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Terrible Ideas (Bones x Reader)

Contains Kirk friendship

Your relationship with Bones was no secret. It was a source of endless teasing from your crewmates, namely Kirk.

You and him were messing around with your phasers, you’d found a way to get the beam to bounce. In hindsight, you probably should have checked to be sure your phasers were set to the lowest setting, but this thought hadn’t occurred to you until a wayward beam caught you in the leg.

You cried out as you went down, clutching the area where you’d been hit.

“Shit, (Y/N)!” Jim cursed as he rushed over to make sure the injury was nothing too serious.

“It’s fine,” you assured, your voice slightly strained. “Just get me to sickbay, yeah?”

“Bones is gonna kill me!” Jim exclaimed, burying his face in his hands.

“That’s nice, but I can’t really get there myself. You can write your last will and testament on the way,” you quipped, gritting your teeth at the sting that racked through your left leg.

He sighed before helping you up and slinging your arm over his shoulder.

Slowly, you made your way over to sickbay.

“Jim, what the hell?” You heard your boyfriend shout before you even processed that the doors had opened.

“It’s fine, Leo,” you tried to calm him down.

“Fine? Are you freaking crazy? There’s a hole in your leg!” He insisted, gesturing to the wound.

“I’m sorry, is this coming from the man who told me to stop being so melodramatic after I was dead?” Jim said, quirking his brow.

“Mostly dead,” Bones corrected. “And that’s not the point.” He quickly guided you over to a station, scanning your wound with a tricorder. “How did this happen anyway?”

Jim started to explain. “Well, we found out how to get phaser beams to bounce and-”

“And must have sounded like a wonderful, safe, foolproof idea, right?” Bones remarked dryly.

“Well, no, but… Anyway, it started as a game, but she got hurt.”

“Of course she did,” Bones said, finishing up treating the wound, then swatted his arms in Jim’s direction. “Out, out! Consider yourself temporarily banished.”

Jim sighed in relief, glad that he had avoided the smackdown of the century.

“Don’t think this is over!” He heard Bones call after him. He gulped and proceeded to speedwalk out of sickbay.

Bones then turned to you. “I’m pretty sure you know what I’m about to say.”

“That was incredibly dangerous, don’t do anything that stupid again, I thought I raised you better,” you said, in your best ‘Leonard McCoy, Angry Southerner Extraordinaire’ voice.

“Damn straight,” he smirked, sitting next to you on the examination table. He pulled you into his side and kissed your temple. He trailed kisses down your cheek until he reached the corner of your mouth.

You turned your head slightly and met his lips full on, your hands going to his chest.

When you pulled away, you smirked up at him. “This will never work out,” you teased.

“Excuse me?” Leonard said incredulously.

“If this is how it ends, I’m going to be tempted to do stupid things all the time.”

Protective Data Headcanons

Protective Data Headcanons

Requested by: Anonymous

-His hand on your arm, using enough pressure so not to hurt you but still hold you in place.

-blank face. He doesn’t scowl however his lips would be turned downward just slightly.

-maybe a bit of a scowl in his brow but again mostly blank expression.

-“I request you leave [______] be.”

-“I recommend you cease your actions towards [______]”

-“If you continue I may have to resort to more violent action.”

-Crushing an object to show his strength to intimidate. (Like a rock or something, it also keeps people from challenging him to duels over you)

-Statistical Improbabilities, and using them to get the person to back off

-Data can be scary.

-He doesn’t like to be but he can.

-if you’re actually hurt oh. That’s not good.

-He will use the laws of the planet you’re on in place of federation rules if need be to explain his actions.

-Just picking you up and walking away.

-just looping an arm around your waist and now you’re on his shoulder and you have no say in the matter you are leaving.

-Accidentally shoving someone away from you to hard as he isn’t as concerned about them as he is you.

-two words: Human Shield.

-okay well, android shield.

-Now then don’t think these measures apply only to you.

-He will protect his friends with his life.

-He will prioritize by who is in the greatest danger when everyone is in trouble.

-So you may not be rescued first.

-He will rescue you though.

-He will always be within shouting distance in case you need him.

-well more like looming right behind you.

-he doesn’t want to loose sight of you.

-If he can’t see you he will ask Geordie to use his visor to look for you.

