Just because it has a star on it doesn’t mean it belongs on the top of the Christmas tree. Bucky GET YOUR ARM DOWN FROM THERE!
—  Steve Rogers (probably in the future)
Make Your Bed

Prompt: How about Alfred gets de-aged and the rest of the batfam has to deal with it, and maybe the reader kind of turns into the one who keeps the whole thing going without spinning out into chaos before they can figure out how to get their old Alfred back

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Fandom: Batman

    You wince every time you hear a crash, but you refuse to investigate. Because if you investigate, you’ll figure out what’s wrong. And if you know what’s wrong, then you’ll have to fix it. You’ve had enough fixing things to last a lifetime.

    There’s another crash, and you adjust the wash cloth that’s covering your eyes. A small hand lands on your arm, and you shoot up into a sitting position. Moving the wash cloth aside, you stare down at the reason for your current anguish. The little boy smiles at you before offering you the Teddy Bear in his arms. Instead you pick up the boy and cuddle him close.

    He snuggles into your arms. Quietly you ask, “Are you ready for a nap Alfred?” The boy shakes his head, all while rubbing his eyes. The usual wrangler of the Wayne family had been de-aged by a vindictive Thalia Al Ghul three days ago. In the time since, ten different fights had broken out, there had been no edible food in the house, and a smell had accumulated in Tim’s room that no one wanted to go near.

    Very quickly your family had turned to you for guidance, and you weren’t exactly sure why. You couldn’t cook. You weren’t some neat freak. And you much preferred instigating fights to stopping them. You actually found them looking to you just a tiny bit sexist. You’d quickly put Jason in charge of food, Dick in charge of stopping fights, and Tim and Damian on tackling what ever was making that smell in Tim’s room. You had taken to watching a three year old Alfred.

He was a troublemaker to say the least. He liked to hide in the giant mansion, and he was almost always playing with something he shouldn’t. More than once you had dumped him into Bruce’s arms and simply left to go take a bubble bath, or beat one of your brothers in the gym.

But now, cuddled against you and sucking his thumb, you had to admit, Alfred made a pretty cute baby. And at the very least, he wasn’t telling you to make your bed.

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Billy in his sleep deprived moments accidentally called Batman/Superman "Dad" and it was awkward.

Everyone in the Justice League was more than a little worse for ware. It had been 48 hours since anyone slept but Captain Marvel seemed to be having the worst of it. Batman was chairing the wrap up meeting debriefing the team before they returned home to much missed beds. Marvel was sitting to his left his head resting on his hand, eyelids dropping and he looked like he was half melting into the table. Batman’s gruff monotone was clearly not helping the Captain stay awake.

“Captain.” Batman said in that cold way of his “are you with us?” Captain Marvel lifted his head and blinked a few times at Batman before mumbling. “um yeah sure thing dad” The silence in the room was total. Hal Jordan looked at the Flash who shrugged, Cyborg leaned over to Black Canary “did he just call Batman dad?” 

“yep” She said. “Oh just checking I wanted to make sure the weird stuff wasn’t just happening to me” Cyborg said leaning back into his seat. Hal Jordan half rose and leaned over the table toward Captain Marvel who was back to resting his face against his hand and looked for all the world like he’d fallen asleep. “Hey big guy? you-” before Hal could finish Batman cut him off. “This meeting is over” 

“what?” Barry Allen said looking confused. Most of the other Leaguers looked back and forth at each other in confusion. “I said we’re done here, now go” Batman’s voice was icy. “Hey now is this because the Big Red Cheese called you dad? what’s going on are you two-” Because Hal could finish that thought Batman was looming over him a tower of shadows with burning eyes. Hal Jordan is suppose to be the man without fear but for just a second he is scared. “Out.” Batman doesn’t shout but it has the force of a bullet being fired. In a moment the room is empty.

