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Look y’all I have a new original™️ video of me browsing a deviant art page.  Make sure you recommend me other profiles to review :^))))))))))))))

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Have you seen the shut eye animatic :0 it's so guuuuud, do what I say dad or else I will tell solar sands to do a browsing deviant art: Sleepykinq

Also don’t bc yea I would love if he reviews one of my pieces but a whole video abt me??? I wOuLd panic he’s one of my fav youtubers and if I hear a negative opinion from him (which would most likely come out) I will DIE

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I was browsing through deviant art and came across a little comic strip that pointed out something very interesting in your "Young Avengers" run... so I have to ask now: In this parallel universe with the dead Loki skeleton on the throne and the Thor skeleton on the stairs below... do those capes simply rot slower than any other clothe or did the two die without any pants on? (or was it the universe-without-pants?)

I think I’ve said before, but I consider those fragments at the start of the issue almost prompts - as in, places to explore in your own mind and work out what was really going on.

I am fine with all of your interpretations, especially PANTLESS ASGARD.