Break everything I am.

I really don’t think I have the right to say sorry for disappearing anymore nor will I say I am back for good. Working through a few requests at the moment so you can at least expect some contents in the next few days! 

This was sort of inspired by Sam Smith’s Too Good At Goodbyes and the timeline is pretty blurry/mixed here and as per usual, there are probably mistakes here and there and it’s a little bit over 1500 words too, if that is any form of compensation. So I hope you will still enjoy this!

“He proposed.”

It takes every ounce of control you have to not react to what your son has just told you. You hum in response, a little bit thankful that you have your back turned to him, as you finish making tea for the both of you. Pouring the tea in the mugs, you turn around to give one to Damian – who is staring, no, it is a cross between glaring and frowning at you – before taking a seat beside him.

“She said yes.” Damian grips the mug tightly, not even minding the fact that the mug is still fairly hot. What he does mind is the lack of response from you.

You pull the comforter over your lap, very well aware that your son is glaring holes on your face. It takes a few seconds for you to slowly nod your head. Damian continues to look at you and you bring the mug up to your lips, sipping the tea but unfortunately, the news he brought with him made the tea taste extremely bitter.

“Mother – “

You rarely ever cut off Damian having been one of the few adults that would actually listen to him but this time, it is different and the surprise definitely shows on his face when you not too gently set your mug on the coffee table in front of you.

“Damian, I am not sure what you want me to do… or to say.” You begin carefully. You cannot lie and say that hearing the news from Damian instead of Bruce did not hurt you because it did – mostly because you had expected Bruce to be the one to tell you a news this big. “Your father and I…,” You shake your head as you try to reign in your scattered thoughts. “I understand that you do not like Selina but once upon a time, you also did not like me either.” You had to smile at this – Damian has the decency to flush lightly before bristling in anger, or annoyance – you could not tell at this point.

“That is different!” He hisses and you narrow your eyes at him and he visibly deflates before placing his mug on the coffee table. “Sorry for raising my voice at you, mother.” He grumbles and you nod your head, prompting him to continue talking. “It is just that she is not a good match for him – and I do not want her.”

At times like this, you really wish you can string words together eloquently but you understand that change is something hard for Damian to accept and trying to coerce him to accept Selina will probably result in the opposite. Deep down inside, you cannot help but feel a tad bit happy to know that Damian is feeling this way – no one ever said you were not petty.

Despite what has happened, Damian is still your son and he still thinks of you very highly too – he never lets you forget, neither of them ever do too – and your opinion and understanding are two of the things he often seeks from you. The same can be said for the rest of the boys too even though you have separated from Bruce.

Trying to overlook the hurt and the tinge of regret, you decide to push this matter to the back of your head, filling it for when you actually have a moment to yourself. You simply decide to do what you think Damian actually needs from you: you wrap your arms around him and pull Damian in your arms, burying your nose in his hair. Tears well up in your eyes as you take a whiff of his scent – he smells just like him and suddenly you feel very tired and sad. It takes Damian a few seconds to wrap his own pair of arms around you, relaxing in your embrace. This is how the two of you spent the night – just you comforting your son in the best way you can think of and Damian basking in your warmth. The same warmth that has been missing from the manor for the past year.

The next morning is a whole different story. You had woken up to Damian preparing breakfast for you and it almost touched you that he still remembers all of your breakfast food – you had wanted to do the same for him but he had beat you to it. The two of you did not talk about the news he brought last night and when it was time for Damian to return back to the manor, you let him leave with a heavy heart.

Just as you think you finally have time to think about the news, Jason comes in through your window. If you were anyone else, you probably would have been surprised and screamed bloody murder but alas, you were used to it. The two of you had a staring contest for the longest of times before Jason pads over to you, wrapping his arms around you.

“I’m sorry, Ma.” He murmurs.

You simply tighten your hands on the back of his jacket, shaking your head. You did not need the pity – you have made your grave and now, you simply need to lay in it.

“Do you want something to eat?” You ask after a while, finally pulling away from him. Jason looks at you. “I have leftovers from breakfast – Damian made some of my favourites.” You explain, pulling Jason to the kitchen.

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I’d like to believe that every Avenger collects their own action figures and toys, and they compete to see how many they can find in stores, online and over seas just because they can.

  • Steve beats them all because everyone loves Captain America
  • Natasha finds hand made statues from Russia
  • Tony tracks down every toy and action figure of Iron man from when he first went public 
  • Thor likes to find toy Mjolnir’s because it makes him happy
  • Bruce is just fine without anything
  • Clint is bummed that there are hardly any toys/action figures/legos/bobbleheads of him, and just settles with one little tsumtsum instead.
Intertwining Your Soul (Thor Odinson) Soulmate AU

Thor is shocked when a soulmate tattoo begins to form on his arm. He goes to the Avengers for help but finds her there. What will Thor do when he has to choose between his soulmate and his love, Jane?

