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*enters the Music Venue and sees Nagito on stage* Nagito?

Hajime ! You’re already here…Hum…

Are you okay? *starts to walk toward him*

Don’t move !

I-I mean, just please sit down there. *points to a chair*

Okay. *sits down*

Okay hum…*takes a deep breath* So hum…I spent the last week working on this with Mioda-san but I’m still not really good and hum…

No wait before that I wanted to explain that hum…*fumbles with his words*

Nagito. It’s okay, don’t worry. Just take a deep breath and start again if you need to.

*takes a deep breath* Hum. What I wanted to say is that I’ve been wanting to tell you some things about me and what I feel for a while now but I didn’t know how to do it and a few people here kept on telling me that they knew I had a good voice so I thought about singing it to you?

Of course I’m not really good and I had to ask Mioda-san to help me with the music b-but I wrote the lyrics myself !

I used this song to explain everything I was thinking, n-not only about you but about everything? So would you please listen to it?

Of course. You can start whenever you are ready, I will listen.

O-Okay…Wait hum…Let me just start the music, Mioda-san recorded herself and I just have to press a button…Give me second ! *runs off stage and presses a button before running back on stage while a music starts to play.*

*closes his eyes, takes a deep breath before opening them again and starting to sing*

jikook au!bowling

ok some of you request me an AU jikook at bowling so here we go! 

  • “come with uuuus” “No Tae, i have literally many things to do”. Taehyung was disappointed. He knew that Jimin didn’t say the truth. The only reason why his bestfriend didn’t want to go at bowling with all of them it was because of course if there’s Yoongi, there’s Jungkook too, Yoongi’s younger brother. And when you just put Jimin and Jungkook into a sentences together, all you can have it’s just a looong competitive argued from all the teases that the younger gives to the elder. “Is because there will be Jungkook too?” “Of course not.” 
  • Night was going well. At the end Taehyung managed to convince his bestfriend. Well…convince is such a big word. For half an hour Taehyung teased Jimin because “I can’t believe Jiminie is avoiding Jungkook-ah because he’s afraid to lose”. It didn’t take too much but Jimin was already ready in 2 minutes.”Jiminie you brat, we still have to go in 5 hours”. 
  • Night was going well. After an hour Jungkook and Yoongi finally arrived. “Why are you two late??” asked Tae holding his lucky BBB (as he likes to call lucky black bowling ball)  “Ask to this idiot” Yoongi just rolled his eyes looking at his brother who didn’t say nothing yet. 
  • “I thought Jiminie is not coming” “I am hyung for you, Jungkook-ah!” “Yeah, whatever” “at least i’m not the one who arrived late!” “but now i’m here. I’d never lose the chance to see you, i mean your bowling skill” Jungkook teased with a smirk on his face. “okay okay, you two stop acting like child and come to play!”
  • Jimin can’t help but still think of the i’d never lose the chance to see you’s Jungkook. He thought what the hell was supposed to mean. It wasn’t the first time that the younger said something like that. Jimin’s face became totally red just with one though and Taehyung looked at him asking with a glance, as if they were telepathic, if he was okay. Of course Jimin wasn’t okay, just the though of that makes him wanna scream like hell no.
  • Everyone was having fun. Hoseok’s scream echoed into the whole room, Namjoon and Yoongi laughing at the stupidity of Taehyung and Jin was busy taking pictures of his precious friends with his lovely polaroid.
  • Jungkook’s score was already 135. Jimin’s score was still 35. Okay maybe it wasn’t his lucky night or maybe it was just the fact that he was never lucky with bowling and stuff.
  • Jimin was so confused. When he failed to strikes he could see the smirk on Jungkook’s face, oh that brat, he’s probably enjoying this moment. And when Jungkook strikes, Jimin could see the taller boy turning around to look at him for a minute with a smile-not-smirk on his face like he dedicated the strikes for him, how absurd was that situation. 
  • Jimin sucks at bowling and things get worse when he started to focus on Jungkook’s body. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING YOU IDIOT LORD IS WATCHING YOU, he said to himself but oh, those pair of skinny jeans fits so well Jungkook’s thighs, that plan white shirt where Jimin could even see his abs and the sweats scrolling slowly on his forehead..Jimin bit his lips. 
  • Jungkook caught the shorty boy starring him. He smiled at him again, like it was the 374923 times and then winked at him. He didn’t even know why he winked at him and he swear, he saw Jimin’s checks totally covered by a red color. It was cute tho. Jimin was cute.
  • It was Jimin turn again and how he predicted, the first strike just hit 4 skittles. It wasn’t his fault, his concentration really flew away and he was tensed, literally tensed. “Jiminie!” he could hear Jungkook’s voice from his behind as the boy walked over Jimin’s position. “Jungkook-ah is gonna make fun of him, mark those words” Hoseok and Taehyung said at the same time laughing. Jimin was ready to scolded them turning in his face but he felt a hand on his wrist and another hand on his hip and suddenly blocked himself when he smell Jungkook’s scent from his back. 
  • It took 5 minutes for Jimin to realize that Jungkook was holding him, teaching him how to pose and how to move. It took literally 5 minutes for Jimin to realize that Jungkook just whispered into his ears with a calm and deep voice that it took all his strengths to not collapse in front of everyone.  
  • “..and then you just let go your hands. Get it?” Jungkook whispered with a calm voice. Jimin really tried to focus, indeed he finally strikes all the skittles. The only problem was that “it’s getting hot, don’t you think Tae?” “no, actually i feel cold..brrrrrr” Taehyung said rubbing his hands on his arms to warm himself. 
  • Night was going well, it was late and everyone was tired ready to return to their home. But before Jimin could walk away, a strong hand hold his arms. “Don’t ever think that i smirked for all this time just because you suck at bowling. It was good having a nice view of your ass in front of my eyes” Jungkook whispered into his ears so no one could listen. “Goodnight Jiminie!” and then Jungkook walked over him to make his way at home with his brother Yoongi.
  • Jimin froze for a moment incapable to say something and blinked twice. “….I’M HYUNG FOR YOU!” he screamed literally red all over his face, blushing like no one. 
  • Jimin and Taehyung walked to their apartment  that they share together. The short one was feeling so hot that he refused to put his jacket on. The tall one was feeling cold..but not cold at all. “Is that Yoongi-hyung jacket? Why have you got his jacket?” Jimin asked after noticed the black jacket that his bestfriend was wearing. “What Jungkook whispered to you before?” Taehyung asked avoiding his bestfriend question. They didn’t say anything but just blushed because oh is the two bestfriends start having a crush for the two hot brothers?


