Piling on the layers!

Getting ready to trek into town with OldNewwby.

Gonna cheer myself up with a bit of retail therapy before heading to the doctors.

Had this appointment planned for weeks (they are concerned about my fluctuating blood pressure - apparently, its a side effect of the contraception I’m on) but I’m also gonna mention my current state of general illness and see if they have any suggestions.

Goodnight, tumblr...

Heading to bed now. On top of the Personal Touch strength class tonight, I also jogged (I hate to call it ‘running’ cos … well, just not that fast or graceful) about ½ of Bob’s walk tonight cos it was colder outside than I thought and I wasn’t dressed for it! I was freezing! So we had a little jog to get warmer and get done faster! haha!

The whole walk is only 1k, but we definitely jogged (stopping and starting along the way) about half of it. Wow … that’s like a HIIT thing, right? Man, no wonder I’m tired now!