-Geordie gets asked to help protect you a lot.

-Because he is Data’s best friend.

-Data will not leave your side in sick bay if you are hurt. Or seriously ill.

-If the person he needs to protect you from is a crew member the report is handed to The Captain as soon as it’s done

-He is not letting anyone on the ship get away with hurting you.

-“You are supposed to be safe on the ship”

-if a serious incident on the ship occurs he’s asking for shared quarters.

-even if it’s temporary

-Basically, Data is very protective.

“I’m sorry, I- it’s late, I shouldn't…”

The girl on Eliza’s porch shuffles her feet, twisting the cloth of her skirt in her hands anxiously and looking everywhere except at Eliza.

“It’s quite alright,” Eliza tells her neutrally. “Although I don’t believe we’ve met? Eliza Hamilton.”

“I know,” the girl blurts, before cringing. “My name is Maria. Maria Reynolds. It’s nice to meet you.” It clearly isn’t.

Still, Eliza smiles. “How can I help you, Miss Reynolds?”

Maria shrinks even further into herself and mumbles, “Oh, no. I really- I don’t want to bother you, really, I just- I thought-” she stops abruptly.

Eliza isn’t an idiot. She knows what Maria thought. She knows what a girl is thinking then she shows up on a man’s doorstep, wearing a dress like that, looking shocked and scared when his wife opens the door. And she knows the reputation Alexander had, before they were married- and the rumors even after they were, the ones he swears they aren’t true. Eliza believes him, for the most part. 

She tries to, at least.

Maria’s very young. Barely a few years out of her teens. At least a decade younger than Eliza. Under that flashy red dress, her shoes are worn. There are worry lines on her brow and a mostly faded bruise encircling her wrist. Her eyes are just helpless.

No, Eliza’s not an idiot.

“I’m afraid my husband isn’t home,” she tells Maria, not unkindly. “But would you like to come in anyway?”

Hunger - chapter 26

Hunger master post

The full moon rises over the Preserve, and Derek closes his eyes at its silver light washes over him. There’s a pull to the moon, a compulsion to lift his face and bathe in her light, and Derek doesn’t fight it. It’s been so long since he gazed at the moon with his human eyes, but she still recognizes him. She still watches over him. Now more than ever, he thinks.

The moon led him to Stiles.

Derek glances across the clearing, to where Stiles is standing. His breath is hangs like mist on every exhale into the cold air. He’s wearing his hood pulled up, and he’s shifting his weight from foot too foot in anticipation. His eyes are bright.

John is standing beside him, watchful, but Derek can’t smell any fear coming off him.


The Stilinskis are pack. Derek knows it, and Peter knows it and, Derek suspects, both Stiles and John know it too. The instinct is there, even in humans.

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Before- Hank x Reader

fRequest: Hank mccoy x reader where they both worked in the lab together before first class and are both mutants and reader secretly loves him but then Charles recruits them both and reader thinks they lost their chance to raven

A/N: YAY! Back to having wifi and updating more!!

You’d known Hank for forever, or at least what felt like forever, I mean when you work with someone practically everyday for two years, well, they become part of your life. You’d had time to memorize every detail about him, his small smiles, the way he fixed his glasses when he was nervous, how he bit his lip to keep from laughing at bad times, and the cute dorky wink he’d always give you when you discovered something new at the lab. He knew you well too. All your tell tale signs when you were mad, or down, he was there to pick you up and keep you laughing. Plus, you’d shared your biggest secret with him, about your mutation, and he’d shared his with you. 

You’d been best friends for so long, but to you he’d always been more. I mean, when you were sick one day and couldn’t meet him at the lab to work, the minuet after he got off the clock he drove to your apartment and dropped off your favorite soup and even offered to stay and watch movies with you. You’d laughed and told him it way okay, he didn’t have to stay, because there was no need for you to both get sick. That was almost a step beyond friendship and even though the soup was way too salty to eat, he had made it for you himself, you couldn’t help but feel your stomach flutter at the thought of him caring for you so much. Over time you fell in love with his dorky grin, when he took your hands and spun you both around the lab at a breakthrough in the science you’d been working on, and the fact that he always laughed at your jokes even when they sucked because he was too nice not to. You’d fallen in love with him. 

