brows have emotions

faq about upcoming fawny’s heads v. 1.5b

- Will it have emotions?

- Yes, it will. You can choose emotions for your mouth and your eyes/brows separately. We have 6 emotions for the eyes and 6 for the mouth. It means you can use any combinations you want (sad mouth+open eyes, sad mouth+angry eyes, sexy mouth+happy eyes, etc. All what you want)

- Can we apply skins by other creators to your heads?

- Yes, you can. You can apply all skins that have OMEGA system to our upcoming mesh heads. More than that we will provide creators pack for stores who haven’t OMEGA but want to create skins for us.

- What about make-up/eyes from other stores?

- The same as for skins.

- What make-up/genetics details can we use?

- You can use lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, 2 different tattoos, freckles, moles, eyebrows make-up at the same time. Also you can change color and type of your eyelashes. On the screens you see some of basic make-up that will come for free with every mesh head from our store.

- How many skin colors do you provide?

- 8 colors.