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couple things:

  • thank you for following! this blog has a surprising number of followers for something that basically started as a joke so… welcome to the bloofiness i guess!
  • i tweaked the blog theme so it now looks a bit better in the browser
  • i added an about page as well {here}
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  • have a random cute pic of shiro just because:
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PSA for people with blogs

Since the inception of blogs, people have been intent on making their blogs as tiny and unreadable as possible. I don’t know if it’s like…a prestige thing, or what. But it’s not cool, it’s just annoying and has a fun side effect of being kinda ableist.

So here’s some cool tips:

  • If your blog font is less than 10pt / 0.8em (do not use px for fonts. do not use px for fonts. do not use px for fonts), your blog is really hard to read.
  • This is especially true if you’re using <small> tags in all your posts (looking at you, roleplayers).
  • If your font color is really close to your background (for example, lighter than #AAAAAA on a white background) it is also very hard to read. (If you can’t figure out whether your font color is okay because of your flashy animated background, I probably hate you.)
  • Additionally, if you want cutesy animated javascript effects, please check them before you use them, because there’s a good chance it’s gonna break your blog. Here’s how you can tell your blog is not broken:
    • You can highlight and right click things
    • Your browser doesn’t lag and crash after having the blog sitting open for 10 minutes.
    • Your scroll bar doesn’t flail wildly, screaming in agony.
    • Your links work and have some indication of being links (ie. your mouse changes to a clicky finger icon)
    • You can get to the next page of your blog without typing /page/2 into the url bar.
    • Images load in reasonable places rather than on top of your text posts.
    • These things also happen on your friend’s favorite garbage internet browser

I get wanting a pretty theme, but personally I’d rather see tumblr’s ugly default theme than have to copy-paste everything or go into my browser code to change your font settings from my end. Thanks for reading.

EXHIBIT: My Brother’s Husband – Artwork by Gengoroh Tagame

May 2nd to May 30th, 2017
@ Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street
1st Floor Display Room (Near the Browsery)

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is proud to a host a small display of materials from the creation of My Brother’s Husband, the new graphic novel series by TCAF Featured Guest Gengoroh Tagame. Winner of the Excellence Award for manga at The 19th Japan Media Art Festival, My Brother’s Husband is the moving story of a Japanese man learning to accept his late brother’s Canadian husband, the first LGBT person he’s ever met, who is visiting Japan. Upon winning the award, a small display of roughly 16 pieces of Tagame’s artwork, from layouts, to penciled pages, to final artwork, was assembled to be displayed for the award ceremony. It is this exhibition of materials, with additional English language material, which will be exhibited at Toronto Reference Library this May, as a part of The Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

My Brother’s Husband will make its English-language debut at The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 13th and 14th, 2017, from Pantheon Books, a division of Penguin Random House.

TCAF would like to thank Toronto Public Library, and Pantheon Books, for their assistance with this exhibition.