After the door closes Batman pulls off his mask and turns toward Captain Marvel. He’s face down on the table now a small pool of drool forming. Bruce crosses over to Captain Marvel and leans down level with his face. “Billy” he whispers. “mhm” the Captain’s face wrinkles in a barely aware reaction to his name. “Billy you have to wake up” Bruce says slightly more forcefully. “mmmm noooo” came the half asleep whine. Bruce rolled his eyes, worse than Dick. “Do you want to come over and sleep at my place” he asked gently. Captain Marvel’s head nodded and he said “mhm yeah” 

“alright but I’m going to need you to say the magic word” Bruce coaxed. “Please?” came back the confused sleepy voice. Bruce sighed “No Billy, your magic word I can’t carry you like this” Not totally true but carrying a 13 year old boy was a lot easier. “Oh” a pause then Captain Marvel slurred out “Shazam” 

When Bruce’s eyes cleared from the flash of light Billy Boston was sitting in the chair, his head on his arms sleeping face down on the table. Bruce stepped forward and scooped Billy up. The boy barely reacted leaning into Bruce and rubbing his face sleepily against Bruce’s chest. “Okay kiddo lets get you home” Bruce said softly.

One brief teleported ride later Bruce toed open the door to Damian’s room. The small head of black hair above the covers didn’t move. However Titus lifted his massive head up in his dog bed in the corner of the room and Alfred the cat’s eyes glowed at him out of the darkness somewhere around the head of Damian’s bed. Bruce carefully carried Billy to the bed laying him down next to Damian. He struggled for a few minutes removing one, then the other of Billy’s shoes. He picked Billy up again with one arm and lifted the blankets with his free hand. Damian stirred then, “wha?” he asked. “Billy’s sleeping over, go back to sleep” Bruce said as he slide Billy between the sheets next to Damian. Damian made a grunt but said nothing else.

Bruce walked out of the room, briefly looking back. All of Damian that showed was spiky black hair, but Billy’s pale face nearly glowed in the dark his mouth wide open. Bruce smiled and shook his head while he closed the door “dad, he’s gonna be so embarrassed” he said to himself. 

So how about it?

So these two requests were similar and I just decided to put the two together! Thank you for sending in your requests and I hope you enjoy this! The ending is a little bit so-so but the process of writing this had been fun! (Though I do have to tell you, I got distracted a lot of times by watching Kitchen Nightmares).

It is Saturday night and you are currently working away on the documents that have kept you from going back to your apartment early. Not that you quite minded: things between your boyfriend and you have started to become really dull and he also just does not quite understand the commitment you have to your job. It made going back to your space unbearable. Sometimes he ever accuses you of having an affair with Bruce! As if he would go for someone like you.

Almost every single day, you have to reassure him that he is the only one that you love and that he is the one you are in a relationship with but it was starting to get very tiring of having to repeat the same thing over and over again every single day. Even though you would really love to be in your bed more than anything right now, the thought of having to see your boyfriend and sit through his accusations is really not appealing.

You let out a sigh when you finished proofreading the third out of ten documents. The meetings had ran late causing more papers to pile up on your desk. Some of your fellow colleagues have already called the quits and went home but you knew you can at least manage a few more before you would not even be able to make any sense out of the documents anymore.

You are halfway through the fourth document when a knock resounds throughout your office and you are startled out of your reverie. You stare wide eyes at the door, tensing slightly but the moment the door opens, you visibly relax.

Bruce looks at you with that almost smile of his and you let out a sigh, willing your heart to stop racing. Just because Wayne Enterprise has one of the top notch’s security, it does not mean that no one might try to break in to the building. As you recall, there had been several attempts a few times. You are horrible at fighting despite taking self-defense classes.

“You scared me, Bruce.” You place your pen down on the table and gently massage your wrist. You definitely did not know how tired you had been until you placed that pen down.

Bruce shakes his head. “Highly doubt that, Y/N. I was about to head down to grab some coffee but saw that your lights are still on. Do you want to grab some coffee with me before we dive back in to finishing the papers?” Bruce feels a little bit guilty that he is making you work overtime but those documents need to be on his table come tomorrow morning. Though, despite the guilt, he is quite happy to be able to be spending some time with you now.

You nod your head. “Oh, sure. Coffee sounds so good right now.” You abandon your table and Bruce gives you a full smile, motioning for you to follow after him. You thought by heading down, Bruce had meant the pantry but apparently not, since the two of you headed to the elevator, heading towards the ground floor. “I may have to grab my wallet –“

Bruce shakes his head, cutting you off. “My treat, Y/N. Because of me, you are behind on those documents. The least I can do is offer you some coffee.” Right at that moment though, your stomach growls, demanding to be fed and Bruce chuckles. “Perhaps we should grab something light for dinner too?”