“I can’t believe we are doing this.” You turned your head to glance at Hank.

“I know!” He flashed a wide grin back causing you to smile.

“Believe it, you both will make an excellent addition to our team.” Charles Xavier turned to face you. About a week ago Hank and you had been at work like any other day when you’d received a call from the Professor complementing your work in science and inviting you to stay at the mansion and become part of his team. He of course knew about both of your abilities. Hank had been so excited about the call the moment he put down the phone he’d turned to you, who’d been leaning on his shoulder trying to listen into the conversation, and picked you up off the ground, spinning you in a hug. Of course, he set you down a moment later, blushing furiously, but the hug had left you smiling for what felt like days. “Welcome to the Mansion.” Charles gestured towards the two broad double doors, and you and Hank pushed you way inside.

“I can’t believe you came up with this that’s incredible.” You rolled your eyes without looking up from your book at the sound of Raven’s words. 

“Y-ya it took a while, but I figured it out eventually.” Hank stumbled over his words. You were in the library again. Slouched in a large arm chair trying, and failing, to pay attention to the book you were holding. Hank was next to you on a couch, which Raven was now leaning across towards him, flipping through pages of his research. You’d been living at the mansion for some time now and you both had settled and the excitement of being recruited had dulled a bit, although the place was still surreal. Now however, you and Hank seemed more distant. You’d gone from spending every day together to meeting a few times a week to bounce ideas off each other. You’d both taken up individual projects and were swamped with work, but it didn’t help the ache in your chest that missed the jokes you used to share. This moment was meant to be one of your, now limited, meetings as well, but Raven had walked into the library occupying Hanks attention and your study time. 

Don’t get me wrong, you loved the girl, she was a blast to hang out with, but more than that you missed Hank and you felt anything you might of had was lost. You let out a sigh and closed your book standing up and stretching your arms to the ceiling.

“I think I’m going to take a quick walk outside.” You said to Hank. He opened his mouth to say something, but then shut it. You stared at him a moment longer wishing he would ask you to stay even if it was only to go over the data he collected, but when he didn’t you felt your hopes fall a bit as you turned an left.

You made your way out the courtyard and took a seat of the marble ledge above the grounds swinging your feet over the edge. You elbows rested on your thighs and your chin sat on the heel of your palms. You couldn’t help but feel a little defeated. You closed your eyes enjoying the silence for a moment before a voice broke through it.

“(Y/N)?” You recognized the hesitant tone immediately and turned slowly to find Hank standing behind you, hands shoved in pockets.

“Hey partner.” You gave him a small closed mouth smile squinting against the sun.

“Hey.” He breathed out sitting next to you and facing the large grassy area as well.

“I-” You both spoke at the same time and then paused for a moment before laughing just like you used to.

“I’m sorry.” Hank finally said before you could speak.

“Me too.” You replied.

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” He dropped his gaze to his thumbs which he was tapping on the smooth stone. Nervous, you thought to yourself, you could still read him like a book. “I don’t know what happened, it was always just us and then so much stuff got in the way, I-I miss being with you…” He trailed off, but you knew he was genuinely sorry and you felt your chest lighten a little.

“I miss it too.” You smiled at him, blush warming your face. 

“From now on I’m gonna try harder for-for us.” You laughed at the way he knit his brows in determination, but mostly you smiled at the fact that he said us. Maybe after all of this time of you falling for him, he’d begun to fall for you.


Diary Pt1

Diary Pt2

Diary Pt3

Diary Pt4

Diary Pt5

After yesterday you almost didn’t think you should even get out of bed, but you had to.

You had to help hunt and if you didn’t then you would be free loading and that is not your style.

Surprisingly, when you came down Peter and Felix weren’t there. You asked where they were and found out that Peter and Felix said they couldn’t join the hunt today because they had “business” to attend to.

So you hunted, but you were distracted by thoughts of what business they had. Sure Felix was Pan’s second in command but when Peter had “business” he handled it alone.

After breakfast you decided to skip today’s game in favor of going on a walk.

You haven’t went walking for a while so you appreciated the solitude, the peace and quiet. The quiet breeze and rustle of leaves.


That was not leaves.

You looked around and saw a brush and you knew that where the sound came from.

