The Legend of Zelda Was Remade In 3D For Internet Browsers

The Legend of Zelda Was Remade In 3D For Internet Browsers

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Two mysterious fans, “Scott” and “Mike”, have recreated The Legend of Zelda in honor of the NES game’s 30th anniversary. According to the duo, the game uses WebGL and voxels rendering to create a pixel-perfect replica of the game, all in JavaScript. The game is also in 3D, with the camera now at an angle to give players a new perspective on an old game. There is no information on Nintendo’s…

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Pixel Pets

“Pixel Pets” by @uheartbeast.

“In Pixel Pets you get to feed vegetables to your cut pet monster and watch it grow and change shape. As it gets stronger you can explore the randomly generated caves, collect coins, and defeat evil monsters.”

Do you like simple dungeon crawlers? Do you like adorable pixel art combined with a slight Pokémon-/Tamagotchi-touch? That’s your game then. A heart for uheartbeast, ladies and gentlemen! >>PLAY

More games made by uheartbeast: >>HERE

Browser Legend of Zelda Game Removed Due To Request By Nintendo

Browser Legend of Zelda Game Removed Due To Request By Nintendo

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As quickly as word of the pixel-perfect 3D Legend of Zelda internet browser game spread, the game was taken down. The duo that had worked on the project explained that Nintendo asked them to remove the site for copyright infringement. They have agreed to the removal, stating that “Nintendo has every right to protect their IP” and explained that they “knew this result could potentially happen”.…

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Best Android Browser

Best Android Browser For High Speed Browsing - My Trendy Zone Every Android Smartphone comes with inbuilt browser. But according to different needs and features, we all need the best browsing experience. Lots of Android Browser apps are available in Google Play Store. Here we will discuss about the Best Android Browsers that can be downloaded from Google Play. Read the specifications of various Android Browsers and get your favorite one. Checkout the shortly described Best Android Browser below. Opera Mobile Browser: The most famous Opera Mobile web-browser is widely used and almost seen in every mobile phone. The mobile browser has paid a special attention to Android operating system and has developed a special edition for Android Smartphone’s. The most important feature of using Opera mobile browser is it will save a lot of data by compressing it.
The company has used their own Turbo technology for Android devices which optimizes the current web-page according to your Android Smartphone. Firefox for Android: Many of us like to use Firefox browser in their PC, Laptop and the browser is also available for Android devices. The browser is used by many users as it is very easy to use. The Firefox mobile browser comes with a sync feature which lets you sync your desktop browser with your Android Smartphone browser and sync all the data like Bookmarked websites, saved username and passwords, etc. However it doesn’t support the low powered devices.UC Web Browser for Android: Another popular browser used by Android users is UC browser for Android. The browser is very popular in many countries. The mobile browser comes with features like Control over Voice, Auto Fill, Night Mode, etc. It also has a download manager to view and manage all your Downloads. This is one of the best web-browser for slow network connections. Dolphin Browser: Next in our list is Dolphin mobile Browser for Android Smartphone. The mobile browser comes with a lot of surprising features which can amaze you. Dolphin mobile browser has all the features which any user can wish for in his/her browser. The browser package is available in 5MB. The browser runs very smoothly on almost every device and plays HD quality videos with no lag. It also comes with a special feature which enables sharing of files between two android devices from browser with the use of Wi-Fi network.
Nine sky Browser:
The Nine sky browser pretty much look like Chrome browser, apart from the looks it offers quite unique features. It is faster and smarter than other browsers. The browser pays more attention to your Internet security and protection of personally private data. With the help of Smart Address Bar and Speed Dial you can type URL fast. Cloud Bookmarks features help you to share your bookmarks in different mobile browsers. Chrome for Android: The Chrome web-browser by Google Inc. is the second most popular web browser used by desktop, laptop users. The browser is also available for the Android users. It offers same features like desktop browser. You can use the Sign in to sync feature to sync data from multiple devices.Maxthon Cloud Browser: The mobile browser with the Cloud functionality in your Smartphone. The browser comes with features like Cloud Tabs. The browser supports multiple devices for any screen size. The Maxthon browser offers high performance seamless web browsing across different platforms and devices: PC, Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPods, I Touch, iMac, MacBook, Kindle Fire and Blackberry. Boat Browser Mini: Boat browser is simple, beautiful and fast mobile browser, which adds a better experience for Android users. The User Interface is easy and simple to use. The browser supports multiple languages. You can customize the browser with colorful themes. It is also has a sidebar option for easy switching. So here was the list of Best Android Browsers. For more Android tips and latest information stay connected with us at