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gUYS GUYS i hit 10k!!!! thank you so much?!?!?!???? i never even thought i’d hit 500 what is this u guys ily :’) i know this is so unoriginal rip but hopefully my format makes up for it?? ALSO AT THE END OF THE BLOGRATES i’ll choose some blogs and they’ll feature in a favourites page that i will make!! how cool is that!??!! ++ the blogs that i choose will get random compliments from me now and then!! how doubly cool is that??!!!


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notebook: clairefontaine / kokuyo / hobonichi / rhodia / moleskine / muji
highlighter: kokuyo beetle / uni propus / tombow kei / stabilo boss / zebra mildliner / uni promark
study type: mind maps / annotating / practise papers / memorising / rewriting notes / flashcards
pens: pilot frixion / zebra sarasa / pilot juice / muji / pentel energel / uniball signo
subject: english / history / math / chemistry / art / physics

extra hp stuff omg!!?? (remember to request for this ok!) 

house: hufflepuff / gryffindor / slytherin / ravenclaw
spell: expelliarmus / lumos / protego / stupefy / wingardium leviosa / riddikulus
quidditch position: beater / chaser / seeker / keeper / spectator / commentator
class: what i think your fave class is!
character: who i associate with you most!
patronus: what i think your patronus is!
will i dance with you at the yule ball??: 

thank you guys so much for everything!!! i know this isnt really the generic rate-ish format but i dont want it to seem competitive-ish so!! this has to get 20 notes or it aint happenin