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White Nail Polish

Is this a luck of the draw sort of thing? I see girls posting pictures with the Sinful Colors white and it looks decent. I got myself a bottle a while ago. It was lumpy and spread poorly and looked like crap and amounted to an overall really frustrating experience. I tried a Brucci one too, and it was better, but still far from ideal. The only one I’ve tried that’s really decent and goes on as nail polish should is OPI. Does anyone else have these problems with white nail polish?

I saw a lovely green polish on a friend’s nails and apparently it was Brucci Roberta’s Green Garden.  I’ve known I’ve seen this brand before but I can’t remember where, I’ve checked Harmons and  CVS and didn’t see.  Anyone else seen it?

I haven’t put it on yet but I got it earlier today instead of Essie’s Fishnet Stockings.  I tend to get a cheaper version of colors to test out first and am usually pleasantly surprised they are just as durable as the Essie and OPI’s of the world.  

so the other day i got really bored and decided to paint my nails. I had made the decision to stop painting my nails some time ago..just because i felt they needed an opportunity to breathe. I got this nail color from my mother when i went to go for a visit. Its a regular nail polish brand called Brucci….the bottle had a little sticker on it that showed it was a new color. I really like it because of its brightness but its also subtle at the same time. i’ve decided to try and do some nail designs just to be a bit more creative lol