You pulled out your dagger and carefully approached the brush and what you saw gave you about six heart attacks.

Peter and Felix were definitely “handling each other’s  business”.

They were making out like they hadn’t seen each others in months, or like they hadn’t had sex in a few centuries.

Peter was laying on top of Felix and was holding him in place as he kissed him deeply. Not that he had to, Felix was clearly just as into it, if how he was gripping Peter’s ass was any indication.

You could only watch wide eyed, you should leave, but you couldn’t look away. You wanted to see them, both of them together.

Peter pulled away from Felix and removed his green shirt, and Felix ran his down his leader’s chest.

‘Your turn.’ Peter smiled.

Felix sat up and pulled off his heavy cloak, then his then rag shirt. Now they were both shirtless and Peter was straddling Felix.

Felix held onto Peter’s hips and he grinded up, and Peter moaned in response.

No way are they going to…

‘I want you to fuck me Felix.’  Peter growled into Felix’s ear.

Oh my sweet lord they were going to.

‘Yes sir.’ Felix said as he began to kiss Peter’s neck.

Peter tilted his head to give Felix more access to his neck, and in that motion he was looking right at you.

‘(Y/N)!’ Peter shouted as he pulled away from Felix like they boy had burned him.

Felix looked confused until he looked up and saw you then he immediately he began to put his clothes on.

‘W-we can explain this.’ Peter said flustered as he tried to put on his shirt.

This was embarrassing for everyone involved, you should leave before things got even more awkward..

‘I-I um…sorry!’ you apologized before you ran back to camp.

‘She was certainly intrigued.’ Peter smirked, all previous shock faded from his face.

‘I’d say so…what’s next Pan?’ Felix asked as he put on his cloak.

‘What happened to sir?’ Peter smirked.

‘Improvising, what about you Mr. Moans’A-Lot?’ Felix asked.

‘Acting.’ Peter said.

‘Those moans just now were fake?’ Felix asked with a arched brow.


The Agent » Matt Murdock

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader

Fandom: Daredevil + Marvel

Words: 1081

Summary: You’re an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and you’re sent to Hell’s Kitchen to help out. 

A/N: I plan on releasing a lot of new reader inserts soon! c: 

Originally posted by chraliecox

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Riley’s New Look.

Prompt: Riley works really hard to make it on the cheer leading squad senior year but when she finds out her “look” is whats keeping her from joining, she decides its time for a little change. 
Word Count: 2,355

♡ ♡ ♡

The surge of confidence she felt as she landed a cartwheel left the biggest smile on her face. It was Riley’s senior year and she was finally going out for the cheer leading team. In the past she was proven to be not the most graceful or coordinated but over the summer she took gymnastic classes that really helped her get in control of her long limbs and clumsy nature. She was actually really good now. She always had the rhythm she just needed to nail the tricks and surprisingly enough she did.

After her tryouts she waited patiently for the team captain to post the new members list. She had waited for this day since she was in middle school. She was never good enough to make the team and even though she was relentless they never really gave her a chance. All of that was about to change. Or so she thought.

She watches Carly Santino post the paper on the bulletin board and waits for the small crowd of students to diminish. Anxiously she walks up to the board and runs her finger down the rather short list of names…she wasn’t on it.

It wasn’t like Riley to confront someone but this was something she just couldn’t let go of despite her friends pleas. So after school she hangs back to talk to the captain. She knew she didn’t stand a chance before but now that she was actually good it just didn’t make sense to her.

“Carly, can I talk to you for a sec?” Riley asks, grabbing the girls’ attention as she’s exiting the gym.

“Sure Riley, what’s up?”

“I was just wondering why I didn’t make the team.” She tries to keep her voice calm and steady as she continues. “I mean, is there something I need to work on –.”

“You were great Riley.” She reassures her. “It’s not your skills that need work.”

“Oh?” She raises an eyebrow at the stunning redhead. “What is it then?”

Carly sighs and rests her hand on Riley’s shoulder as to soften the blow. “It’s your look.”

Riley stares down at her outfit and back up at the girl. “My look?”

“Don’t get me wrong, you’re super cute it’s just we’re not looking for cutesy adorable. We have a certain image and if I’m being honest you lack the c–.”

“Say no more.” She cuts her off, not wanting to hear anymore. “Thanks for being honest.”

