I know I wasn’t the only one drooling over Olivia’s white coat dreaminess last night, tote to match and all! I’m also sure some of you said “OHHHH!!! Burberry… That’s nice” check out the blog ( to see fun and affordable options! #brownstoneetiquette #BE #BEfab

Things that make my day! Thank you to everyone who supports the blog! It really means the world to me. Also thank you to anyone who really doesn’t, it is you’re silly obsession with trying to judge or critique that when you check the blog you still contribute to my view count. So that being said, that’s still pretty awesome lol. People, keep doing what you love, stick with it, and watch it grow! #brownstoneetiquette #BEfab #BEgreat #BEyou

She has double majors honors from NYU, she models, and she’s an It Girl DJ signed to Roc Nation. Need I say more?
Check out my latest post Style Crush’n: Harley Viera-Newton at to see how to get her look at totally affordable prices!
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