brownie thief

PT wearing the Christmas DLC

*Akira gets brainwashed*

Futaba: What’s the issue? Get it together Krampus!

Ryuji: We got a jingle jangle little problem over here

Ann: Ryuji no-

Ryuji: Santa is goin’ NUTS

Brownie Thief

Summary: Someone stole Youngjae’s brownie, so you and Youngjae start interrogating the other members of GOT7 to find out who the thief is.

Genre: Smut

Length: 2231

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Youngjae walked over to the refrigerator in GOT7’s dorm. He opened it up and searched through it. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he started frantically searching through the different shelves and drawers. “No, I can’t believe it’s gone!” he exclaimed.

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Brownies, brownie, brown knee. I’m searching for my missing brownies, see, i made brownies a couple hours ago and suddenly like five of them are missing, poof, gone with the wind. Brownie thief…whoever you may be, i will find you an i will kill you. In the name of Liam Neeson.