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I want to get the baddie look but I don't where to star, got any tips?

So before now I was not very familiar with the baddie look, but after doing some research I think I understand it enough to give you some tips.  

From what I saw It seems like the distinctive characteristics of the look are well groomed defined eyebrows, Nude eye shadow look with clean edges, bold winged eyeliner, emphasis on lashes, Contoured face, and either a nude or darker lipstick with brown tones. 

So what you’ll need to create the look are:

  • Eyebrow pencil, brow powder, brow gel/,mascara (you don’t have to have all 3)
  • A nude eye shadow palette (If you don’t have one Coastal scents has some good ones that are similar to Urban Decay Naked palettes but cheaper)
  • A liquid black eyeliner + a black/grey eyeliner pencil (use the liquid draw your wing and use the pencil to line your waterline) 
  • A lengthening+volumizing mascara/ false lashes if you want to go all out ( L’oreal’s voluminous butterfly mascara is a good inexpensive option)
  • Either a powder or cream contour kit 
  • A nude lipstick for your skin tone and/or a burgundy, brownish red, or mauve lipstick. 

Tips/helpful links: 


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Eye tips + tricks (look at the card/tape/sticky note trick)

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Tips for false lashes 

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Contouring tutorial

Contouring guide

Basic contouring maps

Contouring for your face shape

Different contouring looks

Highlight and contour cheat sheet

How to ‘bake’ your makeup


lip liner tricks

Lining your lips for your lip shape 

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Making Up (A Boom!Sonamy fanfiction)

O-okay, so I’ve never actually written a Boom!Sonamy fanfiction before this, or just a Sonamy fanfiction in general (was never a fan of the ship; then we got the Sonic Boom version). I made this back in December, but I was always shy about posting it because I didn’t think I knew what I was doing since I’ve never attempted it before. I also hadn’t written Sonic in a while, so I was nervous about that too.

But, a-ah, here it is anyway, for e-everyone to see… s-so… enjoy? *hides face*

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Your headphones aren't plugged in all the way, so I know you're listening to educational children's cartoon theme songs. Gajevy if you can, thank you!!! :) ^.^

Gajeevy Week Day 6: Singing
I still had this prompt sitting in my drafts and figured this would be the perfect opportunity to finally write it!^-^
Also it’s rboz’ birthday! Happy birthday again Rusky!!! ;3; Thankyou for giving so much joy to this fandom. I hope you have a glorious next year of your life. <3


He had to sit right beside her? Levy puffed her cheeks in anger. The whole bus was virtually empty, but the tall, gloomy guy who was now sitting next to her and made her squeeze against the window had to choose this seat of all things?


Determindely, the young woman pushed her earphones into their intended destination and pulled out her phone.

Had he done this on purpose? Was he mocking her?

As her thumb brushed over the screen in search of a song that would soothe her outraged heart, she sneaked a glance over at her new seatmate.

It didn’t help that he was attractive. His naturally tan skin, the thick, black hair, even the piercings… it all made him a very handsome man, if in a rugged and almost dangerous way.

When he noticed her staring, she quickly looked back down on her phone and pressed the nextbest song.

Happy, light music filled her ears. She leaned her head back against the backrest, closing her eyes in an effort to ignore the stare she knew was lingering on her now.

Had she put on make-up this morning? Why had she not styled her hair more instead of pulling it into a loose ponytail? Why had she put on the dull brownish lipstick instead of the pink one? Why-

“Look there she goes that girl is strange, no questiooon, dazed and distracted can’t you tell? With-”

Levy’s head snapped over to him, and he froze instantly. But his eyes were glinting, and she was sure she had not heard wrong. He had been singing along.

Was her volume that high up?

With her eyes still trained on him and the evil grin that now stretched across his face, while the music went on, she carefully took one earplug out and listened.

Never part of any crowd, ‘cause her head’s up on some cloud, no denying she’s a funny girl that Belle!

Her facial features turned to stone as she realized her volume had not been too loud at all. No, the problem was - the headphones had never been plugged in properly in the first place.

She had been blasting her Disney songs through half the bus.

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