littlebrubby  asked:

In spanish, does adding "poco" mean the opposite? Like if I say "me haces poco seguro" (from that one post idk if I saw it from you or not) does that mean "you make me feel unsure" or "you make me feel slightly sure"?

Hi! :) Poco in this case does make the following word the opposite of what it means, and (it seems) that that is the case whenever poco is followed by and adjective. However, it only works with positive adjectives, such as feliz (happy), seguro (safe), etc. 

If you use a negative adjective such as triste (sad) or desgradable (unpleasant), you would have to say un poco, and it would mean “a little”. For example, estás un poco triste, “you’re a little sad”. In this case, it doesn’t mean the opposite.

Of course, this also doesn’t work with nouns, and poco in that situation also means “a little”.

I hope it helps! :)