Imagine making brownies for your husband, Henry. He comes into the kitchen when he hears you baking, and presses his warm, muscular body against your back. You know exactly what he’s up to, so you smear some of the batter on his nose, giggling at his look of feigned surprise. You both end up covered in brownie batter after a playful food fight, and spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning each other off in the bath.

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         Who mistakes salt for sugar + Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies

“What are you doing? That smells delicious.” Sana says as she enters the kitchen.

Yousef has his back to her and is concentrated in whatever he’s doing. It’s only when she leans against the counter next to him that he turns to face her.

“I’m baking brownies.” He answers smiling at her.

“What’s the special occasion?” She asks raising her eyebrows and taking the bowl with the brownie’s dough.

“Can’t a husband make brownies for his wife without any special occasion?” He asks acting offended.

Sana tilts her head and just looks at him, waiting for the real explanation.

“I was hungry and I wanted chocolate.” He says shrugging and turning back to his task.

“Well, I’m glad you were hungry because this is delicious.”

“How do you know that…? Sana!”

When Yousef looks at her he finds her licking the dough from the spoon. He tries to take it from her but she takes a few steps backwards and dips the spoon back in the bowl to eat some more.

“Sana, stop. Don’t eat the dough like that. It needs to be baked.”

“Why? It tastes really good just like this.” And it really does. Yousef is a great cook and brownies are his specialty. She loves eating the dough right from the bowl even if it drives Yousef insane. She can’t help it, it’s so good.

“Sana…I’m trying to cook here, please. Stop eating the dough with the spoon.”

He shows his opened hand to her and waits for her to give him the spoon. After licking it one last time as slow as she can and looking straight into his eyes, she gives it to him reluctantly.

“Thank you.” He says and Sana’s answer is sticking her tongue out at him, still with the bowl in her hands.

Yousef washes the spoon and is ready to put the dough in the recipients when he realizes that he hasn’t have the bowl, Sana has. Facing her, he squints his eyes when he sees her licking the dough from her finger now.

“What?” She says noticing him staring. “You told me not to eat it with the spoon. I’m not.”

Yousef shakes his head and chuckles. He can’t be mad at her, she’s just too cute. In an impulse he takes a little bit of flour from the counter and throws it at her.

“You’re a little kid.” He says  laughing.

Sana widens her eyes as the flour lands on her face. Wiping it away she rolls her eyes at her husband and says: “Why are you always throwing stuff at me?”

Yousef laughs again and shrugs.

“I’m Yousef. I can’t help it.”

Sana narrows her eyes at him and shakes her head, pressing her lips together trying to contain the smile.

“Well, then I can’t help but doing this.”

She takes a handful of dough and throws it at him, landing on his chin and going down until it sticks to his neck.

“Oh, game on.”

And with that they start a battle of food. At first Yousef’s weapon is flour and Sana’s is the bowl with the brownies’ dough but eventually Yousef gets a hold of the bowl and throws some of it at her while Sana uses chocolate syrup to defend herself. The fight stops when, while approaching her with the bowl in his hands, Yousef slips and the bowl falls to the floor, making Sana, whose barefoot, jump on the counter before she can cut her feet.

Now they’re both hysterically laughing at the situation, Sana sitting on the counter, her hair a mess and brownie dough everywhere and Yousef standing in front of her, his hands resting in each side of her on the counter and as messy as she is.

“Look at what you’ve done.” Sana says

“Me? You started it!” He shakes his head still laughing.

“Well, you should’ve let me eat the dough, now you don’t have it for your brownies anyway and I don’t have it to eat it. We both lose.”

“You can always eat it from your face, ‘cause you have dough everywhere.” He says pointing at her chin.

“Where? Here?” She touches her face with her hand missing it every time.

Yousef shakes his head and amusingly watches her trying to clean her face.

“Instead of just looking at me, you could help me, you know?” She says, resting her hands on her legs.

Yousef’s lips curved into a smirk as he takes a step closer to her.

“Okay, just don’t move.” He leans in and kisses the spot in her jaw line where the dough is.

He continues his way down to her neck, kissing and licking every single rest of brownie dough that there is. Sana takes a deep breath and closes her eyes

“You were right. It tastes so much better this way.” He whispers against her neck.

Sana places her hands on his cheeks and makes him look up, opening her eyes to look back at him.

“I’m not hungry anymore…are you?” She raises an eyebrow at him, a devilishly smile on her lips.

“No, not at all.” He says swallowing, his eyes looking at her lips.

“Good. We can clean this mess tomorrow.”

She puts her arms around his necks and he does the same on her waist. She then wraps her legs around his torso so he can take her in his arms and carry her to the next room.


Every morning when Yousef wakes up the first thing he does is look for Sana. She’s usually lying next to him still asleep. For a few minutes he just looks at her, feeling like the luckiest man on Earth for being able to wake up next to her every day. Then he gets up and makes breakfast for them.

Today, when Yousef wakes up he’s alone on the bed. There’s no sign of Sana. Frowning he gets up and puts his pajama’s t-shirt on. He gets out of the bedroom yawning and hears some noise in the kitchen.

