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Time and Date: 6/30/2015 12:03PM

Average Hours of Sleep At Night: 10ish

Last Thing I Googled: “ clexa vine “ I was looking for this one vine that was on Nika’s blog but she deleted it so I’m screwed

Birthday: 26/02/1999

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bi I guess but ask me again in 10 years

Height: 5′6 = 171cm

Favorite Color: Black..but black isn’t a colour so turquoise or any other shade of blue

One Place That Makes Me Happy: My room

How Many Blankets I Sleep Under: One

Favorite Movie: idk I don’t watch that many movies..I’m more of a binge watch as many seasons as there is
What I Am Wearing Now: black trainers and a orange shirt

Favorite Beverages: cappuccino and tea i guess

Favorite Food: i like almost everything. but i do enjoy vegetables and when it comes to junk food pizza i guess

Last Movie I watched: Zombeaver Nika made me watch it..

Dream Vacation: Oh man literally anything would be better than this right anywhere out side of Bosnia.

Dream Wedding: I never thought about it in a serious way, because I’m still hoping that I do actually get married one day. But I guess nothing big, no fucking way I’m wearing a dress.

Dream Pets:  I already have a dog,but not inside. So I was hoping to get like a golden retriever or a labrador 

Dream Job:  Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to act. But my teacher in elementary said I wasn’t very good at it and she can’t see me in that light so I just kinda gave up on it. I wish to act one day preferably in a series just like all my idols do. But really it’s not about having a dream job, because even if I do have one who would care when in fact I’m sure I won’t become an actress one day. It’s all about money so for that reason I cannot have what I want.

Gosh I am left with zero friends, thaaaanks suuuu :c

For some reason Chiara still talks to me, I do not deserve it but hey ;-;

I tag: (new people who do not know me I am sorry, I recently followed you on my main blog which is mrsfelicity, your blogs rock )

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