Brownnosers” by David Černý
Located in FUTURA Museum, Prague
if you climb inside, there is a video of impersonators wearing rubber masks of Vaclav Klaus (President of Czech Republic) and of Milan Knizak (head of the National Gallery in Prague). The two masked men feed each other white soup to the song, “We are the Champions.”

goyangie  asked:

this is random but i think a lot about your red long johns fic, like does eren develop a whistle kink, or does levi develop paisley shirts kink, and what the hell did erwin do with all of those frogs in his car? and does perry(?) ever really do get into the track team and end up being an olympic runner and thanks levi in front of cameras, like "thanks to my high school teacher mr ackerman and fucking billy drowning in a lake, i figured out my path in life and thx for drowning but not dying"

fun fact, i started a sequel to this, but i just haven’t been motivated to finish it. 

You’re not far off with many of these.

Eren uses his boy scout skills to tie Levi up in artful knots. Perry loses the glasses, joins the track team and becomes a super hot senior, but he’s still a brownnoser and Levi makes him come to the retreat to beg for a letter of recommendation (he outsources them to Erwin because he’s not good at writing them). Billy comes out of his shell after joining the drama club (he makes a good Tevye). Kaitlyn dumps her boyfriend and plays volleyball in college, Levi is proud.

Eren deals with a girl who has an unhealthy obsession with him, often writing poetry. Levi deal with a controlling mother and her daughter who could possible have a future as an engineer (AN ENGINEER! Levi is starry eyed at the idea that one of his students wants that) if only her mother would let her. Levi also tries to mentor a boy he sees as a younger version of himself, but it is proving hard because well…the kid is a lot like him (aka an asshole). Erwin and Hanji face a difficult moment in their relationship. Eren and Levi also have their awkward moment when their coworkers with benefits becomes something more and they are unsure how to proceed.

aka a lot of fun!