A/N: so this isn’t my best work and there will be a part 2! Also, I would have posted this yesterday but while looking for gifs I got lost in a few imagines that popped up ahaha

Warnings: Angst, soul-tearing - bruh

Words: Too many


Gif belongs to @sexualthorientation

Thor didn’t know what he was expecting when he returned to East after Loki’s death. The loss of his brother shook him to the core and he knew he would never be the same. The one good thing left was her, Jane, the love of his life.

He’d heard that mortals have something known as a ‘soulmate’ which is identified by the matching tattoos. The tattoos grew from the time you receive them at age 12 to the time you find your soulmate, then growing would stop. Some never found their soulmate which results in a whole limb being covered in the tattoo. 

Some peoples soulmates die and this results in their tattoo turning white. Jane’s soulmate had died a couple years ago and also it was heart-wrenching, she managed to push on and eventually, she found him, Thor. But the tattoo from her past remained, staining her bicep in a range of patterns. They say that the tattoos patterns link to the soul’s foundations and may even be able to predict the two should future together- studies have been conducted by there can only be so much looked at; most of it is guesswork.

Sitting on the couch, with Jane next to him, Thor began so feel an uncomfortable pain in his forearm. Looking at it, there was no physical sign there was anything wrong, so he returned to watching the amusing box the mortals call a T.V. Yet again, Thor’s arm began burning and this time he could not ignore it. The pain was extensive and caused him to pull away from Jane and cradle his arm to his chest. “Thor? What’s wrong?”

“Something is wrong with my arm.” The pain began to simmer down, letting Thor breathe a sigh of relief. Jane began tearing up, “T-thor? Let me see your arm.” This confused Thor, why was his Lady nearly in tears? Was it for him? Oh, how she cared for him was such a blessing. He could never love another as much as he loved his Jane.

Standing, he held his arm out and let Janes caress it staring at his arm heartbrokenly. Following her gaze, Thor saw an intricate pattern of three swirls connected in the middle. “Ah, this is an ancient symbol, one to show the three stages of life. Typically for women but…” Thor than realised, he’d never had any form of a tattoo before and this was the cause of his pain. Jane put her hand over her mouth in shock and backed away from Thor.

“You… you have a soulmate.”

“That isn’t possible, I’m no mortal.”

As soon as he calmed Lady Jane down, Thor sped off to the Avengers facility, looking for an explanation. This couldn’t happen, no Asgardian had ever had a soulmate tattoo in all their histories. Landing on Stark’s lawn, Thor trudged inside, worn from the current stress.

Steve came out of the kitchen towards the large footsteps of Thor. “Thor! Its good to see you, I didn’t know you were back on Earth.” Grasping each other’s forearms in the usual warrior way, Thor sadly nodded. “Unfortunately, it is not with good news. I need to see Banner and Stark immediately.”

Steve led him straight to the lab where the men were working on locating a certain item. “Stark, Banner.” Thor greeted.

“Point-break!” “Hey Thor, what brings you to Earth?” Banner says, completely ignoring Tony. “Well, I’ve been here a while after the death of my brother, Loki.”

“Finally!- I mean so sorry for your loss…” Tony began but shutting up when he realised it had actually taken a toll on Thor. Bruce shook his head and turned back to Thor, “so what can we do for you?” Thor showed them his arm containing the three connecting swirls that were slowly growing. Thor could see it actually moving within his skin and it disgusted him. “How do I get it off?”

“Thor…” Bruce whispered taking in the sight of the man’s arm. “How long have you had this?” Thor frowned. “Just today, why?”

Bruce shared a look with Tony. “Thor soulmate tattoos grow with you from age 12 and start off as a single black line slowly growing-“ “Yes, I know of this. Jane has explained this to me. What are you trying to say?”

“Thor, you’re tattoo is a day old, it shouldn’t be this big. We can see it growing as well, that’s not normal.” Frowning, Thor puts his hands on his hips. “What does it mean?”

“You’re Asgardian so it could have sped up..?” Tony finally inputs.

“No, it’s not that. I have two theories. The first is that you have never been on Earth long enough for your soul mark tattoo to develop and its just making up for lost time, or…”


“I mean…its been theorised that when a person’s other half is about to die or due to die within the next year, your tattoo with grow exponentially and fate will speed up your time to get you to meet earlier than intended.”

“I don’t get it.” Tony sighed, leaning on the table muttering ‘shit’ constantly while Steve just frowned crossing his arms. Bruce looked around the room before fixing his glasses and crossing his arms.  “Thor, you’re soulmate is going to die within the next year and they don’t even know it, but you do. The fact you have a tattoo at all is amazing..”

