There was nothing worse than being in the one place you promised yourself you would never see again.

But here I was again, surrounded by inmates. To anyone who knows what it’s like in here, it’s pure hell in its most basic form. No matter how many times one has seen the insides of this place, there will never be a time of comfort or joy. You will never get used to this and no one honestly should. I folded my hands together and waited impatiently. The sound of the guards and inmates’ heavy footsteps along with the sounds of cuffs pierced my eardrums. Nothing could really make me nervous nor would I ever fear anything that I could easily change or work to my benefit. But just waiting was beginning to drain me and annoy the hell out of me. I had no patience. Never had and probably never will.

These past months have been… bearable. Things can’t always go 100% my way but I have to be okay with that. I was alive, my nephew was straight, my family, who consisted mostly of the guys, were all great and my dick was always in some tight ass pussy. Of course there has been a few minor setbacks here and there but I work through all of them, like I always do. Between setting my life straight and getting Austin to have some stability it didn’t seem like he had before, I’ve been doing a lot of things. There wasn’t a day when I wasn’t occupied with something. I was sacrificing a lot, just to gain overall satisfaction so I was hoping all of this was worth it.

A shove to my side easily snapped me out of my thoughts and I mugged Caiden momentarily before switching my gaze to the opened door, bringing in one inmate in particular. A small smile graced my face as I sat up, stood and waited for the cuffs to be released from him. “Brozay!” I said loudly, making sure that everyone in the room heard my obnoxious voice. It earned a few looks from the correctional officers but I easily shrugged it off. With a chuckle, he continued to make his way towards us, stopping only a mere few feet away and raising his arms so the guard could release the cuff from around his slim wrist. In seconds, daps, hugs and greetings were spread among us three and it soon followed with us being seated down at the steel table.

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