Return to Zootopia Part 3 has arrived!!

(Major Wildehopps flirting and singing here!!)


I can’t wait for this to come out :D

Today i want to make a tribute to Browntable, a zootopia youtube channel that started to create amazing zootopia animated videos , following the movie main story with their own script. 

Their team , artist , story and voice acting wise is amazing, the videos are really well done and fun to watch.

Their videos, which is at the number of 3 episodes at the moment, are animated drawings with voice over the character, they make us follow nick and judy in their new adventures. 

I really suggest you to go take a look, you will not regret it ! And of course if you like them, give a follow to their channel :)
Return To Zootopia - Episode 4: Nothing Weird (Fan-Film)
Return To Zootopia Fan-Film Episode 4: Nothing Weird Download Amino and join the Zootopia community! iOS and Google Play:

Part 4 is UP!!! xD

And all I gotta say is…….that ending… it really hits you in the feels…the voice acting, just amazing… :’(

Nicely done, BrownTable, nicely done. 




this legit looks good, but its coming out on 2018. 

please support Browntable as much as you guys can!

of course its not an official sequel to Zootopia (hopefully bryon howard and rich moore can make it) but “Return to Zootopia” will definitely fill up our needs for a sequel.

this is like a fanfiction becoming animated <3. we definitely need more of these


O! M! Goodness! I can’t wait for the next episode!!!

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Part 2 of the excellent animated zootopia fan-movie ! 

part 1 here :

made by  Browntable

A fan-recreated scene from animated fan-production by Browntable(Maurizio Velazco) - Return to Zootopia, episode 3: Partners
Here you can find a whole episode:
I don’t cooperate with him - this is just my fan concept as a tribute to his work.
Song “Coffee” by Ed Sheeran.

Fanowsko odtworzona scena z fanowskiego filmu Browntable'a(Maurizio Murenzo) “Powrót do Zwierzogrodu” cz.3
Tutaj link do tego odcinka:
Nie współpracuję z nim - to jest fanowska koncepcja.
Piosenka “Coffee” jest dziełem Eda Sheerana.

A couple days ago, I was creating Polish subtitles for his two films. It turned out that another, designated person is already doing it but there is a chance that something from my work will be useful to her. Anyway, I also translated into Polish the Ed Sheeran’s appearing in this episode, so as to keep rhymes and rhythmicity as much as possible. It was a very strong experience. Over the years, I’ve been building isolation for people to make me immune to the harm they could provide me. Like a stone boulder on your heart. I had to listen to this song many times in order to hear the words as best as I could and give the most accurately in Polish what author wanted to transmit. Each subsequent listening session of its English version blasted a boulder, then crushed the pieces, and at the end crushed any crumbs that were left after it. After finishing, I was able to only turn off the equipment and go to sleep.
Below is the version translated as best as I could.

Kilka dni temu tworzyłem polskie napisy do jego dwóch filmów. Okazało się że inna, wyznaczona osoba już to robi ale jest szansa że nie wszystko co zrobilem się zmarnuje i że coś z mojej pracy się jej przyda. W każdym razie, przetłumaczyłem też na język polski piosenkę Eda Sheerana występującą w tym odcinku tak, aby w miarę możliwości zachować rymy i rytmiczność. To było bardzo mocne doświadczenie. Przez lata budowałem w sobie izolację do ludzi aby uodpornić się na krzywdę jaką mogli mi zapewnić. Niczym kamienny głaz na sercu. Tą piosenkę musiałem przesłuchiwać fragmentami wielokrotnie by jak najlepiej usłyszeć słowa i jak najdokładniej oddać po polsku to co chciała ona przekazać. Każdy kolejny odsłuch jej angielskiej wersji rozsadzał ten głaz, następnie kruszył kawałki, a na końcu miażdżył jakiekolwiek okruchy jakie po nim zostały. Po zakończeniu byłem w stanie jedynie wyłączyć sprzęt i położyć się spać. Oto przetłumaczona wersja, przetłumaczona najlepiej jak umiałem:

Ona jak zimna kawa o poranku
po nocy z whisky, colą bez ustanku
będzie powodem dreszczy bez przestrogi
ona sprawi radość jak ten żart drogi:

A ze mną pozostanie
niech na wieki się stanie…
A ze mną pozostanie
niech już teraz się stanie…

Powiedz czy się mylę
Powiedz, czy jednak nie?
Powiedz czy to tyle
Co miłosna dłoń,  co da ci sen.

