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Roadside Rescue - Part Eight


Riley padded quietly across the hall. Apparently not quietly enough because when she stuck her head in Chris’s room, he was looking at her. “You’re weren’t kidding about Bandit shoving you out of bed,” she said softly.

“And your bed’s smaller than the one I have at home.” He patted the bed next to him and Riley scurried across the cold floor and scrambled under the blankets. She curled up on her side, hugging the edge of the bed to leave plenty of room between her and Chris, but he slid an arm under her pillow and one around her waist and pulled her back against his chest. “Be my little spoon,” he murmured against her neck in his sleep-roughened voice.

Riley was powerless to resist that soft deep sound and relaxed against him. Their feet tangled together and she slid her hand under her pillow and into Chris’s. He held onto her and she fell asleep again, wrapped in his arms and blankets and the soothing scent of his body solid and secure against her back.


The first time she woke up, the angle of the sun through the windows made it obvious she had slept way past normal. If she hurried, she would only miss her first class, but she couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed right now. After not having missed a class in three semesters she figured it was her turn. She rolled over and snuggled into Chris who had turned onto his back at some point during the night. He opened his eyes enough to see her and smile. “Morning, Blue.”

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