the phandom and the troyler fandom would be dating
and the tronnor fandom would be the troyler fandom’s sibling that they have a love hate relationship with
and the holy trinity fandom would be like the really nice relative that visits and gives them all really expensive gifts
and the jaspar shippers would be the troyler fandom’s little siblingb
and the zalfie fandom and the brozipans would be like really nice parents
and the lemma shippers would be that one family friend that always hangs around and doesn’t really seem to move from the table
and the shisa shippers would be like that alcoholic relative that’s still strangely nice
and the shoey shippers would be the shisa shippers really sexually frustrated date
and the kickthestickz shippers would be the phandom’s sibling that is always really quiet but that gets super eager at the littlest things