browniefox speaks

Alright I’m calling it right here, right now: there more to peekaboo than meets the eyes. Literally.

You all know that whole diglett thing where everybody is like ‘oh man wonder what’s under the ground!’ I bet there’s more to peekaboo underneath the floor but in an effort to not scare dmitri he usually keeps most of himself where he can’t see it
Who Killed Markiplier?, a playlist by Katie Weber on Spotify
A playlist featuring Panic! At The Disco, The Original Broadway Cast Of 'Curtains', Fall Out Boy, and others

Alright, I feel this has enough to be considered good enough to make a post about.

Behold, a playlist for Who Killed Markiplier. Feel free to ask me about the songs that are in :D

(Also a youtube version if that’s more your taste)