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Update on my appearance: I don’t wear makeup anymore (sometimes eyeliner), I wear glasses, don’t shave my pits or tweeze my brows…

Mostly because I realized my tinted moisturizer didn’t match my skin tone bc I have a yellow undertone & I was too lazy/poor to go to Sephora to find my match.


her boyfriend had promised that they were gonna hang out, and told her to meet her at his place. upon knocking the door, the sight of her boyfriend’s sibling standing in the doorway caused a feeling of confusion and anger to flow through her for just a moment. –let me guess, he’s not here. indigo let out a bitter laugh, pulling out her phone to text him.your brother is so– a frustrated sigh emitted from her lips as she looked to her childhood friend, brows furrowing mostly because she was trying to figure out why they were there in that moment. i interrupting something ??

Take Me Home (T)

Originally posted by hyorin-and-her-bitches

Author’s Note: This has been sitting in our drafts forever so we decided to just post it as is. Maybe there will be a pt 2 in the future?

Word Count: 1908

The room gave me a fluttering feeling. Soft purple glow and hypnotizing background music. To be honest with you I was a little buzzed. Not sloppy, but just enough for me to let loose. My friends and I were seated in a fancy, velvet sofa that carved around a glass table. The crystal chandelier hanging above us gave a beautiful reflection of the illuminating lights in contrast to the dark room. Chatters engulfed my ears but I couldn’t focus. That was until my ex-boyfriend, Hobi, walked in the room. We made eye contact for a split second and I felt the bitterness of the breakup all at once. To say it was a bad ending is an understatement, but none of that matters now. He winked at me but continued to walk to the other side of the room. I nudged my best friend and gestured at the trashcan that just arrived. She gave me a knowing look and asked if I was okay to which I shrugged. Okay as I’ll ever be I guess. A brilliant (and somewhat petty) idea popped into my head. I turned to the boy sitting next to me.

“Hey,” I asked, “Kai, you want to do me a little favor tonight?”

He shrugged, “Why not? What is it?”

“You up for pretending to be my boyfriend?” I grinned at him.

Kai raised an eyebrow. “What’s the occasion?”

I leaned over and placed a hand on his thigh. I felt Kai tense up but then relaxed again. My mouth hovered over his ears as I made eye contact with Hobi, yet again. “Well,” I began, “Someone decided to show up and now I’m in the mood for some fun revenge. Plus, I know that little someone happens to hate you.”

“Hmm, is that so? I’ve never been the one to turn down a challenge,” Kai added.

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Pressure Pt 3 (Jumin x MC)

You’re on your way to surprise Jumin at work when something goes horribly wrong.

This is a multi-part series, I highly suggest reading the previous parts before reading this: Part 1 Part 2

Word Count: 1101

Honestly, I’ve had a really rough day and I’m extremely tired but writing always makes me happy, especially for this blog so I’m very glad I’m able to post. I was surprised at the fact that people wanted a part 3 and…to be honest I was a bit on the fence about it. But still, I decided to finish it off using a suggestion specifically from @crimsoncitrus (who is such a sweetheart btw) to finish off this multi-part series. Thank you all so much for the support lately, this all has meant so much for me and I hope I can continue to make you wonderful readers happy with my writings :)


You were set up in a hospital room, your leg elevated with a proper cast around it.  

Jumin never once left your side, already arranging with the staff to spend the night in the room.  

The other members of the RFA began rapidly calling you almost immediately after they found out, Yoosung and Zen nearly dropping whatever else they were doing at the time had it not been for the group as a whole arriving later.  

Nonetheless, you were drenched in words of encouragement and care, leaving your heart swelled with joy.  

You now quietly spoke with your husband, unable to hide your widening smile each time he affectionately squeezed your hand.  

But soon, you heard the tapping of shoes along the tile floor of the hall heading towards the two of you.  

Jumin seemed to as well, raising his head curiously as the footsteps hesitantly stopped at your door.  

You heard a heavy sigh, and a figure revealed itself in the bright light.

It was the woman who caused the accident.  

She now had bandages entwined about her arms and legs, flecks of blood seeping through.  

She had a tired face, dark circles hanging beneath her despite her youthful age.

