B R U C A S   A P P R E C I A T I O N   W E E K

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i guess i was wrong. i’m not the guy for you brooke davis.”

i decided to make a comment on this and why i made this gifset. sure there were many moments that broke my heart, but this scene tore me apart. the truth is this was the moment i knew that lucas didn’t know brooke at all. he didn’t know how much love and honesty she’d put into their relationship and he never knew how much she sacrificed for him. she had fought for him- by her actions (though not all were good). he always chose words to win her over and eventually telling someone you love them just isn’t enough. you know what they say “actions speak louder than words”. he just never really knew how to show his love to her and that was when it finally sank in that they weren’t going to have a happy ending… lucas wasn’t the guy for brooke, but brooke was the girl for lucas. and he could have been if he had loved her enough (to keep on fighting).

Brooke and Lucas Appreciation Week

Day 7: Free choice

My favourite Brucas fanvids.

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Brooke & Lucas AU | “…Brooke, don’t be mad…”

These are just a few of the AMAZING Brucad fanvids out there, but they’re some of my faves.

I’ve also made a couple of Brucas vids, myself (but nothing like the callbre of the ones above), if you’d like to check them out, here are the links:

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Brucas Apreciation Week Day @2: Favorie season

Now I think it is more than evident why I am stuck between S2 and  S3 so I already gave my reasoning for S2…

Now S3…S3…What can I say? The season was just wonderful, excluding the tragic season finale of course :(

In season 3 we got the adorableness of them being that cute couple in high school, we got the sexy side, and we just got adorable banter  and gestures :D

Seriously, just seriously, S3 is perhaps the cutest season in any show and not just because of the brucas angle. We got to recall in love with Naley, we got Karen and Keith,  We saw the struggle between the brothers which fasinated us so greatly in S1 again, and then we also got the brotherly love hat we all enjoyed in S2 as well. And then above all we got epic episode of the shooting, well would have been epc if there wasn’t any grose pucas scenes :P

So in short, S3 brought together all our favorite pairings, and our favorite qualities of the show, and just improooved them :D


Brucas Appreciation Week Day #2: Favorite season

Now reasons why I loved S2 are pretty ovi? We already knew that Brooke harbors great feelings for Luke, but in this season, we saw how Lucas got to know Brooke, I mean reallllyyy know Brooke, as friends who talk to each other about anything, even if there is a huge amount of sexual tension ;)

And come on, there is no possible way people didn’t just love how Lucas fell for Brooke, and watched in the side lines when she had someone else, it broke us, but also made us smile to see how much he cares about her

I think I just love the build up og a couple, especially one as beautiful and amazing as Brucas :D