Ty możesz mi powiedzieć
Powiedz, bo przecież ty wiesz
Jak kochać, też chcę wiedzieć
Czy ty także tego chcesz?

Zaczekaj, przecież ten poranek z kawą
jak dwie porcje cukru i herbaty brać
a zobacz, na zewnątrz jest wciąż chłodnawo
a ja nie muszę być, chodź tu, wracaj spać.

A ze mną pozostanie
niech na wieki się stanie…
A ze mną pozostanie

Powiedz czy się mylę
Powiedz, czy jednak nie?
Powiedz czy to tyle
Co miłosna dłoń,  co da ci sen.

‘Boys Like You’ Premiere!

It’s finally here! And on a side note, I’m taking questions for a future Q&A, so please, if you have any questions you’d like to ask me about any of my projects, my music or myself, leave me an ask on tumblr or put them down in the comments section on the episode. Now on with the show, I hope you all enjoy it!

Written, scripted and directed by myself, ‘Boys Like You’ is an audio drama adaptation of the story of the same name, originally written by the amazing @hoppinwildely (otherwise known as 'those other things’ on xx]

“He’s the poster boy for the delinquents, and she’s the valedictorian for her year. They end up in calculus together, and the rest is history."– those other things

To stay tuned for more updates, sneak peaks and episodes to come, subscribe to the official production channel!

Our brilliant art team:

… and Browntable Ent.

As well as our spectacular voice cast:

Nick Wilde – Mauricio Velazco of Browntable Entertainment
Benjamin Clawhauser – @citrusstorm
Fru Fru – @viper-menae

Mchorn – @popelickva
Brenda – @marisitamoda
Ms. Pearl – @sweettoxicgluttony

Student #1 – thezachman1
Student #2 – @lost-soul-of-remmnent

Please reblog/share this post/video to spread the word and show your love for all of their effort and hard work! This all wouldn’t have been possible without them!


First, I have great news!

Remember yesterday when I told you guys about this?

Guess what?!


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I posted a comment on his page and I said keep up the great work.

He said thanks and he is following me!

Secondly, I have an Instagram!

It’s “theguywithaplan”.

Thank you. 


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This Friday, I hope to see “The Nice Guys” in theaters. 

And next Friday to see “X-Men: Apocalypse”.

Speaking of “The Nice Guys”.

It’s directed by “Lethal Weapon” and “Iron Man 3″ writer, Shane Black.

What’s funny is that he just finished directing “The Nice Guys”, a buddy cop movie.

While Zootopia

is also a buddy cop movie. 

Zootopia’s rotten tomatoes score is 


This score was made after about 3-4 weeks after release.

While The Nice Guys’s rotten tomatoes score as of right now is


And that score was made after ONE DAY!



And finally number five!




And that is it.

Thank you.

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Boys Like You – Audition Results

Hello all!

VA auditions have finally come to a close and the results are in!

But before I go on to that, I would just like to take a moment to thank every single one of you that auditioned for a voice role. You are all incredibly talented actors/actresses, so please don’t be disappointed or discouraged if you didn’t get into the cast. It wasn’t because I didn’t think you were a good actor/actress; I was simply looking for something very specific. 

However, this isn’t the end!

I assure you that there will be plenty more opportunities to come with future episodes of this audio drama, for both artists and voice actors alike! So keep a look out.

As production of the first episode would take around 3 months, any artist is still allowed to apply, from now until the 16th of September. I am always looking for more artists to join the crew, so please, feel free to drop a message by me and we can discuss it in further detail! 

Now, without further ado, here are the results!


Judy Hopps – Creative Multitasker (myself)
Nick Wilde – Mauricio Velazco of Browntable Entertainment
Benjamin Clawhauser – @citrusstorm
Fru Fru – @viper-menae

Mchorn – @popelickva
Brenda – @marisitamoda
Ms. Pearl – @sweettoxicgluttony

Student #1 – thezachman1
Student #2 – @lost-soul-of-remmnent


… as well as myself

We are all super excited, and hope we can do @hoppinwildely‘s masterpiece justice!

Stay tuned for further updates on the project and plenty of sneak peeks to come in the next few months!

UPDATE (10/08/2016): Sadly, due to time constraints, mental health and personal issues, one of our artists had to leave in the middle of production. So, while it was and still is, sad to see her go, please go and drop by @dofoxeseatbuns‘ blog and continue to offer your support in her own personal endeavours in both the Zootopia, and other fandoms. During her brief time on the team, I was so very grateful to have her, so do go and check out her content because she is an amazing artist and frankly, she deserves all the love for all the hard work and effort she puts into her work.