“You know this looks familiar… I’ve seen it somewhere before…” Tony was closely inspecting the tattoo, trying to understand where he’s seen it before.

“How do we find-“

“I’m so sorry I’m late!” A lady in heels walked in a bit frazzled from rushing to get here. Not even noticing the situation, she began placing all her files on the desk and blabbering away at the silent men, not realising. “The traffic was horrific on the way up here and then I couldn’t find a carpark, I was almost tempted to park on the lawn. I mean tony you have a lot of money, you think you could put in some more car parks, not all of us can fly in, ya know? Also, someone scorched your grass and I swear it wasn’t me and my fire this time. Poor Jerry’s going to be so upset half his lawns…” (Y/n), in her long sleeved t-shirt and fitted jeans, only just noticed the silence in the unusually loud lab.

Turning around, she spotted Thor.  “Holy shit!” Smacking Tony on the chest, (y/n) mumbled. “Why didn’t you tell me the best Avenger was visiting today. A round of shocked and playful hurt gasps spread around the room. Thor smirked and crossed his arms, looking down at (y/n). He couldn’t deny she was a beautiful woman, it almost appeared she didn’t belong here on Earth, rather Asgard. Hand on his chest, Steve laughed, “I’m hurt (y/n) I always thought I was your favourite.”

“Oh honey, you are something else entirely.” (Y/n) gave a wink and a sultry smile causing Steve to smile, blush slightly and then look away; not wanting to be caught in her gaze. Something about the interaction irked Thor the wrong way and he didn’t like the feeling.

“Hello, Thor, God of thunder and Prince of Asgard, what brings you to this… uh, establishment?”  (Y/n) waved her hands around and stepped closer to Thor, looking into his eyes. Her eyes were seemingly taunting him and as he stared longer he saw images. Images of himself and Loki. Loki bleeding on the floor- Thor looked away quickly causing (y/n) to smirk.  “Sorry about that.” She whispered, before taking a step back.

“My name is (y/n) (y/l/n) but you can call me Fuka (fe-you-ka). I control heat/fire and happen to be the queen of nightmares, so don’t stare at my eyes too long, as you just learnt, or you might be seeing your worst nightmare.” Tony smirked before she held out her hand for friendly terms. Something seemed to snap together in Tony’s mind and instantly he ran towards the two. “No, wait!” But it was too late the two were shaking hands and a heat seemed to spread between the two. (Y/n) understanding instantly and smiling brighter than any of them had ever seen.

Thor was just confused. “What just happened?” Releasing (y/n) caused a slight ache within himself that he couldn’t control. It was strange… the need to be close to her was dire. “You just sealed her fate by beginning the bond process…” Tony sighed.

They all thought of (y/n) like a sister ever since a couple months ago when she terrified a whole town by accident in the first stages of developing her powers. The Avengers stepped in and eventually calmed her down and invited her to the team. She was extremely intelligent within the field of molecular biology and technology. Now she was an Avenger and apparently now Thor’s soulmate.

“Sealed my fate? What?” Thor’s mind seemed to grip onto every word that fell from plump lips. Sensing his staring (y/n) looked to Thor and gave him a wink. Thor snapped out of his stupor and looked towards Tony for answers. “Look at his tattoo.” She grabbed his arm, causing Thor to jolt with the electricity running from her fingertips to his arm. “Holy shit, well either I’m doomed or you should have been on Earth longer than you have.” Running her hand over the vines spreading from the triple spiral, Thor gasped. This was meant to be sensual, Jane had explained that one’s soulmate touching the tattoo was a private and special affair. Yet, (y/n) had no problem touching it in front of their team members.

Both Steve and Bruce were looking away from the pair awkwardly, confirming Thor’s thoughts that this was something private. Blushing, (y/n) pulled away knowing that’s not something to be done in the presence of others. Thor kindly smiled down at her. Something within him was pulling him towards her, ‘it must be the soulmate bond’ he thought.

“That’s what I said (y/n), but there’s no way to tell. So we’ll have to see.” Seeing the two soulmates standing quietly taking peeks at each other, Bruce began walking over to the door. “C’mon lets give them room to go over some things.” “But this is MY lab! Shouldn’t they find a room?” “C’mon Tony.” Steve said, pulling Tony with him. “Keep your clothes on kids! Make good choices!” Tony shouted as he was dragged out.

