bruce and tony vs. the universe

This is sure true, Tony does take the time to create his inventions and does it himself so he knows JUST how they work and also he tests them himself so he makes sure they work to his liking…>.> I’m a huge fan for both but I agree and I also put my money on Iron-Man to win a fight with Batman as well…if others don’t agree fine then.


Alternate ‘AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON’ TV Spot reveals IRON MAN assembling into HULKBUSTER!

I keep seeing this post or that hypothesizing which characters are going to ‘die’ in Infinity War, so before we start the spiral of animosity that preluded CACW I’d just thought I’d put out there that in the comics? Everyone dies. They ALL do. Steve, Tony, Peter, Wanda, Thor, Bruce, etc. And they all died very, very bravely. If the movie version follows Gauntlet, each and every one of us will have reason to be proud of our faves, whoever they be. The only one left at the very end of the Thanos vs. the universe scenario is…

…Nebula (well, and Adam Warlock but that’s another story… he has a history with the soul gem that’s going to be bit of a problem in the future, should Feige pull that thread). Anyway, Nebula is actually the one who saves the day, she gets the gauntlet, resets the universe, and all who died come back with nary a hair out of place.

So can we stop the ‘this person is so dead and dying’ posts as the means to prop up your faves at the expense of someone else's please? Honestly fandom!