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The brownie leader has invented a game where the brownies run at me and the fastest gets a sticker and it may not sound that bad but being ran at and pinned against a wall by 24 7-10 year olds is actually quite scary.

ftleo  asked:

Tumblr types por hoshido?

  • Ryoma - Sushi and anime blog. He’s Japan’s version of a weeaboo. 
  • Hinoka - Fitblr. She’s got vegan recipes and pictures of people at the gym and different workouts outlined, with the occasional bird post. 
  • Takumi - One of those edgy emo kid blogs with sad quotes. Brood brood brood. 
  • Sakura - Medblr probably. She’d likely become a doctor and just put pictures of cadavers like, Normal day at school! 
  • Saizo - Just a bunch of edgy should-be-on-a-Hot-Topic-shirt quotes and pictures. 
  • Kagero - Art blog. A lot of it is eccentric and no one really understands her art tastes, but she’s in love with her blog and you can’t bring yourself to criticize her taste. 
  • Azama - Music and lifestyle blog. He’s got a clean, neat aesthetic that he’s very proud of, and will blacklist as many things as he needs to in order to keep his dash neat as well. 
  • Setsuna - Reblogs of really dreamy and whimsical images of things like water waves or outer space. Just anything that makes you feel warm or lost in thought. 
  • Hinata - Fandom blog for Fairy Tail, probably. Or John Cena, whatever. 
  • Oboro - Fashion blog. Primarily she deals with Asian fashion, whether it be Indian lenghas or Japanese yukatas, she’s got it all in her collection. 
  • Hana - Nature blog. She loves nature and photography, so her tumblr is a potpourri of her own and other’s photographs of plants, animals, landscapes, skies, you name it. 
  • Subaki - Just filled with selfies of himself. He has a touch-up app that he uses to make sure any breakouts are concealed and that the perfect amount of light reflects from his eyes. If there is less than 100 notes after 4 hours of posting a picture, he will take it down, for it was less than perfect. 
  • Hayato - Food porn blog. Oh his love of sweets may be something he hides, but he indulges when he’s on tumblr, just frothing at the mouth as he scrolls through pictures of perfectly sculpted cupcakes and smooth, rich brownies. 
  • Kaden - Zootopia fandom blog. 
  • Orochi - Medieval aesthetic blog. She loves the older times of Europe and Feudal Japan, obsessed with the cultural aspects and any images and quotes associated with that pop up on her blog. 
  • Rinkah - Fitblr. She’s the inspiration of so many other girls and always reads the nice messages she gets, feeling warmed by the love she’s showered with and adores seeing her own followers improve their physical shape upon seeing her. 
  • Reina - She probably uses tumblr as Pinterest, she just goes full mom-mode and loves to collect ideas on various projects, but fails at pulling through with any of them. 
  • Yukimura - Book porn. Like images of libraries and old books, writing, all of that he loves. 
  • Scarlet - Social justice blog. She is a very active feminist and eagerly participates in engaging conversations about issues with her country. She does get a hot head a times, but she is so good about apologizing and admitting to her mistakes. 
  • Shiro - Sports blog. He actively posts analysis on recent matches and games for the sports he follows. His favorite sports are Sumo and Cricket. 
  • Kiragi - Archery blog. He’ll create his own niche for it, he’s obsessed with the sport and loves to blog about it, even though his posts get anywhere between 0 and 2 notes. 
  • Asugi - See Hayato. 
  • Selkie - Crafting blog. She loves to make stuff, sewing, knitting, crocheting, sculpting, carving, painting, jewelry making, she loves all of it and has too many projects reblogged for her to ever catch up with. 
  • Hisame - Pickle blog. Very cucumber. 
  • Mitama - Poetry blog. She writes a ton of poems and has a huge following, and often promotes other poets on tumblr, which has earned her a lot of respect and love from all communities of tumblr. 
  • Caeldori - Her blog mainly focuses on falling in and out of love as she progresses through her love life. She has lots of sad and happy quotes and going on her blog means you’re going to want to confess to someone after you’re done scrolling. 
  • Rhajat - South Asian aesthetic blog. She loves the rich culture of South Asia and the Middle East, and her outfits are inspired by much of that traditional apparel. She is educated in the cultural aspects and is very cautious about appropriation. Of course, the occasional hex is mixed in with her posts… shhhh… 

Hear me out! OMG!
So Brownies are mythological little creatures, they do tasks around the house but if you give them clothes, they’ll leave!
Now, a Dobbie is a special kind of Brownie, they try to help but cause more chaos without meaning to! 
J.K. Rowling! I see what you did there!

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Look, sweetheart, your #NotAllCSers routine probably earned you some brownie points in your fandom but don't expect others to be impressed by how "kind and accepting" of different opinions you are. Your ship is offensive. Your fandom is full of bigots with only a handful of marginally better people. Deal with it.

Oh anon. I don’t have a fandom. I’m not enough CS to be a CSer, not an Evil Regal (I’ve been kicked out, again). Not Dragon Queen because I wrote Dragon Outlaw Queen, not Outlaw Queen because I haven’t written it, not Rumbelle. 

I’d say the fact that I am willing to have discussions with my name on them, even when I have to put up with people like you, is dealing with it. 

No matter what fandom you’re from, you’re a condescending, angry coward. 

When Callie and Arizona finally have a conversation Calzona fans are going to scream so loud they won’t hear a single goddamn word.