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Dating Jinyoung would include...

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  • at the beginning you would be really shy from the more straight forward Jr
  • a lot of direct eye contact which would make you feel awkward 
  • not a lot of PDA in the start of your relationship
  • him opening the door for you and being polite AF
  • later on when you got more comfortable with each other he would probably tease you more
  • him wanting you to teach him english 
  • being included in all of the Got7 events
  • laying your head in his lap on rainy days while he runs his fingers through you hair reading you poetry 
  • a lot of light hearted debates on what is the “correct” way to do thing
  • does aegyo for you if he wants something 
  • him getting you expensive things on special occasion i.e. your birthday, your anniversary 
  • getting a kitty together bc lets be honest here jr doesnt seem like a dog person
  • now that yall are in a comfortable part of ur relationship you hold hands a lot in public and small quick kisses here anf there
  • before he goes on stage he sends you a quick message  and you wish him good luck
  • traveling around like countryside korea where there are a lot of small farms and mountians
  • going on trains and subways and falling asleep while he looks at your small peaceful face
  • him asking you to like do the talking part in if you do on stage
  • you denying which leads him into the aegyo
  • “whats for dinner?”
  • being buddy buddy with jackson
  • him worrying that youre too cold and insits on giving you his jacket

tell us if you want more of these from other members!

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