brows du woob

anonymous asked:

Kwb looks really differant than choi young do days. Clearly he changed eyebrows but i think there is sth more :/what do you think?

Ehhh… I don’t think it’s anything beyond grooming and weight gain / loss. He has that body type where he has to work out and eat a lot to keep weight on, or it just falls off. 

and he went through a couple phases during Heirs, early Young Do was at a heavier weight because he had put a bit on during filming of Friend 2, and then during the middle of Heirs, say around episode 11, they were deep into the live shoot, he hadn’t slept for like 4 days, he was attending midnight screenings of Friend 2 in theaters, and he had mc responsibilities at M Countdown mixed in on top of that,.. basically he was so exhausted he couldn’t stand up. He shed some serious weight from there on out.

Frankly, I think he’s only now just finally getting back to closer appearance of early Young Do. the brows still have the point shaved off, but they’re less shaped than in 2014. And the hair has been darker & shorter it was than last year, tho styled with far less hair gel than the Young Do era.