A random strip for the month of hearts from the recent browser designs I made
Nothing too serious for now ok? haha

I’ll consider making some strips from time to time (since It’s fun)

((I would love to hear some fun facts from you sparkling people which I may have missed in my research. Links will be appreciated~!))


Have you ever wanted to kill giant monsters attacking well known cities? Have you ever wanted to be a giant monster attacking well known city? Of course you have!

In Man or Monster you can either control a man attempting to defend the city or you can choose to be a monster and destroy it. As the man you can buy tanks and turrets to scatter around the city before the monster arrives to kill it. While they are killing the beast you can decide to help and shoot the monster with your gun or you can zoom around with your jetpack and try to save civilians to make more money for more defenses later. As the monster, of course your goal is to destroy everything in sight. You make ‘money’ by destroy buildings, eating citizens, and enemy defenses. You use that 'money’ to buy special moves that can shoot projectiles, produce shock waves that destroy enemy vehicles, generate shields for temporary invincibility, and even spawn minions to attack citizens for you. Oh, and farting. Can’t have giant monsters without farts.

Man or Monster is very fun to play and has excellent voxel-based graphics. There are 10 main levels for each the man and monsters with a new bonus challenge daily. As the man it’s not as tactical as you might think. You really can just shoot the monster and put down a turret whenever you feel like it. Oddly enough as the monster I kept finding myself planning what I would do on the next level cause it was very difficult. In the later levels your energy drains so quickly that you have to continuously use your invincibility move to survive. It may have to do with the fact that as the man you can upgrade your weapons and health with money but as the monster you just buy more special moves. I don’t feel like a giant indestructible monster when I should. I feel indestructible when I’m an ordinary man. But I still had lots of fun with this game and I recommend you give it a try.

You can play Man or Monster on right now


Hidden game in New 3DS’s browser ⊟

Here’s a fun easter egg making the rounds on game blogs this morning – when you tap the first few notes from the Super Mario Bros. theme in the New 3DS’s built-in web browser (after opening a new/blank page), you’ll unlock a Breakout-style game. Cute!

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The Pirate Bay Releases It’s Own Web Browser Aimed At Circumventing Censorship

The Pirate Bay, on completion of its 10 years, has released ‘Pirate Browser’ which it claims would allow people to access ‘The Pirate Bay’ and other such blocked sites.

The ‘Pirate Browser’ is a fully functional browser that currently works with Windows. One of the most controversial sites on the web has claimed that the browser doesn’t have any adware or toolbars bundled with it.

It’s a simple one-click browser that circumvents censorship and blockades and makes the site instantly available and accessible. No bundled ad-ware, toolbars or other crap, just a Pre-configured Firefox browser”, notes TPB on its blog.

According to the Pirate Browser website, the browser is basically a bundled package consisting of the Tor client and Firefox Portable browser. The package also includes some tools meant for evading censorship in countries like UK, Finland, Denmark, Iran among others.

TPB has been recommending the use of proxy sites to browse the website from countries where it has been blocked. The torrent site is claiming that the new browser would effectively bypass any blockade enforced by ISPs. The Pirate Bay further notes, “This browser is just to circumvent censorship, to remove limits on accessing sites governments don’t want you to know about.

This means that the Pirate Browser would allow users to browse websites like KickassTorrents, Fenopy and H33T which have been blocked by many countries including the UK. IsoHunt may also be accessed from Italy which was blocked earlier this month.


Web VR Live Coding - Update

This area is probably the most interesting area of creative computing at the moment. The two projects here employ internet browsers in development designed for virtual reality headsets, and both let you code within a 3D space, with results updated in real-time.

First up is RiftSketch by Brian Peiris (I covered this earlier this month). The improvements since the last release is huge. In the demo you can see below, you will see that the environment supports both a webcam feed (to see where your hands are) and Leap Motion support for gestural interfacing. You’ll see a simple 3D bird constructed with code and gestural positioning, a tree, and flocking birds which represent several tweets - the fact that all of this works as it is put together is amazing - video embedded below:

More Here

Next up is RhinoRiftSketch by Dan Taeyoung which adapts the source code of RiftSketch and integrates both Rhino CAD software and it’s visual programming language Grasshopper to design 3D environments - video embedded below:


Impressive work …