Some Thruce headcanons

- Thor is very picky with food but will eat anything Bruce makes just for the sake of pleasing him

- Bruce is bad at communicating feelings so Thor helped Bruce come up with a small signal to let Thor know he’s feeling on edge or upset

- Bruce doesn’t talk about his interests much but when he does Thor could listen all night

- Thor makes really good soup

- Thor has a height complex with Hulk and to mess with him Hulk carries him around but Thor accepts this bc he loves it really

- Thor enjoys movies and Bruce enjoys series, they have figured out a system for this

- Bruce takes Thor on a lot of walks, Thor often persuads Bruce they should go off track and explore the woods together

- Thor loves small collectible toys

- Bruce makes up things about misgardian culture and tricks Thor into thinking they’re normal and expected (e.g putting a napkin on your head)

headcanon that whenever someone posts a conspiracy article about how Bruce Wayne is abusing his kids someone responds with the comment “no i think they’re all just really reckless” and provides a link to a video of Dick Grayson attempting to back-flip off of a moving car while Damian is driving

MCU’s most popular Avengers youtube videos
  1. Tony Stark declares ‘I am Iron Man’ to the world- (10 million)
  2. Iron Man rides nuke into wormhole like a badass -(9.5 million)
  3. Captain America discovers the internet- (9.39 million)
  4. Tony Stark says ‘fuck you’ to the senate - (7.6 million)
  5. Top 10 Awesome Avengers fights-  (7.6 million)
  6. Thor discovers kittens - (6.2 million)
  7. Black Widow+ Hawkeye brawl in supermarket ft. angry Cap - (5 million)
  8. Hulk Throwing Thor Into Building (compilation) -(4.8 million)
  9. Avengers drunk karaoke- (4.75 million)
  10. Iron Man drunk kissing Captain America- (4.7 million)
  11. Hawkeye jumping off buildings Like A Boss (compilation)- (3.2 million)
  12. Women’s Self Defence with Black Widow- (3 million)
  13. Avengers rick-rolling Captain America- (2.1 million)
  14. Captain America rick-rolling Avengers- (2 million)
  15. 10 reasons why Spiderman would be an awesome Avenger (Made by ‘SpideyParkertheAvenger’)- (1.8 million)


Ragnarok: Small important things

  • Thor’s chest heaving with sadness and anger after Odin dies

  • The fact that before leaving Asgard for NYC, Thor clearly left Volstagg and Fandral in charge of the Bifrost

  • How painfully sad it is when Hulk is desperately fighting not to transform back into Bruce

  • That incredible upside-down transition shot of Loki and Valkyrie cat-walking side by side towards the Grandmaster

  • The soft way Loki says “hello Bruce” the first time they see each other again

  • Heimdall’s biceps when he flings his poncho off

  • How proud Loki looks when Thor goes full God of Thunder and jumps down to the bridge

  • The way Thor strokes beneath his eye patch at the end before Loki steps into view (and the way Loki immediately reassures him that it suits him)

  • How the layout of the ‘throne’ scene mirrors the early scene in Thor when he’s first approaching the throne of Asgard; his allies, loved ones and friends on the stairs and the ceremonial music swelling