Double Dog Dare

Prompt: The Batkids are playing double dog dare, Batmom joins and Jason dares her to go to the watchtower and embarrass Batman with wonder woman’s help

AN: @noisypaintersong hopefully this will be more cheerful LOL!

Words: 441

           You know that it’s a bad idea. Bruce has never dealt well with pranks, but sometimes a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do. And a mom with five kids on the sidelines due to injuries had to find some way to keep them entertained.

           In the end it had been Duke who had suggested a game of double dog dare. The smirks that immediately took over your boy’s faces told you, that you were in trouble, but you had gone along with it anyway. And here you were; sneaking into the men’s showers to distract Bruce, while Diana of all people filched his suit.

           You can hear the water going, as you silently sneak into the showers, doing your best to quietly open the door, you’re not surprised to see Bruce standing there, waiting for you, completely naked. The sheer fact that any person could stand in front of someone else, completely naked, with the same air of authority that one would have while wearing a tailored three-piece suit.

           Keeping the smile on your face, you ignore the spray of the water, and walk right up to him. Without a word you fling your arms around his neck and you kiss him. His arms go around your waist automatically, and before you realize what’s happening he has you backed up against a wall under the spray.

           You end up staying in that shower for nearly an hour, and by the time you leave your clothes are completely soaked. You meet Diana two halls down, and you’re not at all surprised to see her, Shayera, and Vixen waiting for you, all with knowing smirks on their faces. There’s a moment of silence before Vixen finally says “So Diana says you’re a screamer.”

           There’s another moment before all four of you break out laughing. When the laughing finally dies down you ask “So were you able to get the suit.”

           Diana just raises and eyebrow in question “Was there ever a question that I would?”

           You shrug “I’d be pretty stunned to walk in on you having sex.”

           The woman just smiles and hands you the suit “How long until he realizes?”

           You smile “He already has. There’s not a doubt in my mind that he knew exactly what I was up to. I also have no doubt that I’ll pass Alfred on my way back.”

           With a smile you take the suit and go on your way. Sure enough you pass Alfred on your way out of the tower. The older man doesn’t say anything, only gives you a knowing look as you disappear through the Zeta Tubes.