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Look y’all I have a new original™️ video of me browsing a deviant art page.  Make sure you recommend me other profiles to review :^))))))))))))))

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Have you seen the shut eye animatic :0 it's so guuuuud, do what I say dad or else I will tell solar sands to do a browsing deviant art: Sleepykinq

Also don’t bc yea I would love if he reviews one of my pieces but a whole video abt me??? I wOuLd panic he’s one of my fav youtubers and if I hear a negative opinion from him (which would most likely come out) I will DIE

I’m conflicted.

I want to recapture the charm that @rinbo had in their thiefshipping… But I really don’t know where to start. I think what made their art Work was the use of bright colors and the fact that they can be funny. That seemed to be all you needed for stuff like this. But I think the bar has been raised, and you need more than alluring colors and to make people laugh. Nowadays a lotta people want to be the next Rinbo. And some people already are. Not because those people are copy cats, but because they just new what they were doing. And the truth is I really DON’T know what I’m doing… 

I once was browsing Deviant Art for new thiefshipping art, and I came across a Yugioh shipping board. I looked at, and noticed theifshipping was at a low ranking. I was really taken aback by that, I asked myself; “How could anyone dislike this pairing?! It is VOID of imperfections! This random person on the internet doesn’t know what they’re talking about!” …Yeah tunnel vision can do that to a person. Anyway, I read the description where the person in question explains their feelings on the ships they ranked. Curious, I looked at what they said about thiefshipping. I don’t remember precisely what they said, but they explained something along the lines of; “thiefshipping is okay, but it’s a little too ‘OMG YAOI sooooo smexy *nose bleed*’ for my taste.” And I just stared at the words on my screen for a minute as I thought to myself; “I completely understand…” Ever since being kink-shamed outta the fujoshi community, I’ve been extremely strict on how I like thiefshipping to be, how much fluff and smut there should be, what head-cannons are appropriate, introducing darker more mature subject matter for a ship that’s mostly comedy based, I think you get the picture. And too my “dismay” a majority of thiefshippers have that overly sexual fujoshi mentality. Now let me make one thing perfectly clear; I could give less of a shit if someone is an active fujoshi, I don’t care how you choose to portray thiefshipping, that’s not what I’m complaining about. What I’m going on about, is the demand for thiefshipping to be less/more yaoi-centric. I’m pretty sure other ships go through this same kinda bullshit, but we’re talking about MY angst lol. 

When I ship two characters (romantically or platonically), and I draw fanart portraying their bond, their growth, their hardships, I want this art to be an extension of who I really am. And yes I have drawn Marik and Bakura doing the deed, and even though I had fun drawing it, there was that little voice in the back of my head saying “this isn’t the real you.” And so I drew a few fanarts that I thought represented the “real me.” But some people just didn’t get it. And that’s completely okay. Even if I don’t end of becoming the next Rinbo or the next Millie, in the end it won’t matter. What does matter is that, this ship is important to me (at least as I write this) and through this year, in a strange way, it’s helped me understand myself better. And that’s why I’m so over protective of it….           

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I was browsing through deviant art and came across a little comic strip that pointed out something very interesting in your "Young Avengers" run... so I have to ask now: In this parallel universe with the dead Loki skeleton on the throne and the Thor skeleton on the stairs below... do those capes simply rot slower than any other clothe or did the two die without any pants on? (or was it the universe-without-pants?)

I think I’ve said before, but I consider those fragments at the start of the issue almost prompts - as in, places to explore in your own mind and work out what was really going on.

I am fine with all of your interpretations, especially PANTLESS ASGARD.