Goodnight, tumblr...

Heading to bed now. On top of the Personal Touch strength class tonight, I also jogged (I hate to call it ‘running’ cos … well, just not that fast or graceful) about 1/2 of Bob’s walk tonight cos it was colder outside than I thought and I wasn’t dressed for it! I was freezing! So we had a little jog to get warmer and get done faster! haha!

The whole walk is only 1k, but we definitely jogged (stopping and starting along the way) about half of it. Wow … that’s like a HIIT thing, right? Man, no wonder I’m tired now!


Piling on the layers!

Getting ready to trek into town with OldNewwby.

Gonna cheer myself up with a bit of retail therapy before heading to the doctors.

Had this appointment planned for weeks (they are concerned about my fluctuating blood pressure - apparently, its a side effect of the contraception I’m on) but I’m also gonna mention my current state of general illness and see if they have any suggestions.


It is so cold outside. Well, not that cold, but 48 degrees feels freezing compared to 78. Out of all days to randomly get cold, it would be this whole weekend. Now instead of running in nice 50-60 degree weather tomorrow morning, it will instead be hovering around freezing. I just put all my cold weather running apparel away. Grrrrr. And we have a freeze warning for Saturday night.

So I’ve been religiously checking Delta, watching the price of our flight from Orlando to Atlanta. Well, it went down $27! And it is a new flight that is an hour earlier, WAHOO. So now we will be back in Atlanta from our Europe trip at 7 in the morning, instead of 8 in the morning. Of course, now we have to find somebody who is willing to pick us up at that time. haha. But anyways, I went ahead and started booking for it, and when I went to pay it said error. So I tried again, and it still said error. So I have given up. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I also wanted to buy some shoes online at DSW with my gift card but every time I go to checkout it says the gift card service is down. UGH. Nothing wants to work for me today!

Hoping to leave work here soon. I need to go to Whole Foods and grab some much needed food. Then I have to go by Big Peach and pick up my race packet for tomorrow, and I would like to get a run in as well.

I signed up for a different Pilates class for Monday around lunch time, and then a evening yoga class on Tuesday. I’m slowly trying to convince Taylor to join me.

Next Wednesday the families are coming together to go painting at those BYOB paint studios. I’m psyched. I picked out a painting for the kids, and one for the adults. It should be a lot of fun.

So we ended up buying Avenger tickets for the evening it comes out, and then got Charlee’s softball schedule two days after. Her last game is at the same time. Sigh. Now I can’t find anybody who wants the tickets. And they are awesome seats too!

That is all for now. I hope everyone is having a great Friday. The week is almost over!!


Giorno amore!!!!!Tutto pronto…Il tempo del caffè e io sono pronta ad immergersi in acqua….brrrrrr