watching sunday football with michael with the windows wide open and the gentle fall breeze rushing into the room, the smell of brownies from the oven making you sigh in contentment as you plop down on the couch next to michael. his arm would instinctively wrap around you, pulling you into his side as he takes a sip of his beer and runs his thumb over the material of your oversized sweater. you’d swing your legs over his lap, appreciating the beauty of the changing leaves outside before returning your gaze to your boyfriend and smiling admiringly, kissing his cheek as his light green eyes turn towards you and light up at the sight of you so cozy in his arms. “you know,” you lightly laughed, gently running your fingers through his blonde hair and kissing his soft lips before continuing. “it’d be cool if your hair changed colors like the trees.” and michael would just grin before getting up and retrieving three boxes of hair dye, asking which fall color was your favorite before you pointed at the maroon box, making sure to take a picture of his hair next to the similarly colored trees outside once he was done. 

for acoustcmichael and suburbanbluesmichael fall!5sos blurb night!


Really scrappy, very crappy doodles of iceb0x‘s ocs that I didn’t have time to color in. :)

I’m in love Malachi and Abel, and I really wanted to try and draw that little dipping scene he drew with them, but in the end I just sloppily shaded them in. 

I really wanted to doodle a happy, baking Peter after hearing he’s the type to bring brownies to meetings. :)

You have awesome ocs!

anonymous asked:

Is your new workout regimen working for you? I've been trying to lose weight for a while and I was wondering if you'd suggest the insanity workout


For anyone wondering - I’m doing Insanity (currently on Day 9)

I also eat healthy with an occasional baked good to treat myself (a cookie or brownie)

9 days in - 5lbs lost

Hard work. Constant sweat. Success.