brownlov3s asked:

i remember you once talking about that sailormoon locket tune being your ring tone, from where did you download it?! #sailormoonobsessed aha ALSO have you heard anything about the remake or anything?!?!? i

Aww you remembered :) My friend made it for me! He used an audio program that allowed  him to cut which 20-30 seconds I wanted from the audio file to use as my ringtone and then he converted it into an MP3 I believe. After that’s created I just dragged it onto my itunes and into my phone and I was able to use it as my ringtone :3 I have an iPhone though so I’m not sure how it would work with other phones :/ 

Also, I did a bit of research and they’re calling it a “Reboot” instead of a remake now. Here’s where you can read a little more about it…x

Hope that helps! 

brownlov3s asked:

LINDA! What is this about sailormoon coming back?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (sorry i am clearly very excited)

HI! DON’T WORRY I’M EXCITED TOOOOOO. From my understanding they will be airing Sailor Moon again this December! Earlier this year I heard it was going to be June 2013, then when that came around it never happened. Then I heard Fall 2013. Now when I search it, it says Dec. 2013. So fingers crossed! Same story and all from what I’ve read up about it, but I believe they edited something of it, probably the color to make it more hd. And the voices have been replaced :/ But I’m still excited <3 Hope this helps clear some things up a bit. x