Did I mention how much I absolutely adore @rainbow-taishi‘s web-browser personifications❓❓  😍
I also love how Internet Explorer is essentially older than Google Chrome, making him his SENPAI~ ✨

darkdragonfloof  asked:

Free dragon games?


dragon documentary is an unfinished, free alpha. you play as a dragon that’s woken up to find your valley filled with settlements and people! i’ve played this one myself and the flight physics are gorgeous. available on windows and mac!

choice of the dragon is a text-based browser game where you customize and play as a dragon. it follows various narratives depending on which choices you make, and its pretty fun for being free!

hope these work! 

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strange-life-strange-world  asked:

I'm searching a game about/for vampires.


choice of the vampire is a text based game where you go through life as a vampire! you can choose your gender, looks, etc and pursue romance, power, or whatever you happen to want! it’s free, and on browser!

bat story is a free minimalist pixel platformer! you play as an old vampire who leaves the castle for the first time since they can remember. it’s on for windows!

endless sands is a text-based game about a vampire that wakes up finding something is very wrong. you have to find shelter before sunrise! it’s free and on browser!

i hope this suits ya!

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The cosplay glow up is so real guys omg.

Wittness my first ever cosplay, which was of Bowser.😂 The “shell” was just paper and twine and all the other accessories were duck tape. I used spray hair dye to dye my hair. Don’t even bring up my horrible makeup skills back then. 😱

My first costume looked nothing like all the cosplayers who had inspired me to try out cosplay, but I had fun making my outfit and hanging out in costume! So I continued to cosplay and eventually discovered I could incorporate my love of crochet into my costumes. And from there a fire was lit!

Now that I have a few costumes under my belt and I’ve successfully landed on a cosplay style that’s unique to me, I’m happy to revisit my starting point.💖💖💖

I’m also happy to say that I’m sitting here, typing this out in my dorm room as I prepare to begin my journey at art school. Thanks to all the support from my friends and family I’m able to pursue my passion for crochet costumes and learn even more about the fiber arts. I hope I can come out of school with even cooler costumes!

anonymous asked:

hi! i apologize if this is a bit complicated, but im kin with an arch demon who really just wanted to be a human witch, is there any free games that center around soft witchery (preferably no death magick or blood magick :C)? sorry if this is too specific!

you’re perfectly fine, specifying helps me find stuff for you!! (i love games like this too)

tiny worlds in flasks is a relaxing game about building little terrariums. reminds me of making spell bottles! it’s free on browser and windows!

florus is a procedurally generated game about a musical garden and the tunes you can make with it. it’s downloadable for windows!

morphe is another musical game that allows you to walk around a mountaintop, relaxing and making little tunes as you go. it’s free to download on mac, windows and linux!

i’d also like to recommend botany? which i covered a bit back!

hope these help!! 

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