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Baked Goods

AN: For @family-business-one-shots birthday writing challenge

Prompt: “You may question my motives, you may question my methods, but no one questions my brownies.”

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam

One Shot, Dean x Reader, Fluff, Language (just a smidge)

Word Count: 1168

Sam and Dean had gone on an easy salt and burn hunt together several days ago, which meant that you had A) time to explore the bunker for yourself with no Winchester shenanigan distractions, B) you got to try out the well-equipped kitchen and exercise a skill you hadn’t really been able to practice in years, and C) they would be returning sometime soon and would be back in time to test out the result of your attempt at reviving a practically dead hobby.

However, you were hoping that they did not return in time for Dean to discover that not only could you cook, but you were a messy cook.

He took pride in his clean kitchen, and you weren’t sure you wanted him to discover you getting food experiment residue all over the shiny surfaces.

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vityanikiiforov  asked:

this is a lot u don't have to do them all: cheesecake, peanut butter, orange sherbet (if it's yoi, then which other one hehe), lemon custard, peach, cherry, cappucino crunch, brownie batter, green tea, and bonus: wtf does zoomy mean


cheesecake: what’s your zodiac sign?


peanut butter: favorite academic subject?


orange sherbet: favorites for anime?

death note! it was the first one i watched and i loved it so much

lemon custard: do you eat breakfast?

usually!! i didnt like a month ago but ive been trying to

peach: how do you relax?

go online and watch youtube or tumblr wow

cherry: do you drink tea or coffee?


cappuccino crunch: do you take naps?

rarely, only when im sick wow

brownie batter: do you like sushi?

yeah! i only like california roll and some of the basic ones oops

green tea: favorite flavors of ice cream?

my favorite is cookie dough!!! its s o good

and i have no idea what zoomy means tbh

thank you!!!!

Request: The reader and Castiel go to the store together and people assume that they're dating and call them cute c:

It was your turn to go to the store, so you jumped in the car and went to the nearest market. You were halfway there when you heard, “Hello.” and practically jumped out of your skin. 

“Jesus.” You said once you calmed down, “Cas, you have to stop that!”

“Sorry. What are you doing?” He asked.

“I’m going to the store.” You told him. 

“May I come?” He asked.

“Sure, it’s kinda boring though.” You warned him. He just nodded and looked out the window. 

You found a great parking spot right out front and got out of the car. Castiel followed your lead, actually using the car door, and stood beside you. He walked behind you into the store. 

“Grab me a cart?” You asked.

He looked to the stack and picked one up. Like, he literally picked it up and proceeded to hand it to you. You burst out laughing and quickly said, “No! Not like that. Put it down.” Castiel did what you said with a confused look on his face. “There are wheels on it, you can just push it around.” He looked down at the cart. “Goodness, you’re difficult!” You exclaimed. You grabbed his hand and put it on the cart. Then, you stood behind him and pushed it, showing him how simple it was. 

Castiel quickly got the hang of it, and you peeled away from him. You noticed the people around you smiling and staring in your direction. An old lady walked near you and said, “You’re very cute together.” Then kept walking. 

“Thank you.” Castiel said after her, not understanding the lady’s implication. You smiled at Cas. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t have a sweet spot for him. He was an amazingly good person, a great fighter, and just look at him! Looking like an angel doesn’t even come close to describing him! 

You grabbed his arm and pulled him in the right direction. First, you needed cereal. You checked the isle for your favorite, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You barely looked before Castiel grabbed the right box. You hadn’t even told him you liked it. “How did you know?" 

"You eat it every morning.” He informed you, and you beamed at him. “What else do we need?”

“Lunch meat.” You told him. He followed you to the deli line, and you let him grab the number. 

You got number 79, but they were only on 74, it’d be a wait. You impatiently watched as some lady asked question after question about the different kinds of cheese, when Castiel tapped your arm. You looked at him and he handed you a piece of chocolate. 

“Where did you get this?” You asked, hoping he didn’t accidentally steal something. 

“That woman over there.” He told you, pointing to a lady handing out free samples. “She told me to give this to you.”


“She said that men usually give chocolate to their girlfriends.” He explained. 

“I’m your girlfriend?” You asked.

“You are female and my friend, so yes.” Castiel said.