  • “Are you come with me or not?” Yoongi asked to Jungkook. “Taehyung said that Jiminie won’t come so i guess no?” he said obviously. “But look, Taehyung just texted me and say that Jimin will come” Yoongi walked into Jungkook’s bed showing his conversation with Taehyung. Jungkook frown “Did you just really saved Tae’s contact with a heart, hyung?” 
The Strange In Me

A/N: Thank you for the compliment!! It’s now a rule that anyone that says anything nice about this blog is legally now married to me, okay!!!

 Okay so I’m sorry that it’s taking really long to crank out requests….I’M SLOW IM SORRY but I promise I’m gonna force myself to write them now. I SUCK AT TITLES OKOKOK

Category: Fluff, School AU

You walked into your homeroom just as the bell rung, causing the numerous girls crowded around your seatmate’s desk to disperse, settling down into their own places. You took your seat as the teacher walked in.

He turned to you. “Hey Y/N.”

You forced yourself to smile, trying to forget the scene you had just seen. “Hey Josh.”

“Can I borrow a pencil?”

You laughed. “You ask me that every day, Josh. Why don’t you try bringing your own supplies sometime?”

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Yesterday was so much fun!😍 Back story: Last year @shonduras lost a board in the river in Belfast and @du_real_beastly_gaming and a scuba crew went in to rescue it. This year @teamfpvcanada lost a drone in the ocean!😱 So, another rescue mission was organised and we went along! I’m definitely not a diver so I kinda just paddled about and chilled (literally, brrrrrr ❄️) but it was SO much fun 😂💕As for whether or not the hunt was successful, you’ll have to wait to see everyone’s videos to see what went down! @therealmunro will have a vlog up on Tuesday I believe!
Thanks to @_adam_mcveigh_ for getting the footage from dry land!☺️ (at Kinbane Castle)

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Brrrrrr, it's so cold. HOW DO YOU LIVE HERE!!! @weekly-lit-vaporeon (Sophie)

“I have a name you know, its Ash, not that guy”

“Well sorry but i was just showing you to this Vaporeon”

“Yeah and someone should teach you manners”


Ash’s ref has been Unlocked!


Btw Ash is the leafeon i won from @baby-yveltal‘s giveaway, i finally decided to add him since i was busy days ago

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sort the top 20 into hogwarts houses

im definitely not a potterhead  (just read the series once through) but i will attempt this. feel free to disagree w me, anybody, bc im just tryna do this out of what i remember about each house (and also descriptions online bc i need help)??

gryffindor: olltii?? (apparently gryffindors are funny and blunt and playful which makes sense cause of fred&george i guess but idk i suck at this), hangzoo (loyal to the FANXY, brave about his whole eye situation idk), nucksal (proly the most confident person on the show and also entertaining), junoflo (idk why dont ask me), woochan

ravenclaw: woodie gochild (apparently ravenclaw people are creative and unique… brr brrr brrr brrrrrr), killagramz (arguably the most unique participant on this show..from his weight, his personality, his style [[the double glasses lmao]], his voice), hash swan (?)

hufflepuff: woo wonjae (i wanted to put him somewhere else at first bc of his rap contents but i cant. like he’s so shy offstage and very reserved according to hash swan and he was so tolerant with all the japan gift thingies and actually bought everyone chocolates like wtff), black nine (?? idk why i just feel like it fits), ryno (super nice and hard working), maniac (he seems like a total softie esp after i saw asols livestream and how he’s like a dad to her idk), hanhae

slytherin: young b(cause idk he seems like a very independent and driven person), p-type, asol

idk where to put myundo help idk too much about him except that he thinks he can get girls bc hes a rapper.. maybe slytherin bc he was pretty strategic in how he tried to get super far using the whole dab thing in smtm5 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk where to put double k either..or ja mezz..