Almost three years ago I started this silly series in which instead of doing my work I would play and sing a slapdash cover of a song I liked into my iPhone and post it on SoundCloud – thus the Procrasti-Cover was born. I just noticed that my first entry has somehow achieved several thousand listens and downloads… perhaps it’s time to revive the concept?

Made with SoundCloud

So apparently I’m going to be on the Chris Gethard show tomorrow, dancing around in a panda hat, dressed in black & white, and potentially playing synthesizer? (With/for the band Clinical Trials)

I met Rob Malone a couple weeks ago when he happened to sit next to me at a movie theatre near NYU to see Springbreakers, and now, totally unrelated to that happening, this is happening… though as I discussed with him I suppose my showing up sort of dashes my hopes of one day being “Random Barton,” doesn’t it?

…unless I fully conceal my identity and go full-panda-head. Chris Gethard, get ready for PANDA BARTON!!!!!!