She caught sight of you and sighed, dragging one of her hands down her face. “Oh my god…”  

It clicked in Jumin’s mind like a puzzle piece as he instantly shot up, shooting daggers at her.  

“What’re you doing here?” He snapped. “Get out-”  

You lifted up your upper body, staring wide-eyed at her. “No, it’s okay.”  

She uneasily shifted her gaze between you two rapidly before settling on you with a deep breath. “I-I’m just…I’m so sorry. I-I lost control of m-my car I was trying so hard to g-get control but it was already too l-late.”

Tears already were pricking at her eyes, her face contorting and shriveling up in shame. “I-I can’t believe I did this.”  

You held back your words, unable to figure out quite what to say.

“I-I don’t expect you to even c-consider forgiving me b-but please, at least let me pay the h-hospital bill.” She begged.

Jumin took a protective step forward, an evident scowl now upon his lips. “What’s your name?”

“N-Nari.” She sputtered, looking up towards him. “Byun. N-Nari Byun.”

He opened his mouth to speak until you tugged at his sleeve, knowing he was only growing more and more aggressive towards her.

He melted the moment his eyes met yours, sitting down at the foot of your bed.

“How badly are you hurt?” You asked, peering at the bandages.

She gasped softly, thrashing down the sleeves of her jacket to hide some of the wounds. “O-Oh I’m fine. But…what about you? O-Or the driver…?”

“They’re both expected to make a full recovery, fortunately,” Jumin answered.

You nodded, watching as she gave a smirk. “Oh good, I’m so glad.”

“What about you, though?” She noticed how your gaze traveled to her arms. “Are you positive you’re fine?”

“Y-Yeah, just some sprains,  bruises, or scratches. Got a kind of gnarly one on my forehead I guess.”

She lifted the bangs covering it, to show a stitched gash along her skin. “But that’s the worst of it. Nothing I can’t hide.”

“Do you have any family with you?”

She bit her lip, furrowing her brow. “I have a sister. But…we don’t get along too well, so I’ll just take the bus probably.”

At the idea of it, her eyes popped open scrambling through her pockets for any sort of money.

“No, no, no,” She progressively became more and more horrified. “I can’t believe this…”


“It’s n-nothing!” She dropped her arms, trying her best to wipe away the worry.

“You lost your wallet?” Jumin raised a curious brow. “It mostly likely fell from your pocket during all the activity at the scene.”

She instantly became lost in herself.

“Only I could do something so s-stupid!” She tore at her hair, her breathing shortening. “Of course this happens. As if this wasn’t bad enough!”

She began rambling as if you and Jumin weren’t even in the same room.

“Nari?” You perked up.

She jerked her attention at you, rubbing her arms as though she were cold. “Y-Yeah?”

“Would I be able to help in some way?”

She thought for a bit before shaking her head. “No, no, that’d be horrible of me to accept.”

Your husband didn’t speak, but his face showed his shock from your offer. He gave Nari a threatening expression, huffing in irritation.

But he didn’t outright oppose, allowing you to speak your mind.

“How far is your home?”

“W-Well it’s across town b-but-”

You reached for your purse, rummaging through the contents to find a small amount of your money.

You eventually found it, giving her a bright beam as you held it out. “You need to get home as  quickly and as safely as possible.”

Her jaw dropped.

Even Jumin seemed surprised.

“No, there’s no way I can-”

“It’s dangerous for you to walk home alone and injured. Just take the money, if not for your own sake then mine.” You chuckled. “I’ll be so worried if you don’t.”

“I can’t believe you.” She shook her head, gingerly taking the offered money. “Are you absolutely sure?”

“Of course, just take care of yourself, okay?”

She stifled a sob before rushing towards you, wrapping you in a tight hug.

“T-Thank you so much!” She cried.

Her grip was noticed, Jumin slightly nudging her backward.

Nari let out a gasp as she realized, preparing to drench you in apologies before you laughed sweetly.

She waved to you goodbye, yelling how grateful she was down the hall.

It kept your smile wide.

“Love, how is it that you amaze me every moment I’m with you?” Jumin murmured, giving a crooked grin.

You snickered, weaving your fingers through his hair tenderly. “Funny how you seem to do the same.”

He was blank for a moment before pink dusted his cheeks. “You truly are an amazing person.” He hummed. “I love you so, so much.”

