brownie batter cheesecake

ghostingoverthekeys  asked:

How about ginger, butterscotch, brownie batter, and cheesecake. I wanted to choose all the ones that I want to eat right now but... then it'd pretty much be the whole list heheheh. I want almost all of these boohoo :c Anyways! Love ya! And have a wonderful day! Dance the night away and get some brownie batter cuz you matter! (Haha! This is why I don't write poems;;;)

ALJKSFHKJASDHFSKADJH you’re cute!! Eat all the things!! >:OO I want to eat most of them too haha. I actually have brownie batter that I can’t eat so you can have it ;0; Love ya too & I hope your day was wonderful as well!

Ginger: Oh god I’d love it if tumblr had a feature that notified you when someone reblogged AND tagged something you did, because i stalk peoples tags on my stuff but it can get time consuming to check every reblog :(

Butterscotch: My fingernails are actually naked rn, no nail polish, but my toenails are painted white lol. they’ve been white for an embarassingly long time

Brownie batter: NO I HATE SUSHI IM SORRY I can’t stand seafood. Fish have always tasted gross to me. They taste like dirty seawater. Bleh. Raw fish is worse. The only fish I can stand is tuna because it tastes vaguely like chicken, and even then i prefer shredded tuna to off-the-bone tuna.

Cheesecake: my zodiac sign is gemini! I do feel like two different people sometimes lol