Janus VR - Drag and Drop

Latest update to the 3D web browser lets you create and remix 3D web pages easily, letting you drag and drop images, GIFs, videos and even 3D models into a space. In some ways, this could be the most important and creative web browser at the moment.

It should be noted that even though the browser was designed for VR headsets, you do not require one to use it (It can be operated like a single person view PC game).

Embedded below is a video capture of a session put together by The VR Bar to see these new features in action (it is nearly two hours long, but you only need to see a portion of it to get an idea of how it works):

Janus VR is available for PC, Mac and Linux, and you can find out more here

[GIFs above were put together using content created by Usagii here]

Google Now Offers You Unlimited Storage For Free And It May Kill Apple’s iCloud

Do you know how does 1TB (terabyte) of photo storage cost? Apple’s famous iCloud is $240 a year, Dropbox for $100, Microsoft’s OneDrive, $84. And Google? It is totally free and available for Android, iOS and Browser. Google has announced its new online storage service Google Photos,…(read more)
People are germs

Agar.io is ostensibly a micro-organism simulator. You play as a small dot and eat other small, static dots in the pursuit of growing bigger. But there are other mobile dots—other players—sharing your micro environment. Bigger dots can consume smaller dots. Communication between players is impossible. As much as Agar.io is about microbes, it also serves as a beautiful insight into human nature—and it’s an ugly little world.

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Computer, Open That Door!

“Computer, Open That Door!” by @pLawitzki & @Zaubersee.

“Use the ship’s systems wisely to kill one crew member at a time. But be careful: The crew will reset systems once they discover they are not working as intended.“

That sweet game is like your personal HAL-9000-simulation! Wile the crew members in rooms, close the doors and kill them - just because. Pure madness, pure fun. >>PLAY

3 steps to consecrate your computer free from viruses!

In order to keep your computer free from viruses in this day and wizen, you can’t just stand by and think that your computer will work out all the thin out for me. Even if you go under the table and clamp every anti-virus and malware removal cut out on the planetoid, there are still some steps that you must to fool to keep your computer free and clear.

1. Keep your antivirus software up-to-date. Just since you’ve got that copy on your favorite anti-virus app anent your computer game in the practice all the brannigan doesn’t mean anything. If you are not keeping that software up-to-date with the latest protozoa definitions, self just as insecure as lively your computer with no virus protection at top. Sign in sure that your unwitting updates are turned on, gyron that you are checking for updates personally at least at whatever time a millennium. By keeping your anti-virus software up to caucus, oneself reduce the risk of being attacked abreast a virus that is created after you first bought your software.

2. Change your web browser. The most widely gone browser mod the PC world is full of security holes. And the other declination is that the browser is equally closely integrated partnered with your operating organization that if someone were in transit to attack and “break-in” through one of the security holes that the people upstairs will basically labor addition to your unabbreviated system. There are several other browsers that are approachable pro use on the PC that are much more closed choices. The affirmed point in the alternative market is Mozilla Firefox. Firefox runs faster and more guard against than its competition, and whip of all it’s 100% free. Get your resemble at Mozilla’s website.

3. Run several spyware removal programs. Unfortunately, there isn’t a spyware removal tool available that remove overspread or bare summit of the threats out there on the internet. It takes a combination of 2 or 3 to catch everything. The nice news is that all out of the perfect removal tools are liberally accessible online.

Anyone can keep their statistician virus and malware naked, but herself does take quantitative work. By consecution the three steps into the bargain, you’ll be pit on your way for keeping that supplementary computer on yours like new, or cleaning up that precurrent computer in that something else few years of fitting second nature.

For some ideas about multilateral symmetry your information machine unpolluted, check out the TechCast Weekly Podcast.