Your body became drenched in warmth as you stared back at him.

The answer was already clear on your expression but you still said it, your words softer than silk.

“I love you too.”

a scattering of stars

“I am Groot.”

“I don’t know what that means, pal, but thanks,” Steve says  hunching over with his elbows on his knees, fingers dangling loose between his legs.

“I am Groot,” Groot says softly, or as softly as a medium sized Ent can, as he pats Steve on the shoulder and finds a corner to settle down in. Steve wonders if it’s rude to stare as Groot’s branches spread out across the metal wall.

He flicks his eyes out to the port window but he doesn’t really see the view, mind still stuck on the image of Darcy and Quill flirting and dancing. He’s annoyed with himself for  letting his emotions get the better of him. He had absolutely no right to feel jealous when Darcy wasn’t his girl,even though that is an old fashioned sentiment that didn’t belong in the future. The future, he muses, really  couldn’t get more in the future than they were.  At least Groot was leaving him to brood in peace. Steve is so far lost in thought he never hears the door open.

“Space penny for your thoughts,” Darcy says as she slips into his hidey hole. Not that he was hiding, much.  

“Are there pennies in galactic currency?” Steve asks brow quirking up as he shifts to the side.  

“I have no clue.”

“I am Groot,” Groot rumbles from his corner.

“Sure are, buddy,” Darcy smiles and perches on the bench beside Steve her arm brushing against his. “You’re being weird, Rogers.”

“We slipped through a wormhole in space, travelled in a spaceship to a mining colony of outlaws that just so happens to be the remains of the skull of a creature beyond imagining, filled with aliens, a sentient tree, no offence Groot,”  he says looking up and offering Groot a sheepish wave. “…and my silence is weird.”

“Well, when you put it that way. But really what have you got against…Star-Lord.”

“he really calls himself that?”

“I’ve heard worse, Captain America, probably called people worse too,” Darcy grins and bumps her shoulder against his.

“True enough.” Steve says the left side of his mouth hitching up. They sit in silence side by side eyes fixed on the portal showing the planet the orbit and a glimpse of distant stars. Darcy’s hand brushes against his and Steve returns the touch until their fingers tangle together and Steve’s heart rattles against the cage of his ribs. “Not that I want you to go, but aren’t you meant to be assisting Dr Foster?”

“Eh, Thor took her off to see some stars, before she turned Bright Heart into a handbag for messing with her equipment,” Darcy says, her face scrunched up and she darted her eyes up to his. “Totally not a euphemism.”

They fell into a comfortable silence, staring out the small portal at the purple clouds beyond the colony. Steve’s heart speeding each time Darcy’s thumb rubs again his hand. Groot is quiet in the corner mouthing at a new leaf growing on his arm.

Darcy squeezes his hand tight, leaning up to whisper in his ear. “That’s gross.” Her lips brush against the shell of his ear and his breath hitches in his throat.

“Yeah it is,” Steve whispers back, into the loose waves of her dark hair. Darcy shivers and Steve’s mouth spreads into a wide grin.

“You never said what you have against, Peter,” she asks, curious eyes on his face. Steve drops his eyes to their hands, focusing on the chipped blue nail polish on her fingers. The sound of Groot’s snoring echoes through the room, There is something far too disturbing to think about a walking tree snoring like a chainsaw.

“Nothin’,” he says finally bringing his eyes up to hers. Darcy lips compress into a thin line and she tilts her head to the side, dark hair tumbling over her shoulder. “What?”

“Did you just lie to me?”

“No,” he says, resisting the urge to sink his teeth into his bottom lip, or hers. The image of kissing her flits behind his eyes and he glances down at her pink lips.

“Oh no you don’t.”

“Don’t what?”

“Get to distract me with kisses.”

“Is that what I was doing?” he asks, brows shooting up in, mostly feigned, surprise. She hums and moves to cross her arms, but her hand is still in his and the movement is awkward. Darcy’s cheeks heat up and she huffs out a little breath, her fingers clasping tighter to his hand. “What if I admit that I felt… a little jeal-,”

“Shut up.”

