Google Now Offers You Unlimited Storage For Free And It May Kill Apple’s iCloud

Do you know how does 1TB (terabyte) of photo storage cost? Apple’s famous iCloud is $240 a year, Dropbox for $100, Microsoft’s OneDrive, $84. And Google? It is totally free and available for Android, iOS and Browser. Google has announced its new online storage service Google Photos,…(read more)
People are germs is ostensibly a micro-organism simulator. You play as a small dot and eat other small, static dots in the pursuit of growing bigger. But there are other mobile dots—other players—sharing your micro environment. Bigger dots can consume smaller dots. Communication between players is impossible. As much as is about microbes, it also serves as a beautiful insight into human nature—and it’s an ugly little world.

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Browser-based demonstration of artificial intelligence, where the bot is learning by trial and error the game dynamics of the situation it is in:

R2D2 has no knowledge of the game dynamics, can only see 3 blocks around and only gets notified over a reward block (green) or a pubishment block (black). Over time, R2D2 will learn to understand that green blocks are good, learn how to move out of the way of a black block and how to optimize for green blocks. Learning takes time, but eventually, it becomes clear that RD2D has mastered this game.

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I was asked earlier about how the browser I use looks.

I use Firefox Developer Edition, using the built in dark theme, and I opt for using the addon “tree style tabs” with the hidden feature turned on (they show up when I hover the edge).

side note: I am currently running the technical preview / insider preview for Windows 10.