“So, you’re my soulmate?” Thor said awkwardly. “Yup…”

Both couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other but neither knew what to say. “May I… May I see your-“ “My tattoo? Yeah sure.” Rolling up her sleeve, Thor now saw the extent his tattoo was bound to grow to. The Triskelion was on her forearm, like Thor’s, but the vines and various Nordic symbols that covered her whole forearm was extent. Thor gasped, his was nothing compared to (y/n)’s. Walking forward, without asking, Thor held her arm delicately and brought it close to his face to inspect. He recognised quite a lot of the symbols adorning her arm. (Y/n) gasped when he ran a light finder over a certain snake symbol, and almost moaned. The soulmate tattoo was extremely sensitive to your soulmates touch, which is why it was always something done in private.

“I apologise, its just that-“ “It’s Loki, the god of mischiefs symbol. I know.” Looking up from her arm, Thor realised how close her face was to his. “I did my research, I was curious as to why my soulmate’s soul encased a lot of Norse mythology, but I can see why now.” (Y/n) breathed. Their faces slowly drifted closer, “…since you’re a Norse…god” Her breathes came quicker anticipating his soft lips upon his. (Y/n) closed her eyes, yet a gust of air made her eyes slam open. (Y/n) was alone in the lab… her soulmate gone without a goodbye.


Thor landed on Jane’s balcony, stumbling. Something within him was breaking and making him feel light headed. “Jane..” He whispered. “Jane!” Thor called for his love. Jane came stumbling out with Darcy in tow and upon seeing Thor on the ground she was quick to help. “Thor!” “Mir-mir!” Jane just looked at Darcy, “what? I thought we were calling everybody’s name?”

Jane and Darcy managed to move Thor to the couch and Darcy went off to get some water and a facecloth. “What happened, Thor?” Jane sat next to Thor on the couch, as he was laying down and was kindly brushing his hair away from his face. “Did you talk to the Avengers about what it means?” Thor only nodded, unable to look Jane in the eyes because overtime he did, he saw (y/n)’s beautiful- no he wasn’t going to think about her. Thor loved Jane, damned be to the fates. “What did they say?”

“I met her, Jane. She was there.” Jane pulled away slightly. “Did you come back to tell me you’re breaking up with me?” Thor sat up abruptly, “No, my love. You are the one I love, the fates be damned.” Janes smiled sadly and let tears pool. “Thor, you can’t. As much as I love you, it is not worth losing you.” Thor became confused, why was Jane pushing him away when he was choosing her? His greatest love?

“Thor we can deny our soulmates but we can die in the process. Just look at you, you’ve been away from her an hour and you’re nearly deteriorating. Not many people come away mentally or physically stable. It’s like tearing yourself in two-“ “I’ll do it! For you, for us- always.” And then he kissed her.


Back at the lab (y/n) still stood confused before something like a sledgehammer hit her in the chest. He was denying the bond and as he gets further away from her, the more it hurts (y/n).

“JARVIS….” (Y/n) barely called, sinking to the floor. The edges of her vision were slowly turning black. “Hold on miss, they are on their-“ (Y/N) blacked out.

When she woke up, (y/n) woke up screaming. The burning in her chest and arm was like someone sawing her arm and stabbing her chest simultaneously. “THOR!” She screamed. Various voices came through but she ignored all of them. Her body told her she was dying, her mind screamed in anger at Thor. “Hold her down!”

“We can’t or she might set the whole room alight!”

“Get the sedatives!”

“No! Someone find the fucking prick!”


“Look what he’s doing to her!”

“What’s happening Tony, Bruce?!” A panicked Steve Rogers entered the room hearing the deafening screams from around the compound.

“Thor must have gone against his bond and, I don’t know made contact with another female before they sealed their bond!”

“You mean he’s with Jane right now?”

The sedatives kicked in and it was like drifting in an ocean. (Y/n) felt at peace floating in her black ocean of nothingness. Here she could still think but was unaware of her own body.

How could Thor reject her? Did he know how this worked? If he denied her, if he got through this part he would live on, but there was a high chance she wouldn’t survive having her soul torn in half. Finally giving in, (y/n) fell into a dark hole.

On the outside, the men suddenly stopped at the heart monitor went flat. “Oh no.” Tony and Bruce hurridly started up the defibrillator.

“charging… five hundred… clear!” 



Some fan fiction for you:

These are sample of some DC pages that I am currently working on. Imagine the characters in the Batman Universe Live in George Orwell’s 1984. What would happen to a character like the Joker if he lived in a world that wouldn’t let him be insane. He’d probably go mad!
In this world, Bruce Wayne would probably be a villain.

Bruce Wayne has OCD. He doesn’t realize, because he thinks the preparedness is beneficial and the recurring thoughts keep him focused. He thinks it’s all the usual mess that comes from, well, dressing as a bat and punching criminals while having a ton of trauma. He rationalizes everything. For example, after Jason’s death, he ritually removes any sign of him from the mansion. However, he has to confront it when Damian’s own compulsions almost get him killed.