You laugh sheepishly, patting your stomach to calm it down. You don’t even remember when was the last time you had eaten anything. You remember eating a granola bar for breakfast that morning but that was about it. No wonder your stomach is protesting – you missed lunch too.

The walk to the closest café took about ten minutes and in that ten minutes, you have come to realize that Bruce Wayne is extremely handsome and has very good humour too. Your boyfriend used to have some very good humour as well until he started becoming very cynical and just downright annoying you. At times, you wonder why you are even with him.

“So how’s life?” Bruce asks as he holds the door open for you and you accidentally let out a sigh. Bruce raises one of his eyebrows. “That bad, huh?” You thank him and the both of you walk in to the café. You gave him a nod, letting Bruce lead you to the counter.

Bruce hasn’t always liked you in the first place. He had thought you were a tremendous worker and you had obviously the passion for whatever it is that you do. He thought you were a nice friend, one that is not afraid to state your opinions too. He enjoys being friends with you. Somewhere along the way, the respect he had for you grew and he started seeing you in a different light. One that he had troubles getting his head around but now, he’s used to it. He knows he has feelings for you – it’s growing in to something bigger than just a crush now – but he also knows he won’t do anything since you are currently in a relationship.

“Thank you.” You immediately grab a table for the two of you. Bruce brings over the tray filled with drinks and sandwiches, taking a seat across of you. “I know I say this a lot but thank you for this, really. The last time I had food was probably this morning.” You tell him reaching for the sandwich.

Bruce chuckles and reach for his own sandwich, taking a bite. It doesn’t taste as delicious as Alfred’s but it will have to make do until he gets home. “No problem, Y/N. I would not have been able to finish the documents without you.”

You laugh, shaking your head. “That’s a lie – you probably would have stayed in the office the entire night.” You pointed out, taking another bite of the sandwich. “This is pretty decent. I feel like I’ve tasted better.”

Bruce nods his head. “I can’t lie about that and true, Alfred makes better sandwiches but this is decent and the place is pretty nice as well.” Bruce comments, looking around the café. There weren’t a lot of people, that is expected since it’s pretty late at night already but the fact that this café is still open, it’s definitely a great place to go to for late night supper.

“Yeah, I do agree. This is pretty nice and not far from the office too.” You finish eating your sandwich and began taking a sip of your drink. The two of you are quiet as Bruce continues to finish his sandwich. The silence had been nice and comfortable – not awkward at all – though the moment is broken when your phone began to ring endlessly.

You pick it up and let out a sigh, sending an apologetic look at Bruce. He shakes his head. You answer the phone and sigh. “I’m still working – I sent you a text earlier, right now? I left the office to grab a bite at the café – of course, I am with Bruce – come on, can we talk about this later? Please just drop it for now.” You exchange a few more words with your boyfriend and hang up the call after that. You press your hand to your forehead, feeling a headache coming from the conversation.

Bruce frowns. You didn’t look well after receiving that call. He supposes it was from your boyfriend – he had briefly glanced at the ID caller earlier – and wonders how you are truly feeling. “Trouble?” He couldn’t help but ask.

You nod your head. “It’s just things have been rough lately and I feel like I’m not in to him anymore. He’s a nice guy but lately, I don’t know.” You have no idea why you are telling this to Bruce but you really needed to let it out. “Every single day he is always gripping me about something and I just, I feel like I am starting to get really tired of it all.” You used to really love your boyfriend – you had been high school sweethearts too – but nowadays, you are starting to think that maybe it’s time for the two of you to break up. Your eyes widen slightly when you realize what you have just thought of.

Bruce nods his head. He has a lot of things he wants to say but he doesn’t because he does not want to be the reason you break up with your boyfriend. He rather you break up with him on your own accord so Bruce can pursue you after that. “I have nothing much I can say, perhaps you can try stopping yourself by holding back. If you aren’t happy, make a change.” Bruce offers an advice, thinking about all the times he had been unhappy with the situation in his life. Thankfully, he had Alfred to help him. Perhaps all you needed in your life is an Alfred.

You ponder his words for a few seconds before nodding your head. “That makes sense.” It really does. Perhaps you need to move on from the past to be able to live in the present.

“Should we head back to the office?” Bruce takes note of your absent-minded look. You blink a couple of times before nodding your head. “Though I do want you to go home and rest even if you did not manage to finish going through all of the documents.” Bruce reminds you and you smile at him.