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Attack on Horoscopes pt. 2 (pt. 1)

Please take note of the edits I did to Part 1 because I made some major errors! Thank you :3 

EDIT: Changed Capricorn to Earth sign. I SAVED A PSD THIS TIME. But no I still made a mistake ; ^ ;

「進撃の巨人」Reading & Live Event「Attack 音 体感」PV 
The DB/DVD Vol. 9 is due to release on March 19.


A lot of the actors, are based on THIS post.

This is my “live action” idea:

Logan Lerman as Eren Jaeger
Jeon ji Hyun as Mikasa Ackerman
William Moseley as Armin Arlelt
Ben Barnes as Rivaille
Chace Crawford as Jean Kirschtein
Amanda Seyfried as Annie Leonhardt
Anna Popplewell as Sasha Browse
Dylan O`brien as Connie Springer
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Marco Bodt
Chloe Moretz as Historia Reiss (Christa Renz)
Alexander Ludwig as Reiner Braun
Nicholas Hoult as Bertholdt Fubar
Jennifer Lawrence as Ymir
Tina Fey as Hanji Zoe
Chris Evans as Erwin Smith
and Patrick Stewart as Dot Pixis

You may hate me for this.
Anyway, this would be the cast that I would choose for the movie…

Okay guys but did you considered Marcosasha?

Imagine the cuteness

Look at this

According to guide book Sasha trusts Marco. There was a scene in the manga ( i can’t find it now) Sasha said she want to be in the same team as Marco, he being the leader. Jean and Eren said the same thing but people ignored Sasha part.

I am trying to say is she would trust him with her life.

This is not a crack ship. She must be important if they include her into his relationship table.

Anyway imagine them as girl/boy friends in modern au. The spooning. Marco is only 10 cm taller than her but most people headcanon him as built (not much as Reiner of course)

Both of them wake up late but sometimes Marco wakes up early to make her breakfast. He tries to. He is probably sleeply and it don’t end up well but Sasha loves it anyway. After that they cuddle. :D

It is late and my brain is death, can’t think more but if you have any headcanons, i would like to hear them :D

Snk Headcanon AU.

Ymir, Christa and Sasha are roommates. Connie hates going over to their place to hang out with Sasha because Ymir is the biggest cockblock. She does it just to piss him off.