You chuckled and took a bite of the chocolate. There was caramel in the middle, yum! “Oh, Cas, you need to try this!” You held the chocolate to him, and he ate it straight from your hand. You laughed and watched his expression. 

“What’s in it?”

“Caramel. Do you like it?" 

"Yes.” He answered, looking back to the woman. “Can I get some?" 

"Sure!” You watched as he went back to the lady and took a box. She said something to Cas, glancing at you and smiling. He nodded and came back, placing the box in the cart.

“What did she say?” You asked him, curious.

“She said that we were very cute together.” He answered. 

You were about to say something about that not being a normal adjective to describe friends, but your number was called, so you dropped it. You kind of liked being mistaken for a couple. 

You got the meat and headed towards the freezer section. You desperately needed ice cream. You stared at the selection of Ben and Jerrys, unable to choose. 

“What are you looking at?” Castiel asked, moving behind you, trying to see something he missed. 

“There are so many flavors! I don’t know what to get!” You explained. 

“You like chocolate.” Castiel told you. 

“I know, but there’s chocolate ice cream with stuff in it. I just don’t know if I want Brownie or chocolate crunches.” You said. 

Castiel nodded, then reached around you, not moving from behind you. He opened the door, and grabbed both ice creams, and placed them in the cart. “I don’t need both." 

"But you like them. You should get what makes you happy.” Castiel argued, closing the door.

You shook your head, smiling. “Alright, but you have to try some." 

"Okay.” He said, pushing the cart. You were aware of people smiling in your direction. 

You and Castiel loaded the groceries onto the conveyor belt. You were standing super close to Cas. There wasn’t a lot of room between the conveyor belt and the snack stand, and the people behind you didn’t understand proper market manners, and had their shopping cart right behind you. Castiel didn’t act any differently, he didn’t understand personal space anyways.

You were growing more and more impatient, just wanting to get home. Castiel sensed your anxiousness and placed an arm on your shoulder. You leaned towards him, enjoying his comfort. He surprised you by wrapping an arm completely around your shoulder, and pulling you closer to him.

“Aw, I remember when we were like that.” The woman next to you whispered to her husband. You smiled at her, but didn’t say anything. The cashier finally started ringing up your items.

You quickly paid and left the market, going to your car. You popped the trunk and put the items in. Castiel came up beside you and started helping. Then he turned around and ran the cart back to the little cart area, and simply poofed back to the passenger seat.

When you made it back to the bunker Castiel simply teleported all your items into the kitchen, saving your from taking multiple trips. Dean came in and started putting everything away.

“How did you like shopping?” Dean asked him.

“It was fun.” Castiel replied.

“Did you learn anything new today?” Dean asked in a mocking tone.

“Yes, Y/N and I are very cute together.” Castiel stated.

Dean stopped and looked at him, then you. “People kept calling us cute. They thought we were a couple.” You explained.

“Ah.” Dean said, nodding his head, a smile spreading over his lips. “Well, you two are very cute together. Cas, you should take Y/N out!”

You stared daggers at Dean, but Cas said, “We were just out. Should we go back to the store?”

“No, Cas. Take her out to dinner. Like a date. It’s what people do when they have feelings for each other.” Dean explained.

“I’m right here, you know!” You exclaimed.

“Cas,” Dean started, ignoring you. “You like Y/N, don’t you?”

“Of course.” Castiel replied.

“What exactly do you think of her?”

“She’s wonderful. She’s smart, humorous, and very beautiful.” Castiel stated like it was nothing.

“Then ask her out.” Dean suggested.

Castiel nodded and said, “Y/N, will you go out with me?”

“Yes, I’d love to.” You replied, smiling and blushing. It was nice to know that Cas felt the same way.

“Aw, you two are so cute together.” Dean teased, putting the groceries away.

(I hope you like it!) 

I picked these up at my market today and they are AMAZING. They are made to be like the crunchy edges of brownies and they succeed quite well! They are crispy and chocolatey and while the gooeyness of a brownie is one of my favorite parts, these really satisfy the brownie craving. They come in three flavors too: chocolate chip, mint chip and toffee. The best part is that they are pretty low in calories! A handful of these is only 120 calories and 2 grams of fat. Yummy!