reasons why this scene Kills Me™:

  • genuine smiles all around ! !
  • monty has clearly drank almost half his wine. alcohol is Necessary to get through emotional confrontations unscathed
  • the table just screams date night honestly
  • the little dip of waylon’s head when he offers a hug
  • the change in monty’s expression when he reciprocates it
  • monty’s raptor hands tho
  • holy shit monty is only shorter than waylon bc of his slouch??? if the old man would stand up straight he’d have an inch or two on waylon what the hell am i looking at here
  • hug!!! hug!!! hug!!!!
  • this is probably the first real hug montys gotten since the 60s
  • both of their body language in this scene. waylon isn’t “below” monty here. he isn’t nervous and he isn’t brownnosing and he isnt trying to hide his affection. meanwhile monty acknowledges the situation, accepts it, and allows himself to Not be “in charge” for a moment. they’re on equal footing. of course the writers had to throw in that little gag right afterwards, can’t let the viewers think monty’s gone soft. but my point still stands. this might’ve been the first time these two actually stood as equals, ever. 
  • i love this scene a lot

Random thoughts for a type of plot I’d like to do eventually if anybody wants:

Kit is, like, pretty much a blind brownnoser who would probably do anything General Leoffe says and assume that it’s a wise and actively beneficial decision, but I don’t really get to RP that very often because there isn’t much fleet troll activity going around Tumblr but also because General Leoffe is an NPC and I don’t RP them.

But Kit wouldn’t behave too differently around any other fleet officer that had the General’s approval, and I kinda wanna throw him at someone like that. Especially if they’re not actually the world’s kindest and/or smartest officer.

Robin, meet Cyclops. You’re both brownnosing dickheads. You should get along great. Letseehere who else wants to fuck. Kitty and Garfield. Raven and Storm. And Wolverine and Raven. This is like an episode of Big Brother. Come on people, minds out of the gutter! The universe is about to be destroyed! Seriously! (The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans #1 – 1982)

Brownnosers” by David Černý
Located in FUTURA Museum, Prague
if you climb inside, there is a video of impersonators wearing rubber masks of Vaclav Klaus (President of Czech Republic) and of Milan Knizak (head of the National Gallery in Prague). The two masked men feed each other white soup to the song, “We are the Champions.”