Banner in the Mystery Minis above. He’s wearing red and black shoes just like the Bruce Banner in the Funko Pops! Black Widow-colors!!! 

Imagine Natasha wearing her Hulk-Gem necklace and Green and Purple wardrobe to remind her of Bruce (“Thinking about ya, Doc!”) while he’s lightyears away on Sakaar strapping on his red and black cross-trainers and a red and white t-shirt under his black and gray suit and thinking of her, “Gotta stay tough for Nat!”

Tools and Things

Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader

Request: Anon. asked: Ooh can you do a Bruce Banner fic with prompt 38? Thank you

Prompt #38: You are such a nerd.

Warnings: Nothing, just pure fluff, and adorableness. (I felt like Brucie needs some happiness)

Word count: 1102

Summary: Reader comes home from a three-month mission as a field medic, healing the Avengers in action, when needed. It’s nearly Christmas, so the pair wants to spend as much time together as possible before the reader has to leave again. 

A/N: I actually had a lot of fun writing this one. It’s kind of unusual, but I love it.
The setting is in winter, mostly because that’s my favorite season and I’m really hating the heat right now. (Lollllll I’m dying)

/////Let me know if you want to be tagged in my work!

“You’ll never catch me!” I shout breathlessly, running through the halls of the base in fuzzy socks and pajamas. Bruce trails behind, struggling to maintain a fast pace with his new pair of socks. I slide just in time to round a corner, fumbling slightly. A thud and a groan catch my attention. Slowing to a stop and looking back, I find Bruce on his side, pushing himself back up. 

I’m hunched over, hair in my face and hands on my knees when a wave of giggles erupt. He looks up eyes wide and smirking. I immediately put a hand to my mouth to cover the snickering.
“Are you laughing at me?” He chuckles as he gets to his feet once again, his eyes meeting mine from across the hall. 

I shake my head, desperately trying to control myself.

“Come here, you,” he starts running towards me. It takes a minute to process what’s happening, and then I take off in the other direction, running into the lounge area. 

Laughter and squeals echo throughout, drawing some attention from a certain captain and his bird friend. 

“Are they always like this?” Sam asks, taking a sip of his coffee as he watches the pair of us chasing each other and jumping over the couches, only to trip over something and scramble back to our feet again. 

“Only around the holidays,” Cap sighs, as he too, take a sip of his coffee. 

Suddenly, the science geek’s feet slide out from under him as he attempts to round the side of the couch to grab me. I take that as an opportunity to hurry up the stairs, taking a quick glance out the windows at the gentle falling snow, before sprinting up the last set, Bruce quickly catching up. 

Through laughter and panting, I run through the level, Bruce nearly close enough to tackle me. I act fast, putting my hand on the nearest door frame and pulling myself in when Bruce goes sliding past. I hurry into the room, just realizing where we had ended up; the lab. 

Tony stands in front of a projected computer screen almost as tall as the room itself. He turns his upper half to catch me gliding towards the work station in the middle of the room. I close my eyes, breathing heavily, placing my hands down on its surface. My hair falling over my face as I chuckle slightly. Tony, still bewildered, opens his mouth to say something when Bruce comes rushing in, stopping in his tracks when he meets his friend’s eyes. 

“Come on, (y/n), I’m going to get you eventu-….heyyy Tony,” He scratches his neck awkwardly. 

“What- what’s up?” He stutters, shifting his eyes from the billionaire’s to mine and back again. 

“I could ask you the same thing, Banner,” Tony crosses his arms, smirking at the two of us while I’m patting my hair down and straightening my t-shirt out.

“We were just uh,” He looks away, not knowing what to say. 

“It’s all good Green Giant, I have security cameras, remember?” Tony points out, grinning. Bruce just looks away, his face turning a slight shade of red. I tuck my hair behind my ear, playing with the strings on my plaid shorts.

“And well, as for what I’m doing, I’m working on the project we were supposed to be working on today,” Tony turns around, waving his hands in front of the holographic screen, causing some formulas and equations to appear.

The Avenger steps forward, analyzing the data intently before turning to Tony, confused.

“But I thought you said we would start tomorrow, not today.”

Tony smiles, reaching out to pat Bruce’s shoulder, before leaning in slightly to look him in the eye, “I did,” he shrugs, “because it’s not every day she gets to come home,” Tony gestures towards my oblivious self, messing with some tools lying out. “So I figured you should enjoy your time with her before she has to go on her mission after the holidays.” 

Bruce glances over at me, smiling in adoration as I meddle with some of the contraptions. He looks back at Tony, “Thank you,” Bruce mutters.

“Hey, Tony?” I interrupt. Tony gives Bruce one last pat before making his way across the room to me. 

“What’s this?” I inquire when he reaches me, holding up a moderately sized metal object.

“Oh, don’t mess with that. It’s unstable…” Bruce rushes over to take the object from my hands, gently setting it down out of my reach. Tony snickers, putting his hand on his forehead. 

“Why, what is it?” I ask, suddenly intrigued.

“It’s a bomb that you should not be messing with,”  Bruce shoots me a glare, which causes Tony to burst out laughing. 

“Bruce, Bruce, that bomb is deactivated it’s not going to do anything,” Tony tries to reassure his friend, but it doesn’t work. 

“Tony, it’s a prototype bomb. We don’t want it going off and vaporizing everything within a sixty-mile radius.”

“The palladium charge was cut when we started tinkering with it. It can’t go off unless somebody decides it’s a good idea to shoot it.”

Here I sit, in a lab with a bomb, and a pair of science geeks arguing. I’m home after being on a long mission, it’s nearly Christmas, and it’s snowing. Life cannot get any better than this. 

“Well I’m going to have to stop you two there, may I remind you that I am a medical officer. I don’t understand all of these scientific terms,” I cross my arms and lean my hip against the surface, letting a grin makes its way across my lips. 

“And I obviously don’t know what half of these tools and things are,” I gesture to the work area, parts and components scattered along its surface. 

Tools and things? This,” Bruce holds up a computer chip, laced with hexagons. “is a backup drive for F.R.I.D.A.Y. And this is a more efficient palladium reactor that can power one of Tony’s suits,” He points out, getting lost in his little world of technology. He only stops when I wrap my arms around his neck, looking into his brown eyes.

“You are such a nerd,” I say simply before placing a chaste kiss on his cheek. 

“Aw, this one’s going in the family album.” Tony stands behind us, tucking his phone in his pocket. 

I laugh before turning back to Bruce, “I’m going to make some hot chocolate, do you want some?” 

He nods and follows me out the door before turning to Tony and mouthing another “Thank you.”

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