browning country girl

Batfam Headcanons (5 of wtf idek man it’s so late it’s mornign where i am - haha get it ‘am’ - a.m.)
  • Ok so Jason and Damian sometimes speak arabic to each other, not out of any effort to hide the content of their conversations but just because sometimes they miss the sound of it, miss the way it was spoken around the league of assassins, miss the memories of sand and wind and sun and of talia that it brings. The way the words flow.
  • Frikking STEPHANIE BROWN HATES COUNTRY MUSIC OKAY - Her dad would just play barnyard ‘rockabilly’ tunes on loop for ages and she has developed a deep seated irritation towards the genre that she can not shake
  • Bruce Wayne loves country music.
    Especially old rock stuff, i mean he likes other kinds of music genres too - die hard fan of the cure - but he likes to play country music sometimes just to lighten the mood.
  • Another reason Bruce Wayne likes country music is that when he plays it in the car or in one of the sitting rooms at home, Stephanie goes really really quiet. He thinks it’s nice that they can sit together and bond a little over their mutual enjoyment of it while relaxing to the tunes.
  • Stephanie doesn’t know how he found out but he must’ve found out somehow, he’s been playing more and more folk music around her, goddamn world’s best detective! It’s only fair she supposes that he’s finally found a way to get a little revenge for all the pranks and ribbing she’s given him over the years. But oh god no more Steely Dan no more-
  • Bruce has gotten steph a pair of Bob Dylan tickets for christmas, he’s hoping they can go to the concert together.