“I thought we agreed on cleaning the mess together.” He says as he enters the kitchen stopping dead on his tracks when he sees the scene developing in front of his eyes.

Sana is in a very clean kitchen, an apron on, and a plate full of brownies, just looking at him with a smile. There’s something that doesn’t fit here. Sana. In a kitchen. With food. Apparently eatable food. He must be still dreaming.

“Don’t stand there, come on, they’re still warm.” She smiles widely at him, her dimples showing, and offers the brownies to him.

“What is this?” He asks confused, still not sure if he’s fully awake.

“Well, since you wanted brownies and it was partly my fault that you didn’t get to eat them yesterday…”

“Partly?” He interrupts her, raising his eyebrows.

“Shut up. Do you want the brownies or not?”

“Are they edible?”

Sana narrows her eyes and tilts her head.

“Of course they are. I followed all the instructions and they look delicious. And I promise I didn’t eat the dough this time.”

“I’m not really sure…” He says, right now he’s only messing with her a bit.

“Fine. I’ll throw them away, then.” She says as she turns around and walks towards the bin.

“No, no. Wait. Let me try them. I’m just joking.”

He places his hands on her shoulders and makes her face him. With a smile on his face he takes on brownie from the plate and takes a bite. If he wasn’t awake before, he definitely is now. He’s never tasted something so…so…disgusting. Sana must’ve noticed his disgusted face because she frowns and asks: “What? They don’t taste good?”.


“But I followed all the steps in the recipe. Are you sure that they’re not good?” Taking the brownie from him she takes a bite of it, only to spit it out in the sink a few seconds later. “Oh god this tastes awful.”

It breaks his heart seeing her so disappointed, but he can’t lie, the brownies are hideous

“Yes…they kind of are.”

“I don’t know what happened. I used everything that the book said. Butter, chocolate, flour, sugar…”She says as she points every single thing she’s enumerating in the counter.

“Wait…did you use that…” Yousef points at the small white jar on the counter. “as sugar?”

“Yes?” Sana says more like a question than as a statement.

“Sana…that isn’t sugar…that’s salt.” He bites his lip trying not to laugh.

Sana widens her eyes and blushes a little bit. That was such a rookie mistake. Yousef can take it anymore and starts laughing.

“Well, how would I know? I never cook…”Sana crosses her arms on her chest offended.

“Oh babe, it’s okay, it’s the intention what matters.” He walks towards her and places his hands on her arms. “Next time just leave the cooking to me.”

Sana rolls her eyes but smiles shyly at Yousef. He chuckles once more and leans in to kiss her forehead. She may be a horrible cook but she’s still the love of his life.

Patater Family!AU

I just want Kent Parson and Alexei Mashkov as the media darlings, which then ascends to hockey power couple after they go public because Tater is the biggest Russian potato romantic in the world. When he doesn’t have a game he goes to Kent’s game with a Parson jersey. (Kent does the same with Tater’s games). And when they adopt their son they become power hockey family.   He would get a mini jersey and Tater used to carry their son on his shoulders literally every fucking where, to Kent’s aggravation, until: ”Alexei, put him down you are a giant his forehead is going to hit the door frame.” “No Kenny I will keep him safe–” “Ow.” “OHHHHHH PAPA IS SO SORRY WHERE DOES IT HURT” etc etc

You see Kent with his designer sunglasses pushing their son on the swings. He’s going to turn into that one PTA parent with the indoor sunglasses going “Karen, your brownies are shit. My husband and I will take care of the snacks next time.” But Tater’s shit at cooking too so they end up getting the goods from a fancy bakery and passing it off as their own (”But Kenny this is cheating.” “Tater your mini pies look nothing like the pictures Jack sent I am not showing that to Karen I’m in too deep.”)

Tater’s that parent who has wallets of his husband and family, like if anyone even mention Kent or son he’s whipping out the phone and opening the photo album. When their kid is more into soccer than hockey you just KNOW they try to make every single game (”I’m sorry Daddy and I couldn’t come to last game.” “It’s okay Pa.” “No not ok”) so when they miss one they turn up the extra and cheer like Embarrassing Parents™ for the next one. The referee has to come to them and say, “Sirs, there are families present I’m going to ask you to tone down the profanities” “THAT WAS CLEARLY A FOUL” “Mr. Parson they are 7-year-olds.” “Tater back me up.”) The two of them just support their kid so much their son is going to be one of the most loved kids in the world. 

Some folks in Marsha's life

Isaac Cream: The owner of Marsha’s place of work, Heart and Stars Cafe. An anxiety filled ice cream sundae man who used to work as an architect designing shops and offices, now owns the well loved cafe, which has gotten more popular with the help of Marsha as a chef and somewhat loved mascot of the cafe. He’s large and chubby, in his mid 40s, and is the father of 3 daughters with his husband, Brook Brownie

Brook Brownie: Isaac’s fudge brownie husband, and the head chef of the Hearts and Stars Cafe, known for his attractive looking food he posts on social media. At first, wasn’t fond of having Marsha as a sous chef because of her age, but she quickly proved herself otherwise. Strict, but with a heart of gold as he means well in everything he does, taller than Isaac with a blocky, burly body, and helps Isaac with many business decisions.


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