I think our propane tank is fucked up. We went through our last order in 27 days. Since we weren’t expecting to be anywhere near out of it, we were caught off guard again on Friday when we saw we only had about 7% in our tank. Then, we got slammed with this freeze and it’s been a bitch keeping us warm with two dollar general heaters and a fireplace. I have to save what propane we have left for cooking, so we’re living in our bedrooms because they’re small enough to heat. I haven’t even got on the computer because it’s too cold to sit in the dining room! 

It’s in the teens now, and it’s going to be friggin 8 degrees on Wednesday. They won’t deliver propane out here if there’s any snow or ice because of getting stuck on these dirt roads. Beau is taking what money we have left to buy some kerosene ($5-6 a gallon for that shit!) so we’ll have some heat from that too.

In other words, fuck this monster winter right in it’s icy asshole.

Last Letter

Dear Tumblr friends,

I, unbeknownst to myself, have procured employment in the depths of the arctic tundra.

aka: an office full of menopausal women

It cannot be any warmer than 40 degrees F in here and they’re still complaining to maintenance it’s hot.   How is that even possible?

I may freeze. 

If i don’t make it… know that I loved you all. 



We ran out of propane unexpectedly early Friday morning and ordered some immediately. We were told it would be delivered that afternoon.

They are still not here and the high has been 27 degrees (or less) since Saturday night. I have a tiny dollar general heater I’ve been carrying room to room with me, and we have Jack over at Sissy’s so he’ll be warm.

I feel like the Little Match Girl, but with a cheap mini-heater.


BRRRRRRRRRR… Spring Door Stop - Interactive Video

Same as from yesterday, but with an interactive annotation. It’s like you’re really playing with it!