“You just-”

“Shut up,” Darcy says slapping her free hand over his mouth. Steve’s eyebrows raise and he is considering flicking his tongue out across the flat of her palm when she pulls her hand away and and presses her mouth to his. They kiss with a cloud of stars and a sleeping tree as witness.

A troublesome Princess.

Everyone knew the Mihailovichi Princesses were beautiful. Fresh young things who came of age a short time ago, with hair as scarlet as newly bloomed roses and an untamable nature. They bent their father’s ear so easily for he doted upon them, and Alina was no exception.

Alina Elizaveta Mihailovichi was a curious girl, with skin of porcelain and lips of red, she was often being scurried after by members of the guard both with their protection and admiration as she boldly tried to escape them, convincing herself that certainly – she could do well enough on her own.

Whether that were true enough remained debatable.

This afternoon however she was certain of no danger having to attend a social occasion over tea…a simple discussion with mostly high-brow mothers, an honestly and sincerely -boring- sounding thing for her to be doing.

She smuggled a naughty book along in her skirts, unseen by her mother and many maids, perhaps only caught in the sideline view of her darling sister but still it was never brought to the light of concerned social instructors.

Such a naughty thing it was too, all about vivid and passionate romances with sordid conversations and even more astonishing things of a very explicit nature, it was usually something reserved for ‘middle class morality’ though mistake not, the power of the rich to be as equally devious, it was simply good 'manners’ to turn down such literary trash.

Still like many physically innocent girls who’d been pinned behind gilded walls she thirsted for something deeper, and found at least some measured relief of the dulldrum in it’s pages. She fully intended to peek at it under the tea table, as she met an assortment of hen-like mothers, some having drug along sons or daughters, for a drink and nibbles. Her own mother had escorted her here with intention, to see her into social society with grace and possibly barter her well-desired hand to any of a suitable number of gentlemen. However the idea of marrying some well-to-do bore, who would hiss at her to stop being so curious and conservatively want her to pump out children while embracing her with lights off and windows covered just seemed uncomfortable. Still she could not speak against it.

Her furs were removed to reveal her ivory gown and pinned up (such a shame) hair, an obvious effort to keep her looking young and fresh, like those scandalous and wild thoughts were not rushing through her head at any given moment. Oh if only they knew.

Arrow Fic: My Foundations Were Made of Clay

Prompt: “I wish you could write a fic where either team arrow or team flash meets Earth 2 team Arrow.”

A/N: And then this happened. If I had a stomach for multi-chaps (I don’t. Exhibit A: the woefully unfinished Slave to the Wires) I’d do a whole ‘verse of this. SO MANY IDEAS. Nonetheless, I hope y’all enjoy, and lovely anon, I hope this is what you were looking for.

Also, part of this was influenced by @andyouweremine​’s recent heartbreaking post about E2-Tommy and E1-Oliver meeting. Thank you for the inspiration and like, ten hours of ugly tears.

Title from “My Father’s Eyes” by Eric Clapton

My Foundations Were Made of Clay (AO3)

“I don’t believe this…”

“John, we’ve got to keep our heads down and keep moving.” Oliver’s voice is mostly serious, tinged with just a hint of annoyance. Felicity squeezes his hand where her fingers are still laced through his, considers it a blessing he hasn’t let go since the moment they stepped through the portal.

“I know, I just…can you believe this?” Digg’s got that same wonder in his voice that crops up every time he sees Barry run and Felicity imagines that’s how a young Johnny Diggle used to sound on Christmas morning. A smile twitches at her lips, but she tries to fight it, for Oliver’s sake.

“It’s like there’s an Instagram filter on the whole world,” she agrees. “And it looks like everyone bought their clothes in Brooklyn. Earth-1 Brooklyn, I mean. God, I can’t even imagine what Earth-2 Brooklyn must be like.”

Keep reading

half the fandom is arguing over laurent’s hair. still arguing. its long

  • “the fall of his golden hair hid his expression”
  • his hair was wet at the tips in the baths
  • “parting around the shell cup of an unjewelled ear”
  • “strands of fine gold were pushed back from his face by the regent’s heavy, ringed fingers”
  • “gold circlet on his brow that was mostly hidden by the fall of his golden hair”
  • damen had to brush to one side laurent’s hair, soft as fox-fur
  • “his head bowed, his golden hair fell